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Williston student remains in juvenile detention after tackling principal

The thirteen year old Williston student who tackled his principal is still in a juvenile detention center Monday night. The incident happened Wednesday, when a teacher reprimanded the teen for acting out. The boy is expected to go before a judge Tuesday to see if he is eligible for release. Typically, juvenile detention centers don't hold alleged offenders unless they are considered dangerous or violent. The youngster is charged with assault on a government official and disorderly conduct. School officials said he tackled Williston's principal in the gym prior to the start of classes last Wednesday. Other staff members jumped in to try and restrain the teenager. The school launched an investigation, interviewing both staff and students. A New Hanover County school spokesperson said it should be releasing the findings before the Thanksgiving holiday. The scuffle has sparked a debate in the comments section of one of our earlier stories on this incident. Dozens of viewers have written about just who and how the school and the student should be held accountable. Because this incident has so many people talking, community leaders, the New Hanover County DA's office and law enforcement met Monday morning to discuss the case. They are all calling for the community to remain patient while this case is tried and the school board finishes its investigation.

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Outcome of court

Has anyone heard how his day court went yesterday?????

Don't give up on the kid

We are so quick to judge this child. I hope that he gets the help he needs and breaks the chain of another kid gone bad. Lets all hope for him and his parents that will wake them up and they will all get the help they need. And maybe the school will look at out they have a child that is repeatly in trouble and find ways to help.

Quick to judge???

Ahhhem.....uh, you say "too quick to judge this child"? We have a teenager here with a violent temper. He has a criminal reputation and a gang name. He violently assaulted an authority figure at his school. That authority was also a FEMALE!!! How in the world much more do you need to know before you "judge". The real Judge hopefully will make the proper call on what this "child" needs to unlearn what it takes to be a THUG. My last marriage failed because of a "child" as his mother referred to him. Completely out of control! Special schools, therapy, treatment centers, tons of money down the drain to help a "child" with "issues". Today at age 24, that young man is a twice convicted FELON and has no less that 10 addition misdemeanor convictions for violent assaults, theft and drug possession. This "child" was in a family of money and all they poured out did nothing. His biggest problem was the fact that he never learned what the word "NO!" meant by age 4. He is now a seasoned criminal and I fully expect to read his name in a big newspaper headline someday. "Poor little thing, he never had a chance.." HORSEHOOOEY!!!!!

Well thanks for letting us

Well thanks for letting us know everything is calm this week. Last week you all kept a lot of fear in parents by not letting them know what was going on @ the school....the police, dogs, doors locked. You all told me everything was fine and nothing was going on, no rumors, etc. You all may want to rethink notification to parents!

Hopefully they will throw the key away

This guy is a poster child as to why we, as caring parents, try to keep our kids out of inter-city schools. His mom, being the blame, is a good example changes yet to be made.

It's sad that schools now

It's sad that schools now have to have cops on duty, metal detectors, and special training for teachers on how to properly restrain violent students. In this case, this kid is obviously too volatile to be in a school. Getting suspended four times this year shows that he either doesn't know how to behave, or he isn't worried about getting into trouble. The mother seems more concerned with shaking down the school board than trying to get her kid back on track. Before she starts blaming racism for her problems, she needs to take a look at herself. If more people actually tried to raise their own kids, rather than forcing teachers to do it for them, maybe our schools wouldn't need all of the cops and metal detectors. These teachers did nothing wrong. The school board needs to stand up for them and not let someone use "racism" to bully their way out of their share of the blame.

Think of it as "networking."

I'm sure that by hanging out around the jail and courthouse, Puff will be making many contacts that will be important in his future career.

Williston was calm today...

As a Williston staff member, I just want to let parents and community members know that the atmosphere at Williston was calm today. There was a sense of "brewing emotions" last week, but the weekend seems to have given everyone time to reflect. We all, staff and students, look forward to hearing the investigation findings.


Glad to see the DA's office and the local law enforcement are involved. They and the School Superintendant should be the only parties involved at this stage.