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Wilmington city leaders meet to discuss local issues

Wilmington city leaders talked issues with local state legislators Friday. State Representative’s Caroline Justice and Sandra Spaulding Hughes attended the City Hall breakfast. Some of the items discussed included, protecting the city's right to annex and grow the tax base, mental health funding, and a possible sales tax to improve transportation and infrastructure. “The House members, Representatives Sandra Spaulding-Hughes, Danny McComas, myself, and Senator Boseman, meet on a regular basis. As a delegation to this area, we always bring our little agenda from the city of Wilmington and New Hanover County to the Chamber of Commerce and we go over the list to see what we think we can accomplish - what we agree on and what we disagree on,” said Representative Carolyn Justice. After legislators decide what issues to address, they will take them to the General Assembly, which will convene on January 28, 2009.

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Look at the lead-off agenda item...

"...protecting the city's right to annex and grow the tax base..." But what about YOUR rights? Boycott Wilmington. Do not spend a dime within the city limits of Wilmington until this council is GONE! There are plenty of nice restaurants in the county or at the beach. You can buy great Christmas presents on the Internet. If you really want to shop locally, take the short trip to Leland, Hampstead, or Jacksonville. Until the people who elected these tyrants feel some pain they are never going to throw them out of office and until they are out of office, you are in danger of being next. Monkey Junction is just around the corner. Then Myrtle Grove....Middle Sound and Ogden...then Porter's Neck and Figure Eight, the really big gems they want to get their grubby little paws on. They want your property in the city. They want to double your taxes and give you nothing that you don't already have. Since the annexation crowd likes to crow about driving on their streets, don't, unless you absolutely have to. The only weapon you have is your wallet - DON'T OPEN IT IN WILMINGTON!