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What's next for John Edwards?

READ MORE: What's next for John Edwards?
The presidential race is shaking out and former N.C. Sen. John Edwards is one of the casualties. That said, Edwards may not be completely out of the picture. John Edwards may have given up on his quest for the presidency, but some local experts say the former North Carolina Senator may still be on the ballot in 2008. Edwards said, "We will take back the White House in November and we will create hope and opportunity in this country." In his concession speech Wednesday Edwards expressed support for the Democratic Party, the party that didn't exactly support him. Wilmington Democrat Brice Horton said, "I'm kind of glad to see him go. I didn't have a whole lot of faith in the guy to begin with." Wilmington Democrat Grant Pike said, "I really didn't care for him as a candidate anyway." The South Carolina native finished third in his home state's primary last Saturday, arguably ending his campaign. But UNCW political science professor Roger Lowery says Edwards may not be off the ballot just yet. "I wouldn't be surprised if he's considered for the vice presidential running mate position," Lowery said. Lowery says Edwards may have lost in South Carolina, but he still demonstrated he's a draw for white male voters -- a demographic in which Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama may need some help. Edwards may also have something else going for him. Lowery said, "Election analysts argue that either the presidential or the vice presidential candidate of either party needs to come from the south. The south is a major voting bloc in the national general election." In response to Edwards's departure from the race today, N.C. Governor Mike Easley said that he is proud of John Edwards, and that he wishes him the best in whatever the future holds. Top Edwards advisor Joe Trippi said Clinton and Obama are "banging down the doors" for Edwards's endorsement.

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It's All About The Money

Chasing federal election dollars must be more lucrative than chasing ambulances.

Who cares?

I don't really care what he does, as long as he just goes away.

What's next?

He'll go back to chasing ambulances.

Just a play on words

Johnny Boy didn't quit the race. He SUSPENDED his election bid. What's the difference you ask? My understanding is that SUSPENSION means he STILL gets Federal Election MATCHING Funds. He's not even running and is shamelessly taking money from the Federal Government. What sense does that make? I wonder how much he owes from his bid 4 years ago??? And NO ONE is asking questions?????? It must be fine with all y'all, but I'm sending something to every NC Representative and Senator. I want some answers. It's my money.

Chavez needs...

someone to replace him since he can't be "el-presidente'" for life.

What's next for Edwards?

Four years of dodging the debt from this campaign, exactly as he did after his 2004 effort. You can take the lawyer out of the sleaze, but you can't take the sleaze out of the lawyer. He plans to work for Habitat for Humanity. In that light, he might consider opening his new house in Orange County up to the poor. At 25,000 square feet, it could probably handle twenty or thirty po' folk.