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What's next for sweepstakes?

READ MORE: What's next for sweepstakes?

Earlier this week the state legislature decided to ban internet sweepstakes cafés across the state. All it needs is the governor's signature. So what's next for the businesses once the governor's pen hits the paper?

"I'm kind of at a loss, literally," said John McFalls, the manager at Triple 7 Sweepstakes in Wilmington. He said he's more than disappointed with the state's push to ban sweepstakes cafés. He thinks a closer look needs to be made before Governor Perdue signs the ban into law. "I don't think our leaders are thinking about the little people, they are making these decisions that are affecting thousands of people and they're really not thinking it through."

McFalls says the impact will affect everyone from the top to the bottom. Owners will be forced out of business, leaving shopping center spaces empty and customers disappointed.

"I had a customer yesterday who was furious with the whole thing, and he said with his own mouth, 'You know, I come in here 'cause I want to come in here,'" McFalls said.

The question now is what's next for sweepstakes cafés, which were the answer back in 2006 when video poker was banned.

"We actually have a back-up plan," McFalls said. "We're not throwing in the towel. Our manager/owner evidently saw this possibility months ago, because he's been working on a back-up plan. When December 1 rolls around, we're not shutting our doors. We have something new lined up."

Though Triple 7 wouldn't go into detail on what they have lined up, they did say it's similar to sweepstakes games now.

The law would make it a misdemeanor for anyone operating a game. Repeat offenders could face a low-grade felony punishable by up to 2.5 years in prison.

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Bunch of Criminals

Forget all their little whining about how it's not fair that they can't run their business and "all the little people" who'll be hurt. We all know they are little people becuase they are only able to use their LITTLE brain.

These CRIMINALS started KNOWINGLY skirting the law when it was introduced. They operate for a couple years under the radar, until there are about 1,000 of them in a Wilmington. Now they are sooo upset that they are getting shut down!

Amazing. If someone was distributing drugs through a loophole in the law, do you think they'd get much sympathy?

I understand if they feel like they have an arguement about why it should be legal, but DO IT THE LEGAL WAY. Appeal to state legislature. Don't just run a black market gambling store and get upset when it gets shut down for what it really is.

There are obviously a bunch of shiesty used car salesmen out of work right now, because they've all moved into this business.

Bunch of Con Artists

bunch of crimianls

This person really needs to open their mind.

Very narrow thinking and name calling is pointing to a week mind
from this person.

Get off the inteternet replying hobby and go create some jobs
even if for used car salesmen and con artist.

You have too much time on your hands.

You need to get a life bub.