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What tourist attraction would you visit first?

Open Thread: What tourist attraction would you visit first when your family or friends were in town? Leave a comment below with your answer.

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I'll show company where all

I'll show company where all the sewage leaks have occurred, and explain how "Property Sales" have been the most important resource for our area in the past 20 years so they don't ask further questions about the sewer problems. I'd show them where the sewer repair was canceled on 17th St. due to rainy weather for the weekend...and then the fact it rains here most Friday's/early Saturday mornings. Also I'll show them the area's local beaches where Mother Nature is retrieving her land, and how they just keep on building on it knowing the tax payers will bail them out. I'd also show how the 30 + cents a gallon "gas tax" is helping the road system here, and how the $$$ is used to patch pot holes for 3 months then filled again. I show them my AAA bill for front end alignments for my cars due to the pot holes...*this the gas tax does not cover. *They drive to the So. Carolina border and fill up before going home to Raleigh! I also show them where the new Convention Center will be built...with no hotel. Doesn't matter about that when "Leap Lop and the Patty Wacks" will be the 1st entertainment there. I also show them...................... :-(

visit wilmington

Well as soon as they get off the plane I show them the doo doo factory on 23rd street, I point it out so they dont think it was me that cut the cheese. Or if they drive in from the south or west they are greeted by Dawson Skreet. From the north coming in I40 hey are welcomed by a SAFE squad sheriff deputy before they gridlock on College Rd. and or Market Street. Id love to take them downtown or to the beach but they cant afford parking. So we usually pack up and head to Myrtle Beach, I mean if you are going to fight traffic, spend money on crappy services and get robbed you might as well do it where they have it down to a perfection, the "Grand Strand"

I always take visitors

I always take visitors downtown first. I am very proud that we have the USS NC here...and the beauty of our Riverfront is unrivaled.

Where to take company

Normally I would take my company to the beach, prefer Carolina Beach but most of my company are becoming disgusted with the growth & development of the oceanfront including highrise & high density that they don't want to climb over buildings to get to the beach. They much prefer natural environment over buildings. My company has said they are saving their vacation money to go to another beach such as Sanibel Island & Captiva Island, Florida where they have strict low rise height limits, building codes & also the island is 70% nature conservancy. I've vacationed at Sanibel twice & love it. That is a true beach resort. Plus there's not any decent night life at Carolina Beach to meet, greet & dance the night away. Sad we used to have night life on the boardwalk but the mayor & town council decided they would prefer high rises.


Orton plantation in the spring, Cotton Exchange any time, the aquarium at FF and that little museum, we always mention the ship but no one ever wants to go there or the beach....odd.

We always hit up the bars

We always hit up the bars downtown or at the beach, lots of booze women and music, thats what going out is all about. Of course during the day its Fort Fisher or maybe even South Port which is quite a beautiful little town.

We don't go out. Company

We don't go out. Company always ask where the Police are when they come into town, so we just stay at home and away from red light runners.

If you are hanging out with

If you are hanging out with a crowd that worries about where the police are, then you are obviously hanging out with the wrong crowd


Protection from the elements that surround us on the roads. Need I explain?

Riverwalk or Fort Fischer

I usually take people to Riverwalk and then walk around downtown. Then it's usually Fort Fischer because they get to see all the beaches. I usually get more requests on people wanting to do the Bellamy Mansion tour.

Drive By

I like to take visitors downtown, to give them a good chance at being a victim.