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Wilmington considering tax increase

READ MORE: Wilmington considering tax increase
Wilmington's City Council is working with a tight budget this fiscal year. They're considering a citywide property tax increase. Michael Davis remembers when his tax bill was 300 dollars. "You didn't notice too much of the property taxes because the increments of the taxes when they were raising them because it wasn't so high," said Davis. Wilmington's current tax is 30 cents for every $100 of a home's value. A proposed increase would bump that up to 34.25 cents. "I think that's bad, that's really bad," said Davis. Davis said, "You got foreclosures on homes, you got people losing jobs, you got the high gas prices, and now you're going to tell me my property taxes increase? It's a no win situation." Wilmington City Council member, Kristi Tomey said, "There are so many things right now that aren't written in stone as far as our economy goes, and I think we have to be mindful of that, and I certainly will be mindful of that." 2.25 cents would go towards making up for last year's county tax error, one cent for city employee pay raises and one cent for transportation and storm water repairs. No matter what the money would go to, Davis says he just wishes the city would wait until the economy turns around. "To increase property taxes now, I just think that that would be a slap in our face to throw property taxes on us now," said Davis. City council will discuss the proposal at a budget retreat next Tuesday. Then it will go back and forth between the council and city staff until they reach an agreement. A decision must be made by the start of the fiscal year, which begins July 1.

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How about starting the cut

How about starting the cut backs with getting rid of the retreats? I guess that would make too much sense.

Property Tax Increase

I read somewhere that one of the reasons we are facing an increase in property taxes is because there is a shortage to fund previously approved "projects" by the City Council, including creation of and improvements to parks and facilities. Don't any of the Council members manage their personal budgets? Haven't they had to put some "luxury" projects on hold, as well as "necessary" items such as medical expenses and home repairs like most of us? I hope they come to their senses when they go away on their weekend retreat to discuss the budget. By the way, they could start by discussing the budget here in town at no expense to the taxpayers.

Tax Increase

Why should we the people , have to pay for their mistake, they never even offer when we make one. And the employee who made the error will most likely got a raise . They think that we will forget this by the time re-election comes around .

Taxes on the new development

If there was a plain and simple tax rate on the new developments to support the future drag on the county resources, then where would the problem be? Developers are like welfare folks, none of them are paying their own way. One don't want to work and the other just don't want to pay.

My property tax went up $300

My property tax went up $300 last year instead of staying the same as I was promised. I suggest that the City/County postpone other projects to make up the deficit or use the funds they were going to use to buy more land for parks. If you look around in the budget, you can gather enough from several places to cover this shortfall instead of placing an addition burden on taxpayers. It's enough to make me leave my hometown permanently. Wasn't a heavy tax one reason this country was founded?

Pay Raises Needed

I, along with everyone else agree that it is ridiculous that taxes need to be raised. Unfortuately, it is happening in many governmental units in North Carolina. It is going to be a fact of life for several years to come. I for one am upset that the City has to use the greater portion of the proposed tax increase to cover a STUPID mistake that someone who knew better over at the County allowed to occur. Maybe the County should make up the difference. However, the City needs to step up to the plate and raise firefighter pay above market rate so they will stay on the job. Maybe the new Chief will have the decency to go before Council and say it has to be done for the department to survive. Service cuts cannot be allowed to occur in Wilmington due to the growth that is and will occur over the coming years. Support the pay raises and give the public servants the 2.5 percent and give the County the other 1 percent and say it is your fault, make up the difference however you can. Taxpayers will continue to see taxes go up due to the state of the economy and our country. Will the new election cure it? NO, so be prepared.

Stop Wasting Tax Money!

Keep the suggestions coming. How can area tax payers stop this "tax & spend" leadership? For instance, most residents do not want the convention center. It will always lose money, and I do not think it will enhance downtown in any way. We obviously can't afford it. How about scraping that project? Why Not? In the future, remember who we elect to run our city and county is critical. Protect yourself...become an informed voter.

how much more do our public officials want to take

Everyone (or at least the majority of us)is faced with difficult financial times because of our economy, outrageous gas prices, unemployment, cost of general.. Our elected officials.. in a imaginary world ..... are suppose to be looking out for our best interest. Why is it that it appears our best interest is no where in the scheme of things? How are people suppose to live.... people are trying as hard as they can to survive during these inflationary times without losing their homes they have struggle to keep. In addition to worrying about nature causing major damage because of hurricanes, tornados, flooding, we must be faced with higher taxes -- some citizens are just barely able to pay the current taxes. Elected officials/employees appointed/hired to perform certain duties should be mindful of consequences when they mess up. And when they mess up, it should fall on their shoulders, not the citizens. Our officials should seek another direction for cleaning up a mess that is no fault of ours.

