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Willie Nelson band members to pay $25 fine


KENANSVILLE, NC (WWAY) -- Members of Willie Nelson's band cited for having marijuana and moonshine will pay a fine that's less than the cost of tickets to the cancelled concert in January.

Three members of the band pleaded guilty today to disorderly conduct charges and will pay a $25 fine, while marijuana and moonshine charges were dismissed, according to a Greenville TV station. Alcohol charges against three other band members were dismissed. Investigators say it turns out the moonshine belonged to the former owner of the tour bus.

Today's plea deal came more than three months after six band members were cited prior to a show in Kenansville.

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"First Country Outlaws Didn't Get High"

~Marvell sold millions of records in the 60s with the Warner Brother's hit group Mercy. He and another Mercy member saw the dangers of drugs in Rock and Roll and carried the group's clean-cut image into country in hopes to reach the youth of that early 70s era. Willie Nelson acknowledged this anti-drug duo by placing their history in his museums. Grand Ole Opry Stars called them The First Country Outlaws ( see link )

~ A True Country Music Story about The First Country Outlaws.
"First Country Outlaws Didn't Get High"

See video

Mr. Nelson


we love you and your music!


Wilmington is a lost cause when it comes to holding any concert bands here. This town is run by old fogies that don't want the rif-raf they call it, coming to our town. Look at the prices we have to pay just to see concerts at the Azalea Festival. By the way which are usually country singers. But hey not knockin country like it too. The last real concert that was held here was in the 80s and it was by the 'hair' bands as they are called now. Which by the way went off without any incidents. About Willie Nelson, this incident was with his band members, NOT him for once. Let sleeping dogs lie. Take a good look around Wilmington, it has grown way to fast and it will continue to do so. We are also known in a travelers magazine, which is given out at the visitors station, as a thriving gay community. So, now old timers what do you have to say to that?

Guess Willie's concert rates

Guess Willie's concert rates will go up to help pay these fines.....75 bucks!!!!
I suppose if this sort of thing happens at the new Convention Center in Wilmington in the future, the fine will be $35? Bigger facility you know.
Wait a minute.....who said an act like Willie Nelson would ever come here to Wilmington any way? Especially after this ordeal.............!

They Fooled You Too

Most everyone just doesn't get it. The new convention Center will NOT host concerts. This tidbit was shyly presented as such and no one made any noise. The Convention Center will not be for you or the tourists who partially funded it. Sorry. Just hope and pray that GE contracts several new nuke sites, PPD, Verizon, Corning... expands, it may see a return.

Willie and the Farmers

As much as Willie has done for farmers they had better apologize and thank him. Thanks to rational judge..

I heard that since this

I heard that since this happened there have been a lot of cancellations by bands that were supposed to play at this venue.

Way to Go!

Got some much needed revenue in them $25 fines and you put that no good Willie in his place. I'm sure major names will flock to the Duplin County Events Center now that they know it is a safe environment and free of lawlessness.