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Wilmington gets non-stop flight to DC


WILMINGTON, NC (THE GREATER WILMINGTON BUSINESS JOURNAL) - US Airways has announced a direct flight from Wilmington International Airport to Reagan National Airport serving Washington, D.C. - reports the Greater Wilmington Business Journal.

The flight will only run on weekends initially, though airport officials are hopeful that more flights could present themselves. Still, the weekend flight is a solid first step according to Jim Morton, the marketing director at ILM. “It’s great, we love it,” Morton said.

The first flight will depart on Saturday March 5. US Airways will use a 50 seat regional jet for the flight.


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How about

How about getting a new airline in at ILM besides U.S.uck Air and delta? OR better yet some better prices on flights or direct destinations. Don't hear anyone complaining that there was not a direct flight to DC. I can still drive to Raleigh or Myrtle beach, fly, and pay parking for cheaper than flying out of wilmington( and will continue to do so).

So what you're saying is

So what you're saying is your time is worth nothing? That the 4 hours total it takes to get to Raleigh and back has no value in your life?


Time is very vauable to me. However my statement was not just directed at a a flight to DC, i flew out of ilm to dc for 200$ a couple years ago. If its my dime and my families vacation we are headed somewhere warm and nice, not DC. flight from ilm to costa rica 705$ - mrytle beach to costa rica 316$. The main point is we need better airlines other than USAIR and Delta flying out of Wilm US air consistantly comes in at the top of the list for worst airlines to fly with delta not far behind. bring in jet blue or southwest and we will see some decent prices out of Wilm.

Lets see. March 5th US Air

Lets see. March 5th US Air flight to DC from ILM is $163, parking is $9 & gas to airport will be about $6 round-trip)= Total $178. While from RDU is $134, parking $10 plus gas of about $40 (round-trip)= $184. Hmmm... Yep I do that RDU thing every time. No wonder people are in a financial bind all the time.

What are the current rates?

What are the current rates?

As of right now a major

As of right now a major travel site has the fare listed as $283.40 and that includes taxes and fees. That is for the first flight on 3/5 and returning on 3/6. For about $60 cheaper you can connect in atl, but its not worth it to me...I will fly direct.