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Wilmington bowler is confident he can beat President Obama

READ MORE: Wilmington bowler is confident he can beat President Obama
The Commander in Chief recently made a comment heard across the globe. Now, it is encouraging Special Olympic bowlers from all over to show off their skills, especially one Wilmington bowler who can top President Obama's bowling score any day. There are no gutter balls for Special Olympic bowler Michael Wiley. "He gets a spare, and you try to encourage him to go up and get a strike the next time," said Michael’s dad and coach, Phil Wiley. Wiley has no problem getting strikes; it is President Obama who seemed to strike out on this one. During an interview on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, President Obama referred to his bowling game as, “Special Olympics or something”. Michael said, "It offended me a little bit because I'm a special athlete, and we try hard to do all this stuff, and it offended me a little bit." "To me, as a parent, that touched me really bad, especially my wife Barbara, she was very upset about it," said Michael’s dad. President Obama said when he hits the lane he averages a score of 129. Wiley can top that, scoring 168 Sunday. But, for Wiley and his dad it is not about the score, it is about the dedication to sports, and the time they get to spend together. "We try hard, we have fun, we believe in the athlete’s oath and everything," added Michael. If given the chance to hit the lanes, Wiley is confident he would give the president a run for his money. The President has made a number of apologies, saying he never meant to offend any Special Olympic athletes.

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If this is just a joke...

If this is just a joke and jokes aren't made to be taken seriously then I have soom great jokes about black people, can I share?

Absolutely. If you watch a

Absolutely. If you watch a black comedian on HBO or something, he'll make fun of black people all night long. But if a white comedian used the exact same joke, he would be crucified as being an evil racist. The playing field should be even for all. I remember there was a female comedian in the 80's who had cerebral palsy. A staple of her act was to make fun of her condition. If she made a special olympics joke, no one would think twice. But if someone else says it, everyone screams discrimination? Political correctness has gone way too far.



oBUMa is an idiot. Most of

oBUMa is an idiot. Most of the people I've talked to in this area who voted for him have agreed that they made a mistake. Only the ones living in a state of pitiful denial think otherwise.

Well he is our president. he

Well he is our president. he can not fix things over night. Give him a chance. I did not vote for him but I am willing to give him a chance, and hope he pulls through. Thats all we can do.

This is news?

So this is news? A local man thinks that he can beat the President at bowling? I am sure glad that there is nothing else going on in the world.

Apparently there is nothing

Apparently there is nothing else going on. Obama has all this free time to appear on Leno, discuss his bowling scores and give interviews about his final four picks. I guess he was the Messiah and has cured all the country's ills in two months.


I would also bet this young man can do a better job as being the president



Too good

Yes, I must agree there guest0477.

Stem Cell

At least the president lifted the ban on federal funding for Stem Cell research. Only a moron would be against helping millions.

And give away billions

And only a moron would give billions of dollars to companies that owe millions in back taxes to the federal government. 13 firms receiving federal bailout owe back taxes


Where did I mention the bailout? I was talking about Stem Cell Research.

you didn't, nor did this article

Where did this article mention stem cell research? It didn't, you brought it up. What, only praise for the golden do no wrong prez? Come on libby, got the take the criticism with the praise you seek for golden prez.

Do me a favor

It didn't, I replied to someone else comment, who stated that the young man in the article could do a better job as president than Obama. I was giving an example of something positive the president did. Also, I never said I was an Obama supporter, so be careful what you assume.

Don't need to

You don't have to come right out and say you support Obuma, it shows through. Don't worry, I'll still pay enough taxes for you to live on.

I support

Really, so why not whip out your w-2's stud....I bet mine is bigger

sure thing big boy

What is next from you... "He started it" or maybe "Stay on your side of the room" or the old favorite "I didn't do it." Such a child you are.


Says the guy who called me a "liberal bedwetter." So, who is the child now? I am also going to take it you are not man enough to whip out the w-2.

still you

That would still be you. Liberal bedwetter isn't calling names, it is a lifestyle you have embraced. It is clear you are a lib since you support obuma, defend criminals and bash people that have faith. Anyway, no, I will not show you my w-2 because you will want to take more away in taxes to give to those that don't work.


I think the problem is you talk a big game, but have no substance or intelligence to back it up. I am a liberal and damn proud of it. I am not a selfish person. I actually care about my fellow man, not just myself. For the record, I do not defend criminals, I defend a persons right to be only charged with crimes that he actually committed. So throw all of your names and assumptions about me you wish. That's the difference between you and me, you act like you are a good person, I am.

I care about others as well,

I care about others as well, but that doesn't mean their problems have to be mine or that I should be responsible for fixing or even helping them with their problems

John, I care about others. I

John, I care about others. I really do. But I'm a single mom of 2 kids without a college education and if I can get along without public assistance, I don't see why others can't try harder not to. I alone am responsible for the choices I made, and my kids have the basics, but they aren't walking around in $100 sneakers or riding around in $15,000+ cars. They aren't consuming name brand foods and expensive cuts of meats. No one helps me with my household, and I'm ok with that. So I hope you can understand why I am really sick of government taking care of others who are in the same boat but don't seem to want to take care of themselves.


You know, just because I am liberal and care for others does not mean I am gung-ho for welfare. In fact if you check my posts, I never mention welfare once. Be careful what you assume people. Some people actually think for themselves and don't fit stereotypes.

John, I admit I haven't read

John, I admit I haven't read everything you've written. I did read your response to guesty where you say that you are caring and all that. It implied that anyone who doesn't want to support those who won't support themselves are selfish. You didn't clarify in that reply that you weren't gung ho for welfare so you can see why I (and others) took the implication you gave.


It implied nothing. There are people to help who cannot help themselves vs. those who will not. I support those who cannot.

knew you were a libby

That is great you care about others. Yay for you. My hero. When you want to pay enough taxes to support 5 generations of professional couch potatoes, so be it. Just leave me out of it. Why should I be responsible for paying to raise people that don't care enough to do anything about the situation they are in? I know, I just generalized and do know there are some people on welfare are there for what the program intended, help until they get back on their feet. What program does the government run with any efficiency? None come to mind but you libbys want them to control health care! And yes you do defend criminals, all your post for the druggie vann are almost sickening. I assumed you were a Godless liberal, 'ding' I was correct. Yes, you are good... good for nothing.


"And yes you do defend criminals, all your post for the druggie vann are almost sickening" - guesty Funny, I don't seem to have made any comments defending Mr Vann. So the sickening thing here is you blatantly making up things I have said. For once you were right about something though, I am a godless liberal. Much rather be that than a close-minded conservative who believes in fairy tales. I, unlike you, do not need the threat of hell to be a good person. I just am

Oops, you got me

I have to give you that one libby, I mistyped. I meant pierce, the piece of garbage that ran from the police. Oh my goodness, you got me there big boy. Again, your disrespect for police and love of criminals is sickening. There, now that we have that cleared up, come wash my truck for me. Again, you are still good for nothing from what I can tell. You should change your name to the title of your post.


I say let the guy go to trial for the crimes he committed. I say don't hit him with erroneous charges. If that is defending a criminal, so be it. Personally I could care less what you think of me as a person. I know I am a good person who helps others and pays his taxes.