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Wilmington City Council to discuss Monkey Junction annexation

WILMINGTON -- The very mention of the word annexation stirs outrage among some people. Wilmington City Council is considering annexing part of Monkey Junction. Some folks who live there protested on the steps of City Hall Friday, saying they live in the county for a reason: because they do not want to pay city taxes. Some protestors called it taxation without representation. George Wrage's neighborhood was annexed. He said, "Just what did you give us? Really? Nothing. It's a lie, it's a mantra." Others think the city annexing parts of New Hanover County is simply ripping them off. One protester said, "I chose to move out of the city limits for a reason. And I want it to stay that way. I have absolutely no desire for this." On Monday the Wilmington city council will meet to discuss systematic annexation -- that is, the automatic absorption of parts of the county every few years, starting with Monkey Junction. Wilmington City Council member Laura Padgett said, "As it becomes denser and those people use city services that are provided in the city, such as roads, it makes sense for them to be part of the city." Padgettt says city taxes pay for lots of county services and infrastructure, and that it's only fair to expand their tax base. "People do get what they pay for, and in many cases they're already getting what they haven't been paying for in terms of living near the city," Padgett said. The city's last annexation was of the Masonboro Loop area in 1998 -- this time around it's looking to acquire 840 acres between South College and Carolina Beach Roads. City Council will discuss the details of the Monkey Junction annexation -- like how much it will cost county residents in taxes -- at its budget retreat Monday.

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Have the FEDERAL Courts ever ruled on this?

Has the issue of forced annexation ever made it to the **federal** court?

Ronald Hewett Charges

Is it possible that Brunswick County District attorney brought charges in his district of NC, so the Feds will be unable to indict on similiar charges in federal court, which might could permit the local DA to accept plea's and keep the sheriff out of jail. Or be able to seat a jury favorable to the Sheriff. THINK ABOUT IT'

No need to think about it

The federal court will only indict on violations of federal law. If anything Hewett did violates federal law, the federal court can exercise simultaneous jurisdiction, and prosecute regardless of any plea deal Hewett worked out with the DA. The only bar to a federal prosecution would be a find of not guilty on charges that were substantially identical to the federal charges. Here's an example: You rob a bank. That violates both NC and US law. Usually only one will prosecute, but both can. So if you work out a plea with the DA that sends you to jail for a year, the US Attorney can scream, "That's an outrage," and file federal charges against you. BUT, let's say that you went to trial and your lawyer convinced the jury that you were not guilty because you were proven to be at work, nowhere near the bank, and they obviously had the wrong guy. That would generally be a bar to further federal prosecution because the supporting evidence that acquitted you basically said that you were innocent of ANY bank robbery. The feds could try to prosecute you, but the court would likely dismiss it because of the facts surrounding your acquittal in state court. One BIG exception to that tradiotion was the Rodney King/LAPD case, where the Simi Valley jury acquitted the officers of assault, but a federal court convicted them of denying civil rights. How could they have denied his civil rights if there was no assault? But the courts stood mute as we accomplished a de facto violation of a 200 year-old tradition against double jeopardy out of fear that the riots would start again. I don't think Gore is trying to protect Hewett at all. I think he's one of the lead torch-bearers in the crowd screaming to "burn the witch." That's not to say that Hewett is innocent - at least one of the charges would rate removing him from office. But the majority of Gore's binder is pure crappola, simply cases of people ticked off because the sheriff did things they didn't like, but weren't necessarily illegal.

Annex Monkey Junction???

Monkey Junction should have been annexed along time ago....With all the Growth in that area..I lived there for 6 Years...And it has grown so much the city would be crazy not to annex it..Just think of all the revenue it would Generate...You have the new Home Depot, The new Wal-Mart...All the other businesses there..Monkey Junction your getting annexed if you like it or not...You definitely need to annex Colchester Place and the surrounding areas....!!!!!


I dont know why every one complains when we are the same people who vote them in and never hold them to their word. If you dont vote dont complain and if you do vote then make sure you help get them out of office next time around

we don't get a vote

Those of us that decide to live in the county are at the mercy of the city bozo council. We don't get a vote, just like those living in the city didn't get to vote on the convention center that the council is forcing on us all.


When will you people wake up? These people you elect are screwing you over numerous times. What makes you think (Those of you baulking the Monkey Junction Thing) think you have a chance in hell of doing anything but waste your money. IF LANDFALL COULDN'T DO IT NEITHER CAN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake UP!!!!!!!!!!! It won't be so bad after all you all can finally get rid of the crooked sheriff we have too and all of his supporters the county commissioners!!!!! When he got all of the deputies last week to show up we still had to pay for their gas to get home and the maintenance on those vehicles! Wake UP!!!!!!

another joke

Just another way the city council is forcing their ways on people without giving them a choice. Let us vote on it. Oops, I forgot the city doesn't let people vote on issues. They decided they wanted the convention center.... Guess what? The taxpayers will now have to pay for a convention center. Maybe they realized what a money losing operation it will be and have to annex more areas to help pay for it. The talking heads say we will get services... I already have protection with the sheriff's office, have MY choice of who picks up my trash and have a county fire department one mile away.

A FairTax Burden

Paying BOTH city and county taxes is unfair for those city dwellers who have been doing so for years. How about us long suffering double tax payers? Living in the city and paying county taxes has always seemed unfair to me. Those in the city limits should pay only city taxes, and those living in the county should pay all the county taxes. That way the tax burden would be more fairly split, and those living in the county might not dread annexation so much.


Why not annex all of New Hanover County since county residents might use city resources, infrastructure, etc. Why even have a county if the city of Wilmington wants to collect taxes to cover their expenses that the county possibly uses. Why not annex Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Kure Beach, Castle Hayne, etc. since they also use Wilmington's resources. Makes no sense.

....why stop there??

Let's just start annexing parts of Brunswick County too! Have you ever seen the amount of Lelandites that cross the Cape Fear River in the morning? You know....the one's that are always complaining about being caught by the bridges being raised. Hampstead better hurry up and become an official town, because Wilmington will be trying to get them next!

There is no prohibition in

There is no prohibition in NC against cities annexing areas outside their home county. Parts of the City of Durham are in Wake County and parts of the City of Raleigh are in Durham County. So, annexing parts of Brunswick County or the US 421 corridor are not out of the question. The only issue would be providing services across the rivers.