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Whiteville School Board considers uniforms

WHITEVILLE -- Students in Whiteville may face some major changes in their school dress code -- changes that may have them wearing uniforms. Members of the Whiteville City School Board have been toying with the idea of adopting a school uniform policy for about a year. Now more than ever, some school board members say promoting school safety would be the main reason for the change. If the Whiteville City School Board does implement a school uniform policy it would require every student in every grade level to wear one. Whiteville School Board member James DiMuzio says uniforms may be the best way to improve school safety while promoting harmony among students. The school uniform proposal is also linked to concerns of a rise in recent gang activity in the area. DiMuzio said, "It's so much easier to find someone who doesn't belong there on campus when all the students are dressed in a uniform, as opposed to just wearing everyday clothes. People who don't belong there can just blend in. It will be a lot harder for gang symbols and gang colors to be brought into the schools." The board will vote on the policy in April. If passed, kids could begin wearing uniforms in the 2009-2010 school year. Parents will have a chance to weigh in on this issue at parent forums in Whiteville schools. Four forums will be held starting April 3.
April 3, 6 p.m. - Edgewood Elementary April 7, 6 p.m. - Whiteville Primary School April 8, 6 p.m. - Whiteville High April 10, 6 p.m. - Central Middle

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The school board tabled this

The school board tabled this until Oct 13 meeting. What is funny is they passed the uniform policy in September before Oct 13! The parents were upset with the board for lying about when they were going to vote on it and now the uniform policy is not an issue, now the issue is whether or not the parents can trust the board.


FIRST of all..I am old children have few what I tell you when I tell you, go to school and behave and have fun as a kid. I have TWO daughters and their mother and I choose what is and isn't appropriate to wear to school. UNFORTUNATELY, some parents don't do that and their children are dressed like little hookers. Dress codes do NOT take away anyones rights. I am for them and I hope that all schools go to them!

you have no right to call

you have no right to call anyones child a hooker, #1 goes your child take an extra cloths to school instead of P.E.? like I SAID YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to say that about someones child check your child first and then talk about someone else.

Guest 7969..

I agree on some level of where you are coming from. The only thing that I don't agree on is the uniforms. I agree the children should have respect for others and listen when their parents say things to them. The problem is that in the schools it doesn't matter how they are dressed. The staff is just as bad when it comes to manners and how they treat one another. I am far less concerned about the kids attire, than I am over how the manners, disrespect towards one another and overall attitudes are. I would rather put time and money into knowing my children are spending 6 hours a day with people who don't yell, raise their voice and cuss at my kids or others around them. Believe me I have spent a lot of time at the schools my children attend and man what goes on in the office would turn your head right off your shoulder. Have you spent any time just sitting in the offices of your girls school, just to see what goes on there? Believe me you wouldn't worry so much about what they are wearing, as you would being mad as haydees over what is being said to these young people. It isn't going to make a difference what they put these kids in. What would make the difference is making the parents of some of these kids have to bring them the right clothes to wear to school. Put the blame where it belongs, don't make the whole student body held accountable for some ignorant parents. I am raising my children in AMERICA HOME OF THE FREE, not Iraq home of the not free to make up their own minds or choices to what they wear and what they say.

If you spend so much time in

If you spend so much time in the schools then you would also see that many kids where what they want and parents don't care...and those outfits are not fit for school. When a girl can wear a skirt so short that you can see things you shouldn't when she bends over, there is a problem. But some parents just don't care. Uniforms will also cut down on some of the problems that go on in schools...picking on students for how they dress, showing underwear/boxers because the pants are around the knees, the hiding of weapons, and the use of gang clothing. I'm not saying the other problems you listed aren't true or don't matter as much or even moreso, but uniforms is one of the easiest problems to fix. And the schools have to start somewhere. Maybe/hopefully, this would be a stepping stone inwhich more improvements will follow


Picking on students for how they dress has been going on forever. I am not saying that is right, but even if they go to uniforms it won't stop kids from finding something to pick on others about. As far as hiding weapons good luck they will find a way to bring them in no matter what. The only way to lessen that from happening is to lock all doors and have one way in and one way out and metal detectors at the open doors. Good luck with that one also. Hanover for instance has over 80 ways to get in. Are you going to supply these kids with the uniforms? I have two children and I pay for both of them to have the necessary supplies they need for school. The teachers give you these long lists of things they will need. For my son he has to do this list twice a year for both semesters. You add to the headache for uniforms also into that and man are we some broke parents out here. At least I can shop right now at some clothing outlets and find my children decent clothes at decent prices. I will not support this uniform mess. I don't think all children need to be punished because of lazy non caring parents. That is why I say hold the parents accountable for what their children are wearing to school. Find the parent, call them, hell go to their house and confront them if they don't have phones. It is time the schools start making the parent held accountable for something. Not all children are mean and spiteful these days. It is not fair to make all of these kids pay for the wrong of others. (BEING THE PARENT).

Being able to pick and

Being able to pick and choose clothing should be left up to the student and his/her parents. There should be guidelines, but freedom to choose color ant type of attire is important to students. Just another step toward total government control of our daily lives. Parents should reject this idea. The principal for some reason thinks that students all wearing the same clothes would make an intruder stand out. What if the intruder checks out what the others are wearing and dresses accordingly? Also, by law, if a company that you work for requires uniforms, they must provide them or give you a clothing allowance. I don't suppose this would apply to school uniforms, but it should if they are required.


Have to walked down the hall of a middle school or high school lately? Students and parents are doing a great job of dressing to create a productive learning enviroment. HA! I encourage all parents to support school uniforms!

Stay in school

Stay in school, deary. That is the best advice you can ever hear. Don't worry so much about the look of the student. Worry about what weapon he got in with today. Worry about what YOU are doing to fix America. Don't sweat the small stuff, child. we are trying to save you so that you can be the adult PERSON you want to be. Don't like it???? Learn as much as you can in school, then get the heck out. And then you can worry about what we adults worry about.

uniforms old are you and what school do you go to?