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Wilmington Convention Center on schedule

Work on Wilmington's convention center is moving forward. The site has been pretty quiet recently, because the city is in the process of switching contractors. The company that laid the foundation has completed its work. The next contractor will take over within the next few weeks. Crews that are out there now are putting in piles for the riverwalk. Project manager Steve Bridges says he is satisfied with where the project stands. Bridges said, "Things are looking really good. It's going a little slower than we would like, but it's not off schedule, either. We're doing a lot of stuff behind the scenes. We're finalizing the marketing plan for the convention center." Bridges says most of the delays were due to rain and obstructions while driving piles. They will soon begin booking reservations for the convention center for years down the road. He says design plans are in the works for the new hotel.

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Bad Venture & Bad Timing

The Convention Center "venture" that the local taxpayers are bankrolling, and we know that many taxpayers do not want to be on board, comes at a bad time. As Harper Peterson said, at one time it might have been a sound proposition, but it was not one six years later, when approved by the city council. Pat Delair was the only member to vote against it. Every article or report written in the entire country clearly says that convention centers everywhere are losing money, thus costing the associated taxpayers money. This means Raleigh, Charlotte and Myrtle Beach, and this will also mean Wilmington. Do the math, in this economy, with taxes already on the rise.

I guess with our tourism

I guess with our tourism down, and the money from hotel taxes supposedly paying for this project, what now City Council? Oh excuse me, there is still the buffer of tax payers $$$ in the wings. Face it folks, in a day and age with our economy crumbling, it makes absolutely no sense at all to go forth with this project (Mr. Mayor/Council Members). From the looks of its location, the first hurricane that floods down town will claim it any way :-)

plenty of money

The city has plenty of money sources and is actively seeking to expand that source by forced annexation. The city spent a reported million and a half dollars on the sign at MLK and N College. When you have a bottomless pot to pick from, why stop?


Where are you getting your reported facts about that ugly sign? I totally agree that thing is not at all attractive, but according to my research the city held a national contest and only got three entries. (I'd hate to see the other two...) You know they couldn't have spent much on advertising. According to a resolution passed by council to approve LS3P to do the sign, total design and construction costs were not to exceed $75K, NOT $1.5 million. (I still wouldn't have paid more than $5 for it.)

on the radio

I heard it on the radio the other week. The station was The Big Talker (93.7 & 106.3) and the show was "The Morning Beat" with Curtis Wright.