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Who is Bill Caster?


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Fewer than 200 votes separated Brian Berger from incumbent Bill Caster in last month's Republican primary for New Hanover County Commission. So, now both are working to win a runoff.

We've been working to give you more info about both candidates. Yesterday we profiled Berger. Tonight we have more about Caster.

"Incumbency is a blessing and a curse," Caster said. "I've had to make a lot of decisions over the years that I've been a county commissioner. I suppose one or two of them have ticked people off, and if they remember that they don't remember all the good things that have happened."

For Caster the list of good things to come to New Hanover County in his 18 years as a county commissioner includes Veterans Park, the northeast library, expansion of community colleges, GE and Corning. Lately issues with the county budget have been the focus of voters' attention.

"The county commissioners down here did not create this bad economic situation. It flows down from Washington. It flows down from state. State can cut our budget; not getting as much money. People aren't getting as much money in their salaries. The county commissioners did not do that, but that's the effect it has on the county."

Caster's not the only commissioner to serve New Hanover County for many years. Bobby Greer has been a commissioner for 20 years. To make room for someone new Greer chose to step down. Caster ran again because he feels the commission needs someone with his experience.

"When you get on that airplane and fly out, you don't want a guy that's brand new flying that airplane," Caster said. "You'd like an experienced pilot. I have a lot of experience. I've done a lot of things. I've been on a lot of boards and commissions."

Caster says he is a public servant not a politician and is very passionate for the people in New Hanover County.

As for who he is personally, Caster retired to Wilmington after a career in the Coast Guard. He and his wife fell in love with the area when he served as commander of the Coast Guard Cutter Northwind.

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Brian Berger Better Choice-Caster Better Liar

Taxes and spending----Corruption at ABC and Cape Fear Utilty-on all these issues Berger has better positions. His positions on zero based budgeting is agood one. Caster has used special interests monies to try to buy election with radio ads that are outright lies and sleazt-mailers which clutter our mailboxes but say little AND A PHONECALL scam that is deceptive to the voters.
Brian Berger is the Better Choice-amd we can send a message to the old boy network-they gont own the County-we the voters do

CASTER BETTER LIAR- .weaker candidate

Bill Caster is a high tax man-just look at his record. Caster HAS lied to public on numerous issues-and he has been responsible for corruption and waste at ABC and Cape Fear Utility.
AS recent events have illustrated he is a better liar - the planted letter and phony call scams reflect a campaign -which has behaved like their candidate-a poor record goes with a sleazy campaign. We have better choices. With Bill we have a sure loser in November.

Big Money Ca$ter

Bill Caster has already served 18 years too long! We have got to show the system that actually we do give a damn about the direction of our county. If you have not voted already in these 2 weeks of early runoff voting - what are you waiting for???

This is a critical race - Caster has been dishonest and shady since day one. We cannot afford more Bill Caster! Even Barfield and Thompson - who in the past have been at vehement odds with Berger - now support him because they want Caster gone so bad!

We need a completely new and humble county commission - this is our chance to make the first installment. We can't afford more $13,200 vanity polls just to see how well loved they all are.

Caster is proud of the fact that he headlined the efforts to pay off the Corbetts for Airlie Gardens. And they are still "thanking" him for it.

It's time for new leadership that believes in the virtues of fiscal responsibility, transparency, integrity, and humility. Enough with the old guard, status quo, insider, pay-to-play, cronies!!!!!

Caster= corruption, taxes and Titan

(1)Bill did not answer why he has taken so much money in so many campaigns from special interests and paid campaign staff with those monies. Simply put, he is trying to buy an election with special interests monies =he has cut special deals with special interests at County expense-yours and mine. It's been good for Caster-- bad for us!
(2) Corruption at ABC and Cape Fear Utility-look at the record-he can't deal with facts.
(3) Caster lies on taxes and spending-look at his votes -not his words.
(4) Caster shamefully ignored public and has cut a special deal with Titan-shame on us if we let him get away with deal that helped him but threarens all of us with BP like disaster,
Like an earlier comment noted-Caster is last person we want as our pilothe's lost touch and is incompetent.
Brian Berger has taken on special interests- that is why Caster and his paid cronies will do and say anything-- they need to preserve corrupt and stagnated status quo. Bottom line Caster has a very poor record reflecting lack of judgement, deals with special interests and arrogance towards public. We need a different kind of future- and Brian Berger is a better choice for me and other voters-republican and others in New Hanover,

All you do.

