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Wilmington City Council closes Barksdale Road


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Protestors from a Wilmington neighborhood did not get their message across at Tuesday night's city council meeting.

They are not happy with Mark Johnson, who lives on the corner of Barksdale Road. Johnson keeps his RV in the front yard.

Neighbors say it's an eyesore and a blatant violation of city code. Johnson has racked up more than $40,000 in fines.

On Tuesday, city council voted to close Barksdale Road, which is a rarely traveled street. Frustrated neighbors say Johnson won't have to move his RV because it's private property now.

Mike Witherspoon lives in the neighborhood and said, "I'm here to protest that I don't think it's right to give public property away to somebody that's breaking the law to get them out of breaking the law."

Wilmington City Council voted 4-3 in favor of closing Barksdale Road. The city will no longer have to pay to maintain it.

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Perhaps the fix was in

Maybe, just maybe the applicant in this mess is inocent of ridicule. It seems that the city staff, 3 city councilpersons and the Mayor were hell bent on passing this thing no matter what type of public feed back was received. I feel for those who attempted to have their objections recognized and acted upon. This should serve as a warning, "You cannot fight city hall". To that end, more than 20 documented request were filed against this action, while only one person,(other than staff and the council) supported it. Makes one wonder just where the interest of our elected officials may lye (lie).

Althought the appearance of

Althought the appearance of this large mobile home may not be offensive to all of those who may transit the area, it is clearly an "in your face" point of contention for those of us who have actually spent large sums of money to modify our properties to accomodate the changes that came with annexation. It is my understanding this individule became a resident after annexation and in fact, has had previous violations of the same code. Seems to me if he never considered any options for compliance except road closure.

It is also of concern that this process was allowed and not an option for other city residents. Fair and equitable application of the local code seems not to be a priority of the current administration.

It was presented that the road, once closed, will be deeded "gifted" back to the city. Does anyone else out there see this as a problem. It surely gets the applicant out of a bind with minimal cost incurred. I observe Mr. Harrell of code enforcement state that all $40,000.00 in fines may be forgiven. I think the problem lies with the city staff and council for allowing this to happen. The applicant simply followed the path of least expense and resistance. To those who tried to stop this thing, you were too small in number and were fighting against a deal that was already consumated.

Good luck to the rest of you R/V owners when you look for a similar deal. Seems like you "need" a councilman on your side, or maybe two or three.

better idea to the rv owner

sell your property and move out into the country ,then you can park your rv anywhere ,don't have city taxes to worry about.

or anal neighbors telling you what you can and cannot have "ON YOUR OWN PROPERTY!"

one thing i can't stand is some moron worrying about his property value and doesn't mind his own business ...this guy ran up a 40K bill over bs?

I don't see what's the

I don't see what's the problem here. I have looked at a map and rode by there before and I wouldn't concider Barksdale Rd as being the front of this guys house. His home faces Hampton and his driveway is on Hampton so to me it appears that he is parking his RV in his back yard. (But then again I may be thinking of the wrong home all together.) It also appears that the section that was closed leads to no where and will never lead anywhere, so why not offically close it and some a little of money on maintance and up keep.

I wonder if the city council

I wonder if the city council has calculated how much property taxes should be rebated to the residents on this street now that it has abandoned its care.

Barksdale is a tidy enclave of very well kept homes and lawns. It is beyond comprehension that the city refuses to enforce its own code for the benefit of ALL the neighbors on the block.

I live several blocks away from the Barksdale location in question and have seen this RV. It is an upscale fairly new model that I'd not be likely to describe as an "eyesore", but it is the size of a bus. I, personally would not be disturbed by its presence next door to me but fully sympathize with those who may be.

Wilmington's City Council has opened a very interesting door in my view. It has abandoned its responsibility to enforce the laws on its own books. If we consider what services we are receiving in our Milbrook neighborhood, the only distinction would be police response, Sheriff's department vs. Wilmington PD. Water and sewer are provided by CFPUA, garbage removal was cheaper before the city took it over, schools are administered by the county, fire protection could be passed on to the county...

Our Milbrook tax rate is $.8355 per $100 of value, $.4655 to county and $.37 to Wilmington. This tax rate translates to 45% of our tax dollars to Wilmington, leading to the real question of what benefits are we receiving in exchange for this?? I'll hazard an answer to my own question: NOT MUCH.

De-annexation is a power which exists in the NC General Assembly. I will be inquiring of our local candidates where they stand on this possibility, the possibility for a REAL, actual tax cut. Here's an opportunity to put our political leadership on a diet and I'm not talking about the weight loss competition between Mayor Saffo and County Commission Chair Thompson...