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Whitley sentenced Thursday for killing bike rider

A 20-year-old Wilmington man was sentenced this afternoon for killing a bicyclist on River Road last year. Jordan Whitley pleaded guilty to felony death by motor vehicle in the death of Phillip Tidmarsh, who was riding his bike when Whitley hit and killed him last September. Whitley also pleaded guilty to felony drug possession and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. A syringe was found in his car after the accident which contained heroin. Assistant District Attorney James Blanton says Whitley will serve five months, and then be on probation for three and a half years. "When a defendant has no record like in this case, judges are allowed to give up to a 25-to-39 month active sentence or just probation or what’s called a split sentence. What a split sentence is when a defendant serves a period of confinement in the department of corrections and then they come out on probation.” Whitley has been on house arrest since the incident happened. Tonight will be his first night in jail.

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What a legal system????????????

Attention all lawyers and judges, look up the word justice. This is just another nail of why people like myself realize our justice system is so tainted with God knows what ,and the bias that occurs directy to our tax paying faces. There was a case locally which the driver was barely over the legal limit with alcohol, not loaded syringe of heroine, and it was a big question who's fault the accident really was. Unfortunately a life was lost, but the driver got over TWO years in jail. If there is a justice, this kid Mr. Whitley should have got a minimum of FIVE years to equal these tragic events in life. So do all the lawyers and judges sleep well at night?? Your conscious has been ripped from your soul.

I have no criminal record

So I can kill someone and get five months for it? Two felonies, five there ANY wonder why the decent, law-abiding people in this country are becoming a minority? There's no reason to NOT rob a bank.....or deal drugs....or kill someone. This case proves literally CAN get away with murder.

This situation is nothing

This situation is nothing like robbing a bank or going out and killing someone...someone made a very poor decision one night, something that many, many, many people have done (and are still doing)......perhaps you don't know all of the details of this case. It is not your place to judge others. It is an attitude like yours (oh well, i might as well go and do something wrong....) that gets everyone in trouble. it all goes back to "if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you as well?" You obviously know right from wrong and unfortunatley it takes others learning by a hard lesson. He may be serving 5 mths but he'll pay for it the rest of his life.

Nobody is judging, but he

Nobody is judging, but he was high off of drugs, which is just as bad as a DWI. He took someone's life due to doing something illegal from the start. He should serve life in prison. Someone else's life was cut short because of his BAD decision..

Oh, please tell us the "details"....

...that can possibly explain away someone getting loaded on a cocktail of illegal drugs, getting into a car, KILLING SOMEONE, and then serving a five-month jail sentence for it...because that's exactly what he did. He KILLED Tidmarsh. Here's a wake-up call for you - every single one of us is judged every single day by our actions. If you don't want to be judged harshly, you had better make sure that your conduct is above board and honorable. If I was a druggie who killed people, I wouldn't expect people to be too fond of me, either. So Whitley will pay for it for the rest of his life? Good....but let's not forget that at least he still HAS a life. He robbed Tidmarsh of his, and five months is a ridiculously light sentence for such a heinous offense.

We all make mistakes

I agree that he should be charged, and he should be punished. But locking him up for the rest of his life is not the answer. He made a mistake, all of us do. Some of us get lucky when we make bad decisions, others do not. Regardless, no human is perfect. I do feel for the family, but he is no more guilty than any person who has driven intoxicated and gotten away with it.

Not a "mistake"

In response to your answer. A mistake is when you put salt in a recipe instead of sugar. A mistake is when you write the wrong answer to a question. This was a deliberate act of stupidity and selfishness. What he wanted to do was more important than the concern for others. I feel for the family that lost a loved one. In their hearts, they felt they were doing the right thing by agreeing to this young man serving a light sentence and moving on with his life. This family chose a deliberate act of kindness and showed tremendous unselfishness as opposed to the young man who took their loved one's life.

You have forgotten again

You and I are a dieing breed Common. We expect people to be accountable for their actions and choices in life. If you choose to have 5 children with 4 different women, don't expect me to pay to feed, clothe, shelter and provide medical care for them. Why should I work harder to support somebody else? Well, this kid did his drugs, killed another person and folks are rushing to his rescue. What, because it was an accident? It wasn't an accident when he decided to drive while impaired. It is just unfortunate Mr. Tidmarsh had to cross paths with him.

I agree

I totall agree. This is nothing like that. He did make a huge mistake. I do think that 5 months is a little easy on him, need something that make him think a little harder next time, however, he will have to live with this for the rest of his life. He looks like a normal young man and will have a tortured soul for the rest of his life.

Whitney's Light Sentence

I believe that Jordon Whitney's sentence is too light. Five months! Five years would have been more appropriate. As a frequent biker on Wilmington's streets and roads, I know the danger I face from careless, reckless drivers. But many of the drivers deliberately pass me, leaving only a few inches between me and their car, and they do this in a hostile attempt to run me off the road. I know a woman here in Wilmington who was injured and hospitalized by a young man in a van "playing chicken." She has not ridden a bike since her painful injuries.