So you say.. ""The county commissioners down here did not create this bad economic situation. It flows down from Washington. It flows down from state. State can cut our budget; not getting as much money. People aren't getting as much money in their salaries. The county commissioners did not do that, but that's the effect it has on the county.""

But you still raised our property taxes, guess what, I haven't had a raise in 4 years. I had to cut back. Basic Phone service, Basic Cable, turned in my vanity plates, just to name a few. It's time to make the cuts. Raising sales tax? I make less money, I buy less, which means you get less sales tax from me, even though you raised it. And yes, You RAISED IT, cause the city counsel put it in place.
You all need to visit SCORE, learn how to budget. It's a FREE SERVICE.

Caster Serves Special Interests

Bill Caster is a corrupted tool of special interest groups, particularly the Homebuilders Association, the biggest, most corrupt group in SE NC. He takes money from special interests then funnels it to members of his family by dishonestly making them paid campaign staff. Perhaps that's why Caster wouldn't retire when he's supposedly moved to Wilmington to retire.

Instead, he's arrogantly disregarded the public for his own selfish reasons, hurting real retirees more than anyone else. Bill needs to really retire, for good, so we can get a real public servant who understands that government belongs to the people, not just your cronies. Its time to give Berger a shot and see if he does better...he can't possibly be worse than "Special Interest Bill"

Pilot and experience

I got a kick out of Bill Caster's comment about a pilot with experience. Frankly, some new pilots are better than some old timers who have lost their touch. As for Bill Caster I do not want him piloting my plane because for too long he has not been maintaining our plane here in New Hanover. The management issues that have cropped up with him- the taxes and spending with him at controls and hsi arrogance concern me. I want a pilot who talks to me and lets me know we have same destination--I think Bill is so tied up with some special interests that he fails to grasp why voters want a change when we have a better pilot standing by. Like some others have commented this time around I am going with Brian Berger.

Caster still won't answer key questions and runs from public

Whenever I see or hear Bill Caster these days-I think of Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.
Remember, President Reagan's classic line during one of their debates- I can only say:
There you go again Mt. Caster- but let us look at the record. Did Caster answer any of the following questions during this interview:
(1) Are we better off now than we were four years ago? Look at ABC corruption-Utility costs and Titan to name but a few issues.
(2) How much money has Caster taken in his many many campaigns from special interests that do business with our County? He is trying to buy this run off and election with special interest monies.
(3) Why has Bill Caster lied to us about raising taxes and out of control spending? Bill the voters haven't forgotten they are angry at your poor judgement, arrogance and lies on some key issues.
(4) Why did Bill Caster vote for a public opinion survey using taxpayer money in March 2010 that would be helpful to him if he chose to run again?
(5) Why did Bill Caster make secretive and sweetheart deals with Titan--just look at the Gulf of Mexico and BP- is that what we want here?
(6) Why did Bill Caster fail so miserably in preventing a 10 million dollar accounting error on his watch -that hurt the County and all of us- Republican, Democrats and others.

This election is about the future and building a better County- Doesn't Caster sound out of touch and is his kind of experience what we really want. This interview reconfirms why we so need a change.
Bill Caster's running from debates and the public- shows us he has lost touch. We can and should do better than vote for an incumbent with his record.

There is another candidate and he is better on ths issues- if you agree vote for him--and if you are happy with where we are -there is the staus quo.

We can do better than Caster- with your help on the 22nd we will by supporting a better candidate-Brian Berger