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West Columbus students stuck in Europe

READ MORE: West Columbus students stuck in Europe

CERRO GORDO, NC (WWAY) -- The ash cloud from the volcano in Iceland has stranded a group of West Columbus High School students in Denmark. We talked with some of the students via Skype.

Most of the 12 students have never even been out of the country, and now they're stuck in Europe for an extra nine days. They signed up for an 11-day study abroad program at a school in Denmark. Never did they think their trip would actually be 20 days.

The kids say they're homesick, but there has been an upside to their extended vacation.

"I'm not saying I'm happy it happened, but I'm glad that we all got close because of it, and it's really been kinda fun," Kelli Waddell said.

The extended stay has also given them more time to be a tourist.

"We've been doing a lot of sightseeing, going around Copenhagen looking at the different museums and things, and we spend a lot of time playing card games, you know spending time with each other," Brooke Andrews said.

The kids and their teachers have been trying to find free ways to have fun. They raised $15,000 for the trip, but when the trip ran long, they ran out of cash. The extra time abroad is costing the county more than $1,000 a day.

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Maybe they should attend

Maybe they should attend school while stuck over there. They might actually learn something.

Maybe the kids should just

Maybe the kids should just stay home and learn from now on. What has going all over the world got to do with a basic eduaction?

It's called cultural

It's called cultural studies. How could one not recognize the importance of this type of learning. Shame on you!

Because our kids want to

Because our kids want to really know what the world is like other than hog and turkey farms in Bladen. Remember, not everyone wants to smell that smell the rest of their life like I smell when I go to East Bladen High School in the afternoons. There are more opportunities in the world that slopping animals.

earlier post

Oops! I meant Bladen, not Balden! :)

I hope they are having fun....

I know it is unexpected, but hopefully they see it as an unexpected gift. As for the $1,000/day, well, it is negative, but also probably factual. Maybe the students can find a way to raise money when they come back to help with the costs. I'd pay $5 to see these kids do a slide show and presentation, and I bet you would too. Maybe extra credit for them, too. They can turn this "negative" into a positive for the whole community.

For once...

no one is blaming George Bush.

No, but Rush seems to think

No, but Rush seems to think this is Obama's fault.

re: For once....

How true, but he would be if he were still in office...

See if you can find the

See if you can find the negative in something. Make sure that WWAY points out that it is costing the county an extra $1000 per day. Hopefully your negativity will cause the BOE to never allow a field trip like this again. Way to go WWAY. You're a truely pot stirring negative TV station.


Guess no one got trip insurance? It covers things like this.

Actually, it probably didn't

Actually, it probably didn't in this case. Natural disasters, acts of God, whatever you call them usually aren't covered.

Trip abroad

The county would be cruel to stop all future trips abroad no one can determine a natural disaster any way i live in this county and I am from the same area as these students and they and the staff worked hard to raise the money for this trip and the county will have alot of angry residents if they attempt to show any negative feelings about this incident they should be happy that they are alright over there. I wish them a safe trip home