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Williston student in juvenile detention center after attack on principal

READ MORE: Williston student in juvenile detention center after attack on principal
A 13-year-old Williston student is in a juvenile detention center after tackling the school's principal earlier this week. The mother of the student said he's been treated unfairly since Wednesday’s scuffle. The school board said it is investigating the incident, interviewing both student and staff witnesses. Family and friends of the Williston 7th-grader say they are angry. Mother, Vashti Crummy said, “I just want my son home. I just feel he wrongfully accused.” Community members, including State Representative Sandra Spaulding Hughes, stood out front of the school Friday. They said they were there to ensure the investigation into the incident is handled fairly. Vashti's son is in a juvenile detention center awaiting formal charges of assault on a government official and disorderly conduct. The boy was allegedly acting out in the gym. When asked to stop, school officials say he tackled Williston's principal, and other staff members jumped in to try and restrain him. “Once she went down, my son went down also. That's when the coach came, and jumped on my son, when he was already down started punching him, kicking him, and was bending his arms and said ‘how does it feel boy’, said Crummy. Both the principal and student received minor injuries. The New Hanover County School Board will not confirm how many staff members were involved in scuffle, but will say all the staff reported to work the next day. “We want to make sure we have reached all personnel involved in the incident,” said NHC superintendent, Al Lerch. The student's mother works at Williston as a cafeteria cashier. She said the day after the incident she was transferred to Noble Middle, without reason or warning. As per school policy, the student is suspended.

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Wow!! People from NC are really racist!

I'm from California and I'm sure glad I don't live in North Carolina. After reading these comments I have come to the conclusion that "Yes, the south is still VERY racist". You all try to place the blame on this young man and his mother and you don't even know the real story (nor do you care). You want the REAL story!!?? Here it is: According to statements from students who observed the incident, the female principal, in front of the student body, demanded that the young man reply to her questioning. As per his mother's instructions, the young man would not talk back to the principal. Other black students who were present in the gym gave statements to the local sheriff stating that the principal, continuing to challenge the young man to answer her, started to "mush" the 13-year-old -- place her hand in the boy's face -- poking him in the face. The young man still refused to speak, whereupon the principal threatened him with 10 day suspension. The child's mother, an employee in the school cafeteria, said that she had told her son not to talk back to his teachers to stay out of trouble. According to these statements by students, the young man then turned away from the principal and ran toward the cafeteria where his mother worked. The principal then jumped in front of the young man to block his way, whereupon she was knocked down. The students went on to say that three white men, two coaches and a teacher then jumped the young man, threw him violently to the floor of the gym, smashing his head on the floor, sitting on him face down, and forcing his arms behind his back. According to witness statements, one of the coaches hit the young man in his face at least two times, kicked him, put his knee in the young man's back, and said, "How does this make you feel 'boy'?" The students said that this attacking coach also shouted to the other students present, "this is what you will get!" The students said that school personnel had to pull the coach off the young man, and the coach began taking off his shirt to continue the attack. Other personnel had to restrain him. The students said that the young man's lip and face were bleeding, and there was blood on the floor. The school resource officer was summoned and the young man was arrested that Wednesday morning. To date, 5 days later the 13-year-old remains in jail with no bail. School officials issued a press release and the local press reported, " officials and a school resource officer tried to escort the student from the area. He pulled away and tackled (the principal) to the floor." The press release went on to indicate that the principal and two staff members were slightly injured and received a checkup at an outpatient clinic. No mention was made of the young man being thrown to the floor, his face bloodied, or any other injuries he received. Witnesses who saw the young man in juvenile court the next day observed that his mouth had been cut and bloodied, and he had a swelling about his head and face. Parents of the students suspected a cover up by school officials.

Oh, please....

First of all, I doubt that you have any "inside" knowledge of this situation. Secondly, if what you wrote was true there would likely be a couple of faculty members sitting in jail right now. I get the feeling that you are essentially trying to stir the pot--characterizing people of this state as racists, as well as posting an inflammatory and deliberately inaccurate version of events in order to provoke people on both sides of the argument. While I'm not sure what you gain from doing something like this--most likely you are just hoping to see an internet board war break out--unless you are able to provide some facts to substantiate your claims, I see no reason to take you seriously. You should work a little harder on your next disinformation stunt. This one is a little too transparent.

Thank you for your contrubution

But keep your business in "Cali". Unless you were in the Gym that day you nor I know what happened. To call a whole state racist by just reading a few post. Way to jump to conclusions. Come on down and read the reports and do the interviews yourself, investigate the history of the teachers in volved and the student involved. Interview the family, friends, whomever, then report what you know. Go hug your trees and recycle your potato peels and mind your own business. Oh yeah, don't call me racist either.

Glad You Know So Much

That's nothing close to what my son saw. Oh, I guess he must be racist too. Please, please let's stop this plight against these poor, poor inner city people. Please stop bussing my racist son into this so called school. No doubt your racist spew holds no water as most in the Williston school district voted for a half black president that has a black wife. You need to find another crutch other than the almighty race card.

Where's the NAACP when you

Where's the NAACP when you need them?? LOL

Ahh good ole Williston.

