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Why buy artificial turf for Legion Stadium now?

READ MORE: Why buy artificial turf for Legion Stadium now?

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A million-dollar makeover. Legion Stadium is about to kiss its grass goodbye, and taxpayers will pick up the tab for artificial turf. With the economy still in trouble, why now?

There were many pros and cons when making this decision, but the biggest worry for many taxpayers is the price tag.

The artificial turf is a joint project between New Hanover County, the City of Wilmington and New Hanover County Schools. Each will pay its third of the nearly million-dollar price tag.

Yesterday county commissioners discussed the project and brought up pros like the unlimited number of games that could be played on the surface and the minimal maintenance.

Despite those positives, some elected leaders question the timing.

"We got a great turf field. We had a great turf field last year. We would still have a great turf field next year. It would be one of the first things I would want to do when I think we can afford it, but at some point, any time, we have to stop spending money we don't absolutely have to spend," county commissioner Rick Catlin said.

Catlin and Brian Berger voted against the county's funding of the artificial turf. Despite their votes the commission approved the spending with a three to two vote.

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cant wait to see how much is

cant wait to see how much is stolen from there! SUCH A WASTE OF MONEY!!

Iam sorry but a million

Iam sorry but a million dollars??? Wow, we are in a recession and apparently over budget but the govt thinks that we can just keep spending there are some things that should just have to wait and this is one of them things, as a taxpayer I say no

I was under the impression

I was under the impression that the city and county were already facing budget shortfalls for the coming fiscal year so where are they getting the money to fund this project?

Because the children in the

Because the children in the athletic department at New Hanover High School deserve it. It is the only open enrollment high school and i have to send my children there. Because of the school district. So, I think the town needs to support this. I think it is a shame how the board treats this school. This school suffers while the others around town get all the nice stuff. Like Hoggards football field and stadium. Ashley High School all the way around. Have you seen Ashley high school, it is like a mini college over there. And what does New Hanover have? Nothing. It is located in a bad spot that you can't build onto it. We have to share Brogden Hall with others. The football players have to walk off campus for their practice. So, you all are going to argue and be mad over having to put in turf??? What the he?? is wrong with you people?

Artificially turfing a field

Artificially turfing a field for sports over putting that money into salaries for teachers, or books for students or updating buildings is the stupidest thing these officials could do right now. It is one thing to spend tax dollars that we don't have. but to spend it on something so absolutely unnecessary right now is beyond me. And "hoping" that this new turf generates revenue back to the city is not enough to take a chance on spending a million dollars! Really? I just don't get it! This is outrageous!

With your philosophy, I see why we are in finacial trouble.

Well, you have summed up the problem pretty well with your post. Your kids "need" it, so it's OK to spend the money. We will never get control of spending until EVERY ONE realizes we can't have every thing we want.

Taxes will be increasing next year. There are many people without a job, people without a raise in years, people who took pay cuts to keep their job, and you want to spend tax money on artificial turf. And the worst part is you feel justified since down the road they built a new school. We are doomed if every one has your philosophy.

Artificial turf for every school in the county, it's only fair!!!!!

Is the wrong kind of grass for NHHS out there now?

You really want to se more kids injured????

You have to spend money to make money...

With the artificial turf the field can be marketed to many more uses than it currently has, Including concerts. I mean, it's not like the people in this podunc town arent always complaining that there is not any good concerts here... look at it as an investment. And I know, you are sitting here contemplating your reply to my post, but just think about the old folks home that you will placed in when the government taxed you to insanity, you can catch the activity van to the front gate, get escorted in by your goverment paid chapparone and have a wonderful evening of music. beats bingo if you ask me!

Why now

"Why now?" is a great title for this article. If artificial turf is such a great idea that will bring in other money raising events and save us money in maintenance, why didn't we do it a long ago? It's not new technology. Why are we doing it in the middle of a recession? If we did it years ago, it could be a cash cow for us right now.

Then we should be rich

And both the city and county commissioners have been spending like they don't have any sense. Wait, that might be it. We have elected a group of clueless dolts that don't care about us as long as they can continue to tax us.

Spending = Good, Where are your comments???

The comments sections here on WWAY's site always seem inundated with citizens opposed to what council and commissioners are doing. I would like to see some comments posted by the folks that agree with them. The commissioners and council are after all representing the voters, so there has to be people reading this that think unnecessary spending during a recession is OK. Artificial turf, land for parks, military appreciation, museums, fireworks, etc, are all truly great things to spend money on. I just don't see why we continue to unnecessarily spend when the city has already announced several millions short for next year's budget and a county budget that may be in a similar situation. Help me understand why we continue to do this.


I am a city employee that hasn't had a pay raise in over three years, so this is great news.


can city officials be any dumber to waste more tax dollars hey why dont we take all the tax money and pile up it and burn so we can roast marshmallows which is a smarter use of money than what saffo and his money wasting losers will use it for. you want new turf than do some work and do fundraisers and not my money.

taxes to turf

It seems some have no control of spending other peoples money.This is why they increased sales taxes !!.Turf on baseball field next?it seems
the grass on that field has to be keep up.But you are saying in cost over $250,000.00 a year just to keep up the football field,saying the turf will pay for itself in 5 years.It is time you face up to the real problem with the budget.The increase in taxes was the help fix the deficiency in the budget,not buy turf,park land,ship guest as a starter.We will be looking to replace you with someone that looks out for peoples not your status.Get real or get out.

Fake grass

This would be a great idea in 2021 when the economy improves.

This is exactly why

we're in a finacial mess now. Government spending money on things that aren't essential and could wait untill we are in better shape. Convention center, artificial turf, Airlie Gardens, Soccer fields, Fireworks...

"The artificial turf is a joint project between New Hanover County, the City of Wilmington and New Hanover County Schools. Each will pay its third of the nearly million-dollar price tag".

Where in the hell do you think "they" are getting the money? Yeah, I'm about ready to step outside with ya Jason.

As for a lot of educators

As for a lot of educators here in New Hanover County, teachers have had their salaries frozen for the last sevaral years and are in desperate need of a pay increase. I think that looking at paying the teachers who are teaching those who will be on the new turf would be more beneficial in these perilous times. I agree with the county commissioners who voted against it right now. People are having a difficult time. Consider looking at the truth of where it should be dispersed.

Well, this looks like we

Well, this looks like we still have some county commissioners in need of REPLACEMENT.

BTW, WWAY... Why do I have to re write advertising for Southwest Airlines in order to post my comments. This sucks more than what our politicians are doing.