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Will Rex Gore recuse himself from Tabor City shooting case?

READ MORE: Will Rex Gore recuse himself from Tabor City shooting case?
We are expecting word any day now from the Columbus County district attorney, as to what charges, if any, will come out of a shooting in Tabor City last week. State Senator RC Soles said he shot a client of his who was trying to break into his home. Twenty-two-year-old Kyle Blackburn told our reporter he was leaving soles property when he was shot. In the week since that shooting, news outlets locally and across the state have questioned whether District Attorney Rex Gore, a friend and long time political ally of Senator Soles, should recuse himself from this case and ask a special prosecutor to decide what charges are appropriate. Gore has told us he sees no conflict of interest. We have researched the issue. Here are the criteria for requesting a special prosecutor under North Carolina law: The General Statute reads, "although there is not always an actual conflict of interest in these cases, it is sometimes better from a 'public perception' standpoint to eliminate an appearance of conflict or some suggestion that the matter will not be handled properly. Having a separate independent prosecutorial agency assume responsibility for these types of cases is in the best interest of the proper administration of justice in assuring the public that the case will be handled properly and in the public's best interest." The statute goes on to list examples of cases which fall into this category. One of those examples: "when a local attorney, law enforcement officer, court official, or other public official is investigated or charged, and the district attorney has a personal or professional relationship with that person such that his ability to be fair and impartial will be questioned." In this case, Senator Soles is a local attorney and a public official. Rex Gore has both a personal and professional relationship with Senator Soles that dates back more than 20 years. The two were linked together in a federal investigation back in the 1980's, where prosecutors accused Soles of buying votes to help get Rex Gore elected. Those charges were eventually dropped. So far, Mr. Gore says he has no intention of stepping aside. The investigative report from the SBI is expected to be released this week.

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Manifest destiny has bee drinking too much liberal KOOL-AID, which has been known to impair your ability to reason! R.C Soles and Rex Gore should be facing the scrutiny that they are currently under. Many people appear to be naive. This is not Democrat VS. Republican issue. It is an issue of whether these people have the moral compass to govern! Based on the preliminary evidence , I would say NO!

Much Ado About Nothing

You would think that the commentators on this site are sitting at home in their ugly recliners wringing their hands and having attacks of the dry heaves over the Soles' imbroglio. People, get over it, for God's sake! Do we not have more pressing issues to concern ourselves with, such as unemployment, healthcare, the upcoming swine flu pandemic, OBESITY,etc.? Let's have some serious reporting, say, on the swelling population of morbidly obese overeaters who are at this moment snacking on fatty foods all over WWAY's viewing area. Sick of the Soles' rigamerole. Time to do some public service by targeting OBESITY--"A moment on their lips, a lifetime on their hips."

Its About Something

Yes we have other concerns. Obesity should not be the major concern of government right now though, if people live a lifestyle that causes them to be obese that is there concern. They are hurting themselves, all we can do is educate them. No need for a sugar tax and punish everybody that likes sweats and soft drinks in moderation. Liberals want to ruin the food and drink industry next by adding a sugar tax, which in the long run will not stop obesity, it will just cost us more of our money out of our pockets and cause lost jobs. RC Soles represents us in 3 counties and it is important to some of us. Quote by Manifest Destiny: (Do we not have more pressing issues to concern ourselves with, such as unemployment, healthcare, the upcoming swine flu pandemic, OBESITY,etc.?) Yes and our representative RC Soles is supposed to be working on theses issues, but he is having to spend most of his time thinking about how he is going to get out of a situation that he himself has created, instead of working for the people. Most people want a respectful and moral person representing them that can make good decisions. If he can't make good decisions in his personal life or business, what makes you think he can make good decisions for us up in Raleigh?

Interested in Justice or a Political Witch-hunt?

Sounds like to me some commenters are seeking justice and others are seeking a political witch-hunt. Only one of two things is going to happen in this case. The SBI report is going to show that R.C. Soles committed a crime or he didn't. If it shows R.C. Soles committed a crime and is prosecuted, those seeking justice will be satisfied. If it shows R.C. Soles didn't commit a crime and is vindicated, then those seeking justice will again be satisfied. Those interested in a political witch-hunt will never be satisfied. If it shows R.C. Soles didn't commit a crime, they will scream that the SBI and the District Attorney's office covered up for R.C. Thankfully I live in the USA, a country where evidence of law decides justice, and not the world and mentality of those on a political witch-hunt. I'll put my trust in the SBI and the District Attorney's office, not those looking for a political lynching.

