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Wilmington Council votes to delay construction projects

Wilmington City Council members have approved more budget cuts. They voted to transfer nearly $4 million from construction project funds to the city's general fund. That means several projects that were slated for this fiscal year will be delayed. Affected projects include improvements to Dawson and Wooster Streets, street paving and sidewalk improvements, and constructing right turn lanes. Some council members say they don't want to delay the projects, but it's necessary to balance the city's budget. "We are tightening our belts to the pain of ourselves," Councilman Ron Sparks said in the meeting. "By not doing these projects and saving the budget, means that when we do go to do these projects, it's going to be higher." Tuesday night's vote accounted for about half of the city's $8 million shortfall. Another $4 million was saved by making cuts in several city departments.

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Wilmington Council makes budget cuts

How about no bonuses for next 3-5yrs for ALL employees, retro back at least 1 year. They gave an $18,000 bonus to the director of CFPUA for a "job well done", which the public doesn't believe that he deserves this bonus. Why not let the public view the budget & decide what needs to be cut, especially some of the "pork".

First of all

First of all, City Council did not give an $18,000 bonus to the CFPUA director. CFPUA is totally separate from the City and has it's own board, who voted for the increase. Second, there are some people working for the City who are barely making minimum wage. If you're going to cut anyone's salary, it should be the "higher ups" who consistently receive much higher increases than most City employees. Third, you obviously don't understand enough about City finances to decide anything for the rest of its citizens. The thought of giving you a voice in that decision is scary.

City budget

You can see the entire city budget on their website, or just go downtown & ask for a copy. That's public information, just like the video of Officer Matthews' accident. Seems that more people would rather see that than look at the budget. Plus, the council has public meetings when they discuss the budget, and then there is a public hearing on it before they actually vote on it. There's your chance.

what bonuses?

I don't believe city employees receive bonuses and they most likely won't be receiving raises for the next two to three years, either. You'll have to ask CFPUA about why their GM got a bonus - I hadn't heard about that! Hey, if I can continue to get "free water," he's got my vote! (ha ha ha -- still waiting on a bill...)

Get it

You'll get it, but probably not where you want it.