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Wilmington cyclists take part in Ride of Silence

READ MORE: Wilmington cyclists take part in Ride of Silence
All around the world, cyclists took time out Wednesday night to honor those who have been injured or killed while biking on public roadways. In New Hanover County alone two cyclists died in 2008 while pedaling on the pavement. Cape Fear Cyclists Vice President Ann Mangiacapre said, "Equipment companies have definitely come out with better products for the rider to be safer, more reflective clothing, things like that, but unfortunately we have had many accidents most of which go unreported and deaths." The Ride of Silence is also about raising public awareness about sharing the road; that is all these cyclists are asking. And, when you think about it, they are not only cyclists; most of them drive cars too. Wednesday night's ride was just that, a ride, not a race. It covered some of Wilmington's major roads. And whether you realize it or not, there are signs of road sharing all over the place. In fact, it's the law.

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I dont have a problem

I dont have a problem sharing the road with cyclists and I know most of them are car drivers, so wouldnt you think they, while on a bicycle would understand how scarey it is when they swerve into the road because of a bumpor something. They need to remember that they are on main roads and that they need to avoid doing things on a bike that would annoy them if they were the car driver.

Silent Bike riding

I love riding my bike but Wilmington roads are way too dangerous for me to attempt. I want to ride my bike to work, only 5mls. I live off Market (take life in own hands) & travel on Military Cutoff (bike path) to work. Wilmington is just not bike friendly with exception of a few areas. I ride in my neighborhood. When I visited my dad in Venus, FL they had bike paths on practically every road around even over the bridges & I felt perfectly safe riding my bike everywhere.

I understand, but

I understand your frustration. Please keep in mind: 1) We live in an oceanside community. We attract visitors. Even though tourism is not really year-round here, we do have a considerable amount of time where our streets fill with natives AND tourists. This brings me to my second point.... 2) Our city, county, and beaches ALL saw tremendous growth in the final three decades of the last century. Our road system was already in place when folks started coming down here, and it was NOT prepared for the kind of growth we've witnessed. This brings me to my final point.... 3) New Hanover County is the second smallest county in North Carolina, geographically speaking. There are not a lot options for us to improve our system of roads.