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Wilmington Attacks

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Police are still looking for a man that is believed to have attacked two women in Wilmington Saturday morning. Police say at around four in the morning a 20-year-old woman stopped at a Citgo station on South College Road. The victim, Roxanne, told News Channel 3 that a man got into her car and forced her to drive to a closed gas station down the road on the intersection of Pine Grove and Greenville Loop Roads. That's when she says he beat her and tried to rape her. Roxanne says she was able to run away but says the man stole her car and her boyfriend’s police uniform inside it. Roxanne said, "he's got a police uniform now and he doesn't look scary. He doesn't look like someone who's going to come up to you and hurt you." Police say at 6 a.m. a 40-year-old woman was jogging near Holly Tree Road when a man tackled her and began punching her face. This jogger was also able to run away. Both victims describe the attacker as the man in the sketch from another brutal attack that happened a few weeks ago near 3rd and Market Streets. Police say Roxanne’s stolen car was found in Onslow County. Roxanne describes the attacker as a man in his young 20's with dark skin, shaved dark hair on the sides and short on the top. She says he was wearing a white shirt with blue pin stripes, a white t-shirt underneath and dark blue jeans. If you have any information, call Wilmington police at (910) 343-3600.

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Roxanne, thank you for

Roxanne, thank you for coming forward. I wish you a speedy recovery.

There is and always has been crime in wilmington!!!!

This town has had crime in just like anyother place and "they have got where all ou hear is bad new does anything happen good any more." My heart gone out to these women.. Please use th old buddy system here and everyone looks out for freinds. We the people have to make a stand for our towns..if we are smart about things and use street smart as well as buddy system thing would be alittle safer. So dont go out late by yourself male or felmale be safe.

Was the boyfriend's uniform

Was the boyfriend's uniform recovered with the car?

Police Uniform

No. The police uniform has not yet been recovered. Please warn everyone of this. Women need to be extremely careful of anyone in a police uniform that is on foot or not in a police vehicle.

Wilmington Crime

This appears to be the same attacker, and not multiple offenders. It seems to be one person and not a crime wave. Once again, lone women in solitary surroundings, especially during late night or early morning hours, are targets. Women should always keep this mind.


I hope they catch this scumbag, or someone with a concealed carry weapon puts a bullet into his worthless skull......Law Enforcement cannot be everywhere, if I were a female I would carry a pistol and know how to use it..I carry a Firearm everywhere I go, legally I might add, hope these victims recover quickly

I live in that area, and

I live in that area, and walk my dog all the time - even late at night, so this really worries me. I am glad that nothing more serious happened to both these women! Looks like I will be having a walking buddy from now on.

Might I suggest....

Mssrs. Smith & Wesson? This nonsense needs to end, NOW.

Wilmington Crime

Wow There is way too much crime here. I don't think there are enough police/law enforcement for the area and they also do not get a good enough salary. They should be paid much more for that job.


There are plenty of cops. They need to quit patrolling less needed areas and focus more where it matters. How many cops do you need to pass on a 5 mile stretch? A tropper, a sheriff and a city cop!! It is absurd. Redistribute to the problem areas and problem solved.

The zoo lost an animal...

There is an outright animal on the loose in the area. This beast likely recently got let out of prison and is making up for lost time. Someone this violent will strike again. Unfortunately, most young women I know are so naive. I really hope all of you are looking over your shoulders and staying in crowded areas when you go out.

no, there arent enough

no, there arent enough policemen looking out for this. our wilmington police officers are more worried about pulling people over for tag reasons or following too close instead of worrying about the crime in this city and the citizens they are supposed to be protecting.

in reply to Anon ....that

in reply to Anon ....that is just crazy, of course the police should pull over people for tag reasons and following to close. Probably half the people on the roads should not be driving. I have heard of so many people driving without insurance, suspended license etc. The law is out to protect good people and I know I don't want unsafe people on the road. The sheriff and police have a difficult job and they should be thanked. Do not complain but try to help out somehow

Simple Traffic Offense???

