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Wife of Marine improving after hammer beating

JACKSONVILLE -- A friend says a pregnant woman is improving as her Marine husband faces charges of trying to kill her with a hammer. Authorities say 24-year-old Cpl. Jonathan Gould attempted to kill 26-year-old Erin Prince-Gould, then stabbed himself multiple times to fabricate a break-in at the couple's home. Investigators have said he confessed to attacking his wife. Chelsea O'Donnell posted Friday on a Web site devoted to Prince-Gould that doctors removed fluid from Prince-Gould's brain and talked about her possibly waking up soon. No information was posted about the condition of the child Prince-Gould is carrying. The site also asks people to donate money to Prince-Gould's family, from Whitehall, Ohio, to assist with medical bills and travel expenses. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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What medical bills?

She's the dependent wife of an active duty military member. All her medical expenses are covered by Tricare.

Get Some Perspective

Does it really matter? This article is about the girl fighting for her life because of the dispicable acts of the person who is supposed to protect her....and all you can say is what medical bills????? Wow.

Yes, she went through a nightmare

That's no reason for inaccurate reporting or worse, soliciting money from people who are already covering those bills through their tax dollars. If they're soliciting money to pay travel expenses for the family, fine. There will likely be no medical bills, however, unless it is for experimental procedures not covered by Tricare. Tricare for active duty and dependents is about the best health plan on the planet. You deal with emotions, I'll deal with facts, okay?

Not exactly....

the facts. Tricare is NOT the best health plan on the planet. Just because it is the medical coverage for our soldiers and their dependents does not mean it is the best. Tricare tries every which way possible to get out of paying for anything. And before you ask, common, yes I have experience with this, both as a patient and as someone who has worked in the medical billing industry for years. Even a simple well child check costs money out of pocket. And when they only cover 80% or less of a visit or procedure, the cost does begin to add up. Also, knowing what some of the military get paid....the bills are only going to get higher!

I am quite familiar with Tricare

Active duty members and their dependents pay no decuctible and no co-pay. 100% of their treatment and procedures are covered as long as it is an approved procedure. I fear that your experiences may be based upon one of the other categories of Tricare, those that impact retirees: Tricare (Basic), Tricare Prime, and Tricare Extra. They all have different levels of co-pay and deductibles. BTW, military pay is remarkably similar to any other occupation's pay, in that it starts out low and rises with seniority and longevity. Accordingly, the first three ranks don't have a high base pay. So you may think that PFC doesn't make much, but when you consider that he's living rent-free in a barracks, receiving an annual clothing allowance, and eating in the mess hall for free, 100% of his income is "disposable income." Now if the dope goes out and finds himself a boat anchor to start raising a family on PFC's pay, that's no one's fault but his own.... ...but even if he does that, the kids will all be born for free. My duaghter has had four, and they didn't cost her a dime.


Tricare is the best. My husband is retired military and we have 3 children and have never had any trouble with Tricare. The person complaining is misrepresenting much like the news does at times.


My husband is retired military and we are on Tricare. I do not know what you have experienced through Tricare but between my husband and I we get excellent medical care. We have in the past few years had many major tests done.... cat scans, MRI's, 2 colonoscopies ,stress tests, 2 ER visits and on and on. The most we EVER paid is our $30.00 co-pay to the hospital where we had the colonoscopy done. There is no 80% copay...We pay $12.00 each Dr. visit no matter what we have done including lab work. Never received a bill from any Dr. EVER that was not paid by Tricare asap. As far as we are concerned we get excellent heathcare benefits. For this we pay $480.00 a YEAR premium and that has not gone up in 5 years.

Zippy, you are obviously on Tricare Prime

..but how can you be married to a retired serviceman AND be a Godless Socialist Obama supporter? Did you hear Axelrod this weekend? Obama IS going to let the Bush tax cuts expire, exactly as I had predicted, based upon his voting record in March. So if you and your hubby bring in a whoppin' joint AGI of $65k or more, you will see a 3% increase in your taxes. Quote Axelrod; "Oh, but don't think he's raising your taxes! He will then bring in a middle class tax cut to reduce couples' taxes by $1000 and individual taxes by $500." Do the math and you'll have a good idea of the double-talk and lying you're going to hear for the next four years. Commie!


Why don't we forget about Tricare and think about praying for this woman who got beat by her husband. This seems to be the thing to do lately, be a dependent of a Marine or Soldier and you become abused, or worse you die. There are to many cases like this happening; something needs to happen in order for these men to stop becoming violent towards their wives or girlfriends.


First off let me say that I agree tri-care is a great health plan I have had tricare as a dependant for almost 20 years and then as an active duty service member with a family for the last 8 years. I am closer to this case than most do to this marine two years ago attacking my now wife and trying to sexually assult her. It was reported to the MArines and nothinbg ever done about it. The DA has been notified and is investigating now with NCIS to find out more. As far as beeing a dependant menaing your going to get beat or end up dead is the most assinine thing I have ever heard. Beeing a soldier has nothing to do with it. Wife, children and even sometimes husbands are killed by thier spouses or family member no matter what occupation they are. It just becomes more of a News story when it is the military or some other type i.e. Law enforcement or such. Why is a soldier who kills his wife such a better story than the gas station attendant who does it. The media has been scewed to make a larger deal out of the same type story if a military member or such is envolved. So before you say "be a dependent of a Marine or Soldier and you become abused, or worse you die" understand that this type of crime commited by military members in general is substancially less common than in the civialian sector of the nation. It is just a better news story because it envolves a person in uniform.