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Wildcat goes out as king

READ MORE: Wildcat goes out as king
When he was nine months old, doctors diagnosed Tyler Pinyatello with cerebral palsy. There were grim predictions about what his life would be like. But today, Tyler's story is an inspiration. Celeste Pinvatello, Tyler’s mom said that she was told, “He'll probably never walk talk, and he could have seizures; it was just all this grim diagnosis and go ahead and go home.” Now, 18 years later, Tyler Pinyatello finished his football career at New Hanover High School. In 2008, #99 played in four games for the Wildcats who finished in second place in the Mideastern Conference. Tyler explained, “I was proud, I just wanted to make sure I see my parents face when I got in. And make my coaches and my teammates proud.” Mom Celeste remembers the first time Tyler got in the game. “They were starting to chant Tyler's name, the cheerleaders and everybody. I realized he was running onto the field, and I of course lost it. I was sitting in the stands crying and watching him so excited on the field. I knew that had just made every practice he had ever been to worth while.” But Tyler said he wouldn't have set foot on the grid-iron if it wasn't for NHHS Head Coach Kevin Motsinger. “I see him as a father. He's like another dad to me,” Tyler said. In practice, Motsinger stressed to his players the importance of leaving your mark. “Going out, he's going out as a king. I mean that was what we talked about. The biggest thing I can say about Tyler is he's nothing but courage.” Tyler said even with two-a-day practices and endless weight lifting sessions, it wasn't about him. “I would rather get that “W” than just cry about me going on the field and getting playing time if that hurts the team. I'm not going to be selfish. Football, it doesn't take one guy, it takes 11 of us, it takes a team to go out there and do something.” While at New Hanover, Tyler also joined the track team to help him stay in shape for football. He now hopes to throw shot put for a college track team.

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Hey you guys I am so proud and honored to know that people still believe in miracles and have faith that what GOD begins in you he will finish. I know some TV stars now and I live in the hills so next stop big money. Love to you both Aunt Nita

You've grown into a fine young man!

Tyler (and Celeste), I hope you'll remember me. I had the great fortune of being your preschool teacher at UCP! I now I have the even greater fortune of seeing how you've grown up! (Thanks Pam for sending me this link!) It is so awesome to see what a fine young man of great character and commitment you have grown into... but I am not at all surprised. I saw first hand, the love and support you received as a little guy (and a very cute one I might add!) from your mom and family. That love and support, along with your innate (and admirable) drive to make your positive mark, is what this world needs more of. Thanks for the inspiration! Love, Miss Lorie P.S. I still have the CUTEST picture of you at "Graduation".


Tyler this is Aunt Louise in Corning, New York. I can't tell you how proud we all are of you. The sky is the limit for you. Reach for all those stars and you will be the happiest person in the world. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you soon. Love Aunt Louise and family


Congratulations; I'm so proud of you! You've worked so hard, and there are more good things in store for you. I'm always cheering for you!

COngratulations; I'm so

COngratulations; I'm so proud of you!! You've worked so hard for everything. I'll always be cheering for you! =)

Tyler Pinyatello

I'm very proud of you Tyler. You've worked hard for everything you wanted and achieved it. There is no one out there that inspires me more than you. Your going to do great in life no matter what happens.

may i ask who is this

may i ask who is this

Tyler Pinyatello

Tyler is my nephew and I have watched him struggle and battle his entire life. He is without a doubt one the most dedicated and hardest workers I have ever been around. His success makes us more proud then he could ever know. Kepp up the hard work. We love you

Your entire family can be proud

Today, so many people look for any reason to explain away their failures. Your nephew should be an inspiration to everyone. Nothing that life can throw at that kid will beat him.


Great job've always been a fighter! We're very proud of you!

I was born with cerebral

I was born with cerebral palsy also. I played four years of football for North Brunswick from 1973 - 1976. I am now coaching football and baseball and have been coaching for 20 years. If you would like to contact me please feel free to do so. Way to go, Tyler.


Hea Big guy way to go keep on kicking the world is yours

A lesson learned

Tyler now knows what all of our young folks need to know, and unfortunately many people will never know: The world cannot kick your butt unless you let it. Way to go, Tyler. Something tells me that you have a great life ahead of you.

you got there

on your own and without entitlements. You are a superior role model. Semper Fi -- you would be a good one