"Our wilmington police officers are more worried about pulling people over for tag reasons or following too close.." If only you would take the time to listen to yourself and your simple minded thinking. Has it not occurred to you that being that this guy was DRIVING the victim's car that maybe a simple traffic violation would have caught the attention of a cop who would have stopped him before he got away? In case you haven’t thought about it, many violent and wanted criminals are apprehended ever day by the police because of “simple traffic violations.” But, apparently you can’t see the forest for the trees. Wake up.


Your kidding right... "crime in this city and the citizens they are supposed to be protecting." Following too close or not having a correctly registered tag IS A CRIME knuckle head. All be it non-violent..HOWEVER someone following too close could be on drugs, might be out to harm the car in front of them...someone with an incorrect tag might not have insurance...if this person hit would SUCK... ALL the more reason to have a conceiled weapon permit...let him have one RIGHT IN THE HEAD! Obviously we aren't dealing with a REAL man here as he feels the need to prey on victims he knows he can most likely overcome.

2 women attacked

You hit the nail on the head. Yes there are some GOOD cops in wilmington BUT not enough. Do I feel safe going to the store at night? NO I don't. I have seen vehicles broken down on the side of the road with females in it and see cop cars just drive by. If they are going to another call they can at least call it in and not just ignore it. I have lived in wilmington all my life and most cops here if they see a problem happening they look the other way.

Most Cops?

By “most cops” do you mean the majority? Because I know many cops from both Wilmington and New Hanover County, and I can tell you that everyone I know is just as concerned about this as you and me. They are worried that there is a maniac on the loose terrorizing the decent hard-working people of Wilmington. They share the same desire as you and I, to have this "animal" and others like him brought to justice. They are out there patrolling, investigating, and searching for this guy. They are doing everything within their power (as much as the ACLU and other liberal groups of the like will allow) to protect and serve the citizens of this city. For you to say that, “most cops here if they see a problem happening they look the other way” is simple untrue and ill informed. Get to know some cops and I think you will find that most live to help others.

Attacks/Most Cops??

I agree with you on this one. Most of the cops I know, and take my word for it, there are plenty with the City, County, State, etc. that have heart. At the end of a shift they do not go home and forget about situations like this. They have to sleep with it, wondering what can we do different to stop the "sick" individuals doing stuff like this to innocent women. For someone who thinks differently, and is more concerned about why officers stop so many vehicles think about this! How was Timothy McVeigh apprehended, during a traffic stop for an equipment violation. "Good Cop"!! several years ago a traffic violation results in an escaped prisoner serving life for armed robbery and kidnapping being apprehended and taken off the streets of Wilmington. Ted Bundy, serial killer apprehended as the result of a traffic stop, recently a NC State Trooper is killed stopping a vehicle for a traffic violation that was operated by a wanted individual who shoots and kills the Trooper, who leaves behind a new prematurely born child. I can go on and on. Those individuals not understanding this need to wake up and look at the big picture or better yet, stop complaining and lets see you get out there and become part of the solution by becoming a LEO and maybe your attitudes will change. It is so easy to sit back and belittle those who do the job, but doubtful that the individuals who complain so much have the courage to do the job themselves.


How about protecting them from idiot drivers.

Yes, there is a problem. No,

Yes, there is a problem. No, the Wilmington PD is NOT doing all they could/and should be doing to protect our pedestrian community. No, our vicious comments, empty threats of putting bullets into someone's head, and other moaning and groaning are doing NOTHING. Get up, get out, and do something. Being a police officer is not about a paycheck. Being a woman is not about constantly looking over your shoulder, and needing a chaperone during the witching hour. Offer free self defence classes to women. Create a grid walk for downtown, what else could those equestrian cops be for? Pepper spray anyone? Stop picking on eachother's mundane comments on some stupid website and DO SOMETHING!!!