I haven't seen Williston in about 14 years but it's nice to know that some things never change. But, wow, the mother's reaction speaks volumes. I have had enough experience, be it anecdotal, to know this about most (but not all) black people; it is absolutely ROOTED in their psyche to always play the race card when they are at odds with any white person. It is so consistant that it has to be expressly instructed by parents to children. My personal experience is based on 3 years of doing security in a Vegas casino. Of the literally thousands of people I have kicked out, maybe 150 were black, of which at least 120 called me a cracker or said I was picking on them because they are black. Same exact attitude as the mom. It is laughable, since the mother doesn't even deny that the kid battered the principal, that there is a racial motivation. Love the "community activists," might as well go all in with the stereotypes. That's it I'm done!

You don't know the half of it!!

i have been to that place and i tell you this now no matter what you go in for you will come out changes but if are a parent and you treat your kids like they are a crimanal then they will act like on that is just how it goes i hate to say it but it does i understand what he has done and yes that is very wrong but think if you had to go there and you did not want to come home because you know what is going to happen and i tell you it is not fun i know what it is like i have been done that road and now i am paying for it and i mean paying for it i have already lot everything i ever wanted kids will do stupid things but no matter how you are we have all done something wrong no matter it be with the law or just with the parents that you had but no matter what you can hate someone for ever you just can't because if are going to hate that kid forever then what are you talking about bad parenting if you are like that?


Let's get rid of the stupid name Puff and call the kid by his real name. That could be a start.

Home training

It all comes down to HOME TRAINING...If you teach your children to respect authority, these type of problems would not occur. If this would have been one of my 3 kids, he may have not made it to juvy without a butt kicking from ME first...YES I SAID FROM ME FIRST. Then he probably would be glad to get to juvy. This child probably has rared up or back talked an adult before at home.

My son would want to stay in JD, he'd be afraid to come home....

To all the people taking up for the mom, are you kidding?! I agree that you can't control everything your children do, but making it out that he's the victim of the school system/coach? The only thing he's a victim of is bad parenting. The mother doesn't need to take up for him in this situation. I don't know what really happened, how the coach responded, I wasn't there. We do know that the boy atleast hit(or tackled) the FEMALE principal. That deserves being attacked by the coach in my opinion. If it were my son, he'd want to stay in JD becuase he'd be afraid to come home to mom and dad. This boy is 13 and has already assalted a female, if someone doesn't straighten him up, he's going to become the abusive boyfriend/husband like ones we see on the news in a few years. The best thing for this young man is for his mother to stop taking up for him. He deserves punishment to the fullest extent.

Obama can fix it- He's gonna

Fix everything else and its probably george bushes fault like everything else- why not a disruptive child---- You guys are way too funny talking as if you were there and hating any authority... let the children do as they want with no consequences-- most of you want our Police department, Sheriff departments and now it is pointing to the very people we need the most- our teachers to be the ones at fault and dismantled-- If- due to I don't know this child or the teacher- but if this child has been suspended one time this year- then chances are he is a disruptive child. Not to say everyone doesn't deserve a second chance but reports have this child suspended more than once...Transferring the mother was a smart thing to keep tensions down. Don't think for a moment that this mother wouldn't have some tensions with the principal and teachers after her son had just been disciplined.

Race Issue???????

The MAIN cause of all these race issues that come up are from the news media.If you stand back and watch race relations would be so much better if the media would stay out of it and report news and not try and make news.I was born and raised here in Wilmington,went to school during the 70's when we had problems but what made it all worse was the media kept things going.Race Relations are much better now.So the next time you see race issues on the news see when it comes from.


School sure has changed. When I was a student a kid would not have acted like this, and I am not that old.

oh and..

You asked what rights of the child had been violated? Lets see confidenteallity..because someone at the school has been talking about the child..other wise how would you know he had been moved from school to school? And how about the right of a child to feel safe and not humiliated? How about the child having the right to be respected....chew on that one for a while


How about the rights of the Principal and staff to work in an environment where they do not have a legitimate right to kevelar, football helmets, and combat pay? How about the rights of the students who are there for an education to be taught in an environment where disruptive students do not distract from the education process? How about the rights of the taxpayers to see tax dollars spent on education and not on investigations to ensure "disruptive" students have all of their rights observed while the rights of others are abused? How about the right of students to attend a school where you do not need Police Resource Officers on duty? Even schools in Iraq and Afghanistan do not have Police Resource Officers. And finally, how about the right of "Puff" to being held to the same level of accountability all other students are held to? Why does race become an issue in his case but not in the case of a caucasian student?


I was always taught that respect was something you earned.


Respect has to be earned. Give me a break. He knocks the principal to the ground and we are worried about him being respected. Respect starts at home. It is disgraceful that you would even go there! He knocked the principal to the ground. What happens after that, comes from his initial action. Wake up and smell the coffee people!!!!

where is HIPPA during all of

where is HIPPA during all of this? they showed the kids pic on the news..........


doesn't apply in this situation. Why would you think it did?

RE: Where is HIPPA

HIPPA is really HIPAA. Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act. If you are going to throw out acronyms, please take the time to spell them right and know the definition.

