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WIC program now supporting healthier food choices

READ MORE: WIC program now supporting healthier food choices
Melissa Griffin is mother to four year-old twins and a two week-old baby, and makes it a priority to give them healthy foods. For years, Griffin has been involved with the WIC program, which offers food vouchers to those who meet certain income requirements. WIC is now expanding its options of healthy food. Before the October 1st changes, WIC included products like milk, eggs, baby formula, and juice. Now, the vouchers will cover items like fruits and vegetables, whole grain rice and breads, and corn tortillas. "Being able to give them those healthy options that we wouldn't otherwise be able to give them just because of finances and other things like that, is really great," Griffin said. More than 6,500 people participate in the WIC program in New Hanover and Brunswick counties alone. WIC nutritionist Brooke Rhyne said, "People can't afford fruits and vegetables because they're so expensive, especially with the economy." These changes will help growing kids and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, get the nutrition they need. "That's what's important, we want to make sure that the family is healthy and this program is allowing this to happen,” added Rhyne. Griffin said, "Without WIC, there are a lot of things that we probably wouldn't have in the house. We probably wouldn't have juice all the time, we probably wouldn't have as much milk and cheese and stuff like that, as we do." WIC also offers nutrition education, breastfeeding support, and health referrals, as well as encourages families to choose low fat foods, increase fiber intake, and drink fewer sweetened beverages.

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here's a thought

How about NOT HAVING KIDS if you can't afford formula and other basic necessities. I feel for the poor kids born into this, but I am tired of paying to raise other peoples kids. "Melissa Griffin is mother to four year-old twins and a two week-old baby, and makes it a priority to give them healthy foods. For years, Griffin has been involved with the WIC program" For years?? Why did she have another kid when she couldn't afford the food for the twins already. This, like most programs, are meant for short term assisstance until people can get back on their feet not as a lifestyle. When my wife and I decided to have children we were sure that we were financially stable to handle it. I know that things can happen and you may have an unplanned pregnancy, lose a job etc. and you need to get some help, but this is now a part of the plan for these mom's and is expected by them.


It does not matter what you do, the good Democrats of NC will continue to take from the working class taxpayer so everyone can have what they want. Whether they can pay their own way or not.


Another person who gets it! The best "war on poverty" would be to educate people not to have kids they can't afford. And we, as a society, need to stop subsidizing irresponsible breeding.

WIC and Formula Feeding

Everyone should breast feed, but not everyone can (hello what if you have twins!). With this new program WIC will be giving out fewer infant formula vouchers to moms who choose to receive formula. It's important to realize that when formula moms run out of vouchers, they can switch to a store brand infant formula (they're sold at Walmart, Target, Walgreens) and save half the money until the next month's vouchers. Food for thought.


Don't most women come with not one but two brests? I know I did.