I see that Betty Finnell and

I see that Betty Finnell and her supporters are still hurling their inflammatory allegations against Senator Soles--a great NC legislator who has helped our area tremendously. Yes, I know Soles (kind-hearted, generous) gave some young men gifts. So what? Big deal! Who cares? Finnell will stop at nothing to get herself elected to the state legistlature. When she worked at Star News, she was a reckless and rude reporter who constantly got her "facts" wrong. I, for one, will never vote for her. I and the majority of Columbus County Citizens are behind Soles all the way.


Who cares well the people from NC care. You have a Senator that has given young men money and lavish gifts for years and years, and you say who cares.. you have a DA that MUST excuse himself from the case and will NOT. The last time I checked Columbus County is one of the poorest in the state and you say Soles helped.. This time it all will come out. It is only a matter of days until the national media hits Tabot City and Columbus County.. Why because the people of Columbus County CARE !!!!

Might change

Quote From Soles Supporter: (I and the majority of Columbus County Citizens are behind Soles all the way.) Open your eyes, the people of Columbus County are being embarrassed. Have you or someone else taken a poll? That is the only way you could make a statement like this. WWAY It would be interesting for you to have an on-line poll broken down by county of those who would as of right now support Senator Soles in the next election. Last time was a close election, they waited a long time for the votes to come in from Tabor City, if you remember Finnell was ahead before the last district reported. This time if RC loses anymore voters in Brunswick and Pender Counties, Columbus County will not be able to pull him through. Like I said before, the democrats should run someone else against him in a primary if they want a chance at holding the seat. If they continue to back him I believe it would be a mistake, and it would be embarrassing for their party.

To soles supporter maybe

To soles supporter maybe your hoping that RC will give you some money now for posting that message on here.I bet he knows who you are.I don't think that the majority of columbus county is behind him all the way cause there can't be that many crazy people around here.

Gore, MOVE ON!!!!

Rex, I guess you just don't get the seriousness of the issues here. You are living in a "good ole boy" network and it is time for you to step aside. How can you fairly prosecute someone who you have probably protected over the years and still do your job? It looks like the political machine in Columbus County just wants to make this go away as always. Get off the pot and do the RIGHT thing by stepping aside. It is amazing when it comes to politicians and arson how Mr. Gore seems to have a set of blinders on!


It's time for the people of Columbus County to take a stand. Start writing to CNN and FOX NEWS.. Maybe something then will get done. WWAY is doing a great job, but they need help and they aren't getting it from other local media outlets.. CNN and FOX NEWS !!!


VOTE for Bettie Fennell and Jon David next election! Problem solved!


Jon David yes, Bettie Fennell no way.

If you read the NC law

If you read the NC law regarding when a DA should step aside Rex fits it perfectly.. Then what is he waiting for... If he doesn't step aside his days a numbered as DA.. The area is growing and you can't keep sweeping things under the rug.. I can't wait until the CNN and Fox news trucks make it to Columbus County. It is only a matter of time.. We need a new Senator and DA.. This election will have a different outcome..


He should, but when as he ever done the right thing? Not for at least 10 yrs .Thats how long I have been in Brunswick Cty

Rex can't see where there is a conflict of interest?

Rex Gore is a personal friend and political supporter of R.C. Soles, and he can't see where there is a conflict of interest? Regardless of his decision on the case, there will always be some question of bias because of his connection to Senator Soles. To ensure that there is no prejudice, and to prevent problems at a later date, it is in the best interest of the public that he recuse himself from the case!

Find away

Rex is working hard to find a way to twist the law. I read the person was leaving the property and was shot in the back of the leg. If that is true, how can it be self defense? This is what Rex is working on to find a way out for "Poor old RC"


Is there a way that we, the public, can petition Gore to recuse himself ?

Rex Gore

It's time for Rex to step aside and quit being a stumbling block to Justice.