Oh please

What about the rights of the victim? by the way, respect is not a right, its a privilege you EARN!!

This child has severe

This child has severe behavioral problems and has been moved from school to school as a result. The child was running around with a belt--striking at other children and generally causing a disruption. The principal told the child to behave--when she was walking away she was tackled by this little angel. The gym teacher witnessed this assault (yes, assault) and had to physically restrain the child. No punches, kicks, or racist comments. Those details seem to be the product of the mother's fevered imagination. I should also add that this wonderful, angelic young man is said to have--believe it or not--ties to a local street gang. This is where he got his nickname, "Puff". Law enforcement officers are now concerned that the gym teacher may be in danger of possible violent retaliation from the gang. Now it's a "race" thing. Why? The kid is a problem child who acted violently against the principal. He should be in jail--not school.

The audacity of Puff to attack kind people who teach

Puff is the boy who has apparently attacked other authority, faculty members at the school, previous to this incident. Racism? Oh, do you mean that he attacked a gentle white female principal, and he is black? Yes perhaps he has a problem with whites, then? He was surrounded by teachers, people who choose to work with children, even the ones like Puff who disrespect authority on a daily basis. Perhaps the family should be grateful he was restrained rather than allowed to commit a more serious crime?


is the bottom line...WE the parents have NOBODY but ourselves to blame for the way our children are behaving. WE have allowed our country to spiral down the dark abyss. WE have stopped holding our children accountable for their actions. WE have stopped backing up the teachers and instead of being a TEAM, we are attacking them. WE are the ones wanting to be little Johnny's friend instead of their PARENT...yes...WE the parents..should WE really be surprised that our young ones have no respect? Surprised that our young ones behave like they do? NOPE...we shouldn't be surprised at all...they are ALL a product of their environment. Parents who can't parent, let their children do what they want, say what they want and speak how they want...all without repercussions. They see how they WHOLE COUNTRY is morally unsound, they see it from the top down to the again..should we be surprised that our children are the way they are? Until parents start being parents and STOP making excuses for little Johnny...until we demand moral standards from those we elect down to the ones who teach, morals in our HOMES...until we RE-EMPOWER teachers with the ability to ACTUALLY KEEP little Johnny in check...until we do ALL of those things...we really should keep our mouths shut! Children come into this world as a BLANK SLATE..WE have taught them to be how they are...WE should be the ones in the detention center for allowing this all to happen...As far as me though...if my child hit a teacher....argument or not...they would WANT to be in the detention center...

Guest 7969.... AMEN

Guest 7969.... AMEN

Well Said!!

You are so very right. If a child misbehaves in school he most likely misbehaves at home...and gets away with it. If a child is violent, he has been around violent people. If a child is racist, somebody taught him to be that way. I have said from the beginning this in no way involves race but involves violence in its rawest form. The "child" needs to see what punishment is before he graduates to a higher level of violence as it seems from what the record shows he is growing increasingly more violent all the time and respects no one. IT IS TIME PARENTS STEP UP AND ACCEPT THE BLAME WHERE THE BLAME LIES and quit blaming everyone else for when little "puff" messes up!! My parents would have beaten me to within an inch of my life if I had ever laid hands on any teacher or adult or even probably another child!! It was not tolerated in my home to be disrespectful in the least. If you did not like the rules, you were welcome to get out on your own. I am glad they raised me strictly as I turned out fairly well adjusted and successful in life. Corporal punishment in the schools and prayers also were very helpful in my development. Time out would not have worked well at all.


I've talked to teachers firsthand, I can tell you all, this innocent child had been suspended 4 times since school started this year, and only the previous week attacked the discipline teacher. If his mom didn't work there and some teachers didn't bring him to her instead of writing him up, he would have been suspended more if not long-termed. No race question, white students have been restrained there too. It wouldn't have mattered who tackled the principal, they would have been restrained. Respect for authority is a serious problem today, and it starts a sad cycle of life for many.

Thank you

Thank you

I am a mother of a williston

I am a mother of a williston student who was in the gym at the time of this incident. The young man and the principal were yelling at one another at the time this all went down over a belt the boy was playing with. He was playing with other students in the gym that morning and the principal asked him to stop doing it. It is considered a weapon. He didn't like being called out in front of his friends and got all mad over this. That is what any child does when they get called down in front of their friends. The principal called the young man over and they were talking at first. Then for some reason the young man hit her. He started to run away and thats when he was tackled to the ground by the gym teacher. The gym teacher in my opinion is the one that most of these children now are mad at. I think for the gym teachers sake he needs to be removed from the school til all this mess is resolved. The parents of any child who goes there needs to check your childrens myspace page today. There are many on my daughters myspace page who are mad as hell at the gym teacher in question. I am not saying anything about how this all should have been avoided. I don't know why Williston thinks its ok to corral these children in one space before school begins. They should just go straight to their lockers and then straight to their first class. All of this mess could have been avoided. My daughter is now afraid of what might happen this week. Also, this young man we are talking about is small in size and has always been picked on for his size. I think it is time to do some redistricting of school again don't you?