A thought

Hey city council monkeys!!! When I find I don't have enough in the checkbook to cover the big purchase I want to make, I put it back. Now apply that lesson to Wilmington and put that waste of money convention center away.

Your Tax Bill

The City Council has been spending lavishly on the convention center, ridiculous consultants to provide pointless "studies," giving money to non-profits in return for political favors, subsidies to developers, and even scarecrows downtown. Yes, scarecrows! Folks, you can't have a convention center, scarecrows, developer subsidies AND still have money for pay raises, sewer and roads.


The Convention Center isn't costing you! LORD! Please be informed! This council is doing what the citizens want and what is right! Paying firefighters and police a better wage and making up for the ALL REPUBLICAN county commissioners who DEVASATATED us ALL by not doing their due dilligence in oversight of budgetary matters. Their PRIMARY Role! can get rid of BILL KOPP in the election...the cheif disaster, non wilmingtonian in charge over at the commissioners...and you can pay attention to what is actually going on and stop responding to this from knee jerk reactions and really be INFORMED!

Convention Center WILL Cost Taxpayers!

Informed, please inform me exactly how this "no cost to taxpayer" will play out. First, the city had to borrow 49 million dollars at a rate that was higher than what the state pays when they borrow for projects. Who is paying on that loan? Second, when convention centers lose money, as they all do, then the taxpayer must step in to cover the shortfall. It's happening everywhere across the country, including Raleigh and Myrtle Beach. Third, by not selling the lot to a private enterprise, the city coffers immediately lost maybe 10 million dollars in easy profit. The city bought the property at a great price before the real estate boom. Finally, by building this project with public funds, that property will be OFF the property tax books...I guess about two million dollars a YEAR in lost property tax revenue. Please inform me how all this is not correct, and does impact the taxpayer. I hope your only answer is not "room tax revenue."

Follow the money

Just follow the money and see whose pockets it ends up in.


You are correct, the CONvention center isn't costing us....yet. Wait until they figure out that these places lose money and pass the bill on as yet another tax. I also don't remember the council monkeys putting it up for a citizen vote, they imposed their will.

Informed that taxes are going up

"This council is doing what the citizens want and what is right!" LMAOROF! When was the vote on the convention center? My knees aren't jerking, they're buckling from being over taxed.

Already paying.....

We are already paying too much as it is. I dont mind paying a little extra for the city employee pay raises. They need money too. HOWEVER, why should WE be the ones to pay for THEIR budget error! We aren't the ones who made the error but we are the ones to pay for it?? Smells like something is rotten in the city of Wilmington! And it's not the water treatment plant on 23rd St!!!!


It was the county, not the city that made the tax error.


why am I not surprised. Well time to shell out more money for them to waste.

Considering or planning to

We own nothing in the United States, we rent it from the Government. Extortion is what it boils down to. The 50 million dollars (plus) being spent on a convention center would sure help ease our tax burden.

Absolutely absurd I'm so

Absolutely absurd I'm so glad I'm in Brunswick even with the Sheriff fiasco

Me too.

Me too.

Sue the County

They made the error. Sue them for the cash!

Good Idea

This is the best idea I have seen on this site in a long time. A class action lawsuit (or several) might really start to tighten things up in Wilmington. They don't need more money, they need more accountability.

True, they can be sued

But do enough of the residents of New Hanover county have the will to go about this. Figuring that you taxes on the average property would go up several hundred dollars in a year, then it would not be unreasonable to gather together donations for a heavy weight civil action lawsuit on the grounds of mismanagement of public funds (taxes) and the public trust. That money belongs to the taxpayers of New Hanover county. The County Commissioners have the responsibility to spent it reasonably well. Arguable points are the county audits that fell short of estimates by millions, a convention center that will never make money in this market especially competing with UNCW and many spending decisions on the county infrastructure. We have a underpaid fire department, failing sewer systems requiring the state to take action against Wilmington and the county, wild spending on soccer fields that are NOT for minorities and millionaire museum funding. Time to drag them out and tar-n-feather 'em in the square folks. The foxes are in the hen house and they will stay there until you do something about them. That latest is that they are handing out 4.2 million of your tax dollars so a company can move here and poison our children. This is a line we cannot let them get away with crossing!