RC Soles, Jr/Rex Gore

This is an open plea to DA Rex Gore. Mr. Gore, for the best interests of everyone involved, I am asking as a citizen of Columbus County that you recuse yourself from this case. You know as well as I that you are very closely tied with Senator RC Soles, Jr. We have had numerous conversations in the past concerning a particular client of Senator Soles. After many complaints from the public you eventually stepped up to the plate and did what you had to do. The area had almost 2 years of peace and quiet. Please accept my plea as a concerned citizen that by recusing yourself, the public will know that you are capable to handle this case but it is more amicable for you to let someone else step in at this time. I trust you will make the right decision. Respectfully, Doris A. Strickland Tabor City

I feel we are going to see

I feel we are going to see some I scratched your back now scratch mine.

Investigative Reporting

Since WWAY is so good at investigative reporting they should find out exactly who it is that want Senator Soles out of the North Carolina General Assembly.

Rex needs to step aside

When it comes to political injustice Rex is right on top of the list of names. He should do the right thing and step aside and let another District Attorney take the case. But believe me he won't he will cover this up like he does everything else. I don't see how Rex always get re-elected. He will try to protect Soles until it gets down to the nitty gritty then he will decide to step aside and he will make it look like it was his decision and his alone and he will say he did it for the good of the district. Come on Rex prove me wrong...


No, Rex Gore will not recuse himself from this case because he wants HIS hands on that SBI report. He will be the one that disseminates the information that will shed a positive light on King R.C. The people of Tabor City and Columbus County say they are tired of the media attention , but their elected officials have crediblity and integrity issues. R.C Soles must have an incredible law firm in this small Southern town given the amounts of money he indiscriminately hands out to people.I know of NO one that practices law that spreads so much prosperity. I could see if he represented high profile clients with large bank rolls, but he represents young men with no income and average working class people. The large amounts of money need to be questioned by the authorities. Federal intervention needs to be taken in this case. Given the past history in this county, there is a possibility District Attorney Rex Gore's decisionmaking maybe influenced by others, if you know what I mean! The people of Tabor City are very NAIVE if they think there is no wrongdoing on the part of Mr. Soles! I hope the national media gets involved because it is going to take a tremendous amount of pressure to break the stranglehold that these local officials have on this county.

Even if he does not feel

Even if he does not feel there is a conflict, he should recuse himself under the "public perception" part of it, and actually, if everything is on the up and up, I would think he would have already done so. WWAY is doing a great job riding them on it, but they aren't impressed. How about Brian Ross and ABC's National Investigative team? Add them to Fox, CNN, where's Geraldo these days? Some national coverage is exactly what this story needs. Everyone hit the websites.

Tabor city

Rex gore will probably not recuse himself from this case, since he does not get it! Neither does Soles. The jig is up! Columbus County is noted for it's sweet potato's By the time Fox and CNN and National Enquirer get through, it will be known for other things other than chamber of commerce "Sweet Potato Pie."

according with the state law

according with the state law good ol REX must excuse himself from the case.. I can't wait until all the CNN and FOX News trucks start rolling into Tabor City and Columbus County..It is only a matter of time... The days of Rex and Soles are numbered.. LOL

Pure Supposition

on your part. The first test will come when the SBI releases their findings. If they rule the shot was in self defence, then no charges against Senator Soles. And, no reason for Mr. Gore ro step aside. In all of this emotional posting, do not forget, the other young man, B J Wright, has stated Senator Soles was acting to protect his person and property. He stated the young man who was shot was "somewhat drunk and waving his arms around in a threatening manner". And, any DA, even if Mr. Gore steps aside, must measure the costs for an out of area trial, with dubious witnesses, and the potential for a guilty verdict. Time will tell. In the meantime, Republican Party -- are you doing your job to find a credible candidate to run for office next year?

BJ Wright is not a very

BJ Wright is not a very credible person, plus he just got a new vehicle, and received lots of cash from RC Soles. Check into BJ Wrights past, and you may start to see the pattern.

Guess Again

were this to go to trial, Soles' attorney will make Wright appear to be holier than the Pope and just a mischevous rascal like The Beaver. Any other witnesses? If not, no case.

Rex and Soles

Thats right i feel like there days are very limited also.