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Wilmington council approves Monkey Junction annexation

READ MORE: Wilmington council approves Monkey Junction annexation
With a 6 to 1 vote, Wilmington City Council approved annexing about 950 acres of Monkey Junction. While the vote was expected, opponents had a strong showing. "The people that are being affected by this right now, they did not vote anybody into office that's making this decision and that's the key thing here," said Ron Gerfelder. Patrick Davis asked, "If you're on a fixed income then how are you supposed to double tax and survive on 700 dollars a month?" Kristi Tomey was the only dissenting vote. She said forced annexation is not the way to grow a city. "Unfortunately, I think that I am absolutely the only one on this council who is voting no on this item." The move is effective June 2010, so the city has a busy year ahead of it. Council member Laura Padgett voted for the forced annexation and said, "We have a very detailed plan to provide services to those areas - the things we have to provide, police, fire, development oversight." Padgett said it comes down to an issue of fairness between city residents and those will be annexed. "They're being asked to pay for things that they really already get as a result of living so near to the city." Many others disagree. "I just don't think it's right to take away people's property and raise their taxes when they don't want to be included, said Ann Pitts. “I mean, it's forced on them and they moved to that area to avoid paying city taxes."

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Monkey Junction

Was there ever really any doubt about the outcome? It was a done deal from the beginning.

get used to it

Get used to it people. You are here for the benefit of the government. The revolting, ever-growing blob (your local and state government) needs to be constantly fed and it's appetite is growing every day. Now that people's property has been consumed, and not to mention insurance rates sky-rocketing, how does one expect anyone to survive on fixed incomes? We don't need a tea party, we need a pitchfork party.


Maybe it is time for the City and County to consolidate governments and put an end to the us and them mentality. BUT, since this issue has been discussed at one time or another, it is just as well that it happen regardless of what happens. I can sympathize with those who will be "taxed" for double the money their property will be worth. However, if you were to consolidate then it may not be necessary to raise taxes so high. It is unfortunate, but times are tough and while both sides have a valid argument, what are you going to do?

It's very simple, power

It's very simple, power hungry City Council.

Wilmington council approves Monkey Junction annexation

Interesting that even though the residents knew about all these mettings in advance, restructured their personal schedules to attend, and were vocal against the annexation several times in an orderly adult fashion, the "vote" still passed. I live on the North side of town, but feel our area will soon be in the same situation, and we will lose as well. WHAT is the point of having the public attend, express their complaints and concerns, explain the financial hardships that will now befall them (in today's tough times especially), only to have their voice squashed anyway? I've lived in Wilmington almost 20 years and have never seen the City so greedy with constantly outstretched tentacles.

MJ land grab

I hope you city council people can't sleep at night. You will wind up with lots of property you can't collect taxes on, because if you don't have it you can't pay it. We have lived in the county for 30+ years and the land has been in my family for over 100 years. We didn't want to be in the city then and we don't want it now. My boat will remaine in the front yard, as it was there before you came and it will be there after your land grab, inless city council would like to buy it, It is for sale and you people can't take care of the last land grab. how are you going to handle more? Get a life!

i hope you enjoy now

To all the city councilmembers i hope you enjoy your jobs now..because next election i can now vote against you!! How can you annex when your having to cut jobs and cut services....less police and fire, and not even to mention the last area's annexed you still dont provide services..I wonder if the Sheriff can still respond to my business if my alarm goes off or a shop lifter,...i just thaught of something here is a good way to save money soon i will be doubled taxed for police and fire..and since on tv the city was complaining that he police took up so much of the budget...the deputies have county jursciditon..cut cost and man power elminate the wilmington police and you cut two command staff's to headquarters and only tax me for one agency the sheriff,, and then give the fire to the city...that makes sense because the sheriff if elected and the fire cheif is appointed...and we cut back on man bouble captains and Lt's.. and as people retire it will save money..and the county seems to be albe to opperate the sheriff's dept with less money...conslidate other resources like sewer and us money not make us spend more...........see yall next elections!

Next election

Um, no you can't vote at the next election because MJ won't officially be part of the city until next year. The next election after that is November 2011.