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Williston principal and assistant principal served with suits on Friday

We told you first that former Williston Middle School teacher Jessica Wishnask is being sued along with two of her former colleagues. Principal Mary Beall and Assistant Principal Burton Kilpatrick of Williston Middle School were served with the suit on Friday. We spoke with New Hanover schools attorney Wayne Bullard on Monday. He said he had no comment on the suit after reading it over the weekend. It has not been decided yet, but there is a chance he could represent the two in court.

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We don't know the situation;

We don't know the situation; perhaps the child was supposed to be at a friend’s house. No doubt the parents could be more diligent. What is truly unfortunate is they have to take this to civil court to get justice. These two, principal and asst. principal, should be charged with child endangerment, at the very least. The only recourse left to these parents is civil; the parents in this school district should be thanking them. If the principal and assistant principal of a middle school doesn’t think the rape of a 15 year old is not egregious enough to act on, I don’t know what would be. At this point I would be questioning just how save my child(ren) are.

The lawsuit and the parent

And when do parents start taking responsibility for this child's situation. Obviously there was no parental supervision that this was allowed to go on outside of the school. It's a disgrace that the parent even has the nerve to initiate a lawsuit. She needs to go back to parenting school and don't even go there with the single parent deal. You can raise children to be upstanding citizens if you want to. It takes putting your needs on hold. I'm way over divorce being blamed for pure and simple bad parenting!

Let's See

The incident occurred in the wee hours of the morning. Making no excuse for the departed teacher, why did the parent(s) not know where their child was? Why is the filing of a lawsuit no surprise?

Sue the school system too

we live in a "somebody's gonna pay" society, no matter who is to blame...

sad but true

the filing of the lawsuit b/c the principle & other teachers were aware of relationship & didnt inform parents, maybe I'd sue too.Wouldnt you want to know? & wouldnt you be angry that while your child was at school ppl responsible for your child knew & you didnt?...however, it is the responsiblity of the parent on why their child was out 3/4 o'clock in the am...