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Wilmington daycare closes without warning

WILMINGTON -- A Wilmington daycare closed its doors Monday with next to no warning, according to parents. The Kid Cam daycare allowed parents to keep an eye on their little ones, by visiting the Kid Cam web site. But Monday the cameras are down and doors are locked. Parents are furious over Kid Cam's abrupt closing. Parents say they received little or no notification. One mother says the web-cams weren't working for the past couple of days, and on Friday, she was told to take all her son's belongings home. When she showed up to drop off her child this morning, she found a hand written note on the front door, telling parents the daycare was closing for financial reasons. She said she paid more than $600 for their service a month in advance and has no clue how to get her money back. The mother I spoke to wanted to remain anonymous because she is considering taking the daycare to court for her losses. NewsChannel 3 called the facility Monday. The person who answered confirmed the facility had gone out of business. When asked if parents had been notified, she told us that was between the daycare and the parents.

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If they have filed for bankruptcy.... law it may be too late to simply settle up with the employees and parents. There are likely other valid debts and claims against the business, and that's what the whole purpose of the bankruptcy is - for the trustee to decide who gets what from the remaining assets. In other words, at this particular time, a parent who just paid in advance or an employee seeking back-pay has to stand in line with the ISP that was putting the cameras on the web, the building owner, the cleaning service....basically any other entity who is owed money. The good news is that the parents who paid in advance will likely have head-of-the-line rights. One very important caveat: If these people owe you money, you need to be taking action right now, such as finding out IF they have already filed for Chapter 7, are they planning a re-organization under Chapter 11, when is this going to the first hearing, etc. That information is supposed to be publicly advertised, but is not always easy to locate. So if they owe you a LOT of money, you need to get an attorney. It might be cheaper in the long run if all employees owed back wages hire one attorney. Parents should also consider civil suit against the owners if there is even a hint that they continued to collect pre-payments right up until the time they shut the doors, with knowledge that they were about to go under. I guess what I'm saying is that the majority of bankruptcy fraud takes place in small businesses, so keep your eyes and ears open, talk among yourselves, and don't hesitate to get hold of a lawyer if you feel it is needed and makes financial sense.

Why hasn't the state stepped in ?

I do not have a child at Kidcam, but I did have a cousin's son that did attend. As for myself I live out of town and was able to log on and see him in the daily sitting,play etc and grow each day. It was a joy to be able to see him daily. Over the past year or so I would notice things that didn't seem right and would call my cousin and ask what was going on....Even a couple of times I would call the day care and express my concerns of the care that was given and of some of the things in the class room of younger children, once I placed my concern the camera would be moved so you didn't see that area any longer. Babies picked up by one arm, crawlers standing at the door looking out for over 30 minutes with no adult ever walking over to it, once a baby had crawed under a crib and stayed there for over an hour,yes after about 20 minutes someone did check on the child , but the child had fllen asleep so they just covered it up. In the 2 year old class I think it was that the TV was on top of a stack of plastic bins and children were climbing and pulling up on it, the TV was moving as if about to fall I called the day care of course the camera was moved , but I have been assured that the TV was tied to the wall. They seem to be a big turn over of workers which in my book opens ones eyes to problems, the track record or things going down hill is the biggest eye opener, why wasn't the state called in to do a check and ballance. I know that the parents are at a hard spot of placing they children ast ay given time, and the care givers not being paid is hard when that is your roof over your head, it saddens me that it has happen to each of them, and the fact that I now can't look in on my cousin child to watch him grown into the great little person he is. My best to all in placing your child, it would be great if someone could reopen the day care..............

Sheri, I guess the state

Sheri, I guess the state didn't step in because no one let them know what what was going on. Seems to me if you had concerns, you would have done so.


Dishonesty, For most of you that don't know, don't think that the timing of this closing wasn't planned. First of all, the school recieves a check from the Dept. of Social Services for all of the kids that qualify on the 15th of every month (probably between $15,000 - $20,000)...does that sound like a familiar date to should, because it was the last day that Kid Cam was open. Michelle stayed open just long enough to get that money. I wonder what she is doing with it? She isn't paying her employees and parents what she owes them. Then throw in the fact that paydays for Kid Cam employees (probably between $10,000 - $12,000 for one payday) are the 3rd and 17th of every month...does the date of the 17th sound familiar to should, because the 17th was this past Sunday, which means Monday was payday (the day Kid Cam closed, and employees were told not to come to work). Why did she not want them to come to work...probably because she didn't wan't to pay them. Don't you think a descent, honest person would have used the DSS check to pay their employees (and parents) the money that they were owed. There was more than enough to cover the employee checks. After all, these are the same employees who were loyal enough to stick around after their checks bounced 2 weeks ago. Wasn't Michelle the one who wrote a letter to her employees about a year ago asking them to be "team players" when she could not pay them for about a month. Doesn't sound like she is being much of a "team player". Funny how she can buy a brand new SUV in the last few months, but leave so many people wondering what happened to their money. Think about it...if the timing of this wasn't planned out then don't you think that she would have given everyone notice of this closing? She didn't just decide to close on Sunday night. This was planned and calculated. Karma is a strange thing, and I think Michelle is about to get a large dose of it!

this staement is very

this staement is very untrue. Kid cam employees are paid on every wednesday. And the brands new suv happens to be in one of the former employees names.. The Staff has been off the the 3rd and 17th pay period almost a year now. So for thoses who think you know what you're talking about you don't.

Amen!!! I Completely agree

Amen!!! I Completely agree with everything you have just said!!!! And I have no idea why this woman woulnd't just settle her debts with everyone she owes (Employees and Parents) and just move on with her losses. She is never going to be able to live a peaceful life in Wilmington if she doesn't. People don't like liars and theives....

Liars and thieves

I don't know the city council seems to get along pretty well.

Good luck, maybe you should have seen it coming!

According to Mrs. Willis'(Kornegay) vision, she wanted to provide a stable enviroment for her 18month old child. Her child now attends a high price catholic private school. Her visions are now blurred and focused on a divorce she drug many of her employees through court with. She received a settlement many months ago from the land owner to move her day care, but she obviously spent that money on other things. She is a woman scorned that use to be a Wil.police officer left that job to be a probation officer. Make sure you dot your I's and cross your T's because she knows her way around the legal system.

If i can recall correctly it

If i can recall correctly it was Mr. willis who is called everyone of her employees into court to speack against Ms. willis, While in fact we were still employed with for Kid Cam . It was Mr. Willis who created a craziness at Kid Cam when he was employed there.

I agree

I met the owner Michelle once at a get-together with some friends. After she left someone told me that she owned a daycare. I was in absolute & utter shock that this woman worked with children. She was extremely unpleasant, argumentative & condescending with the children that were at this get-together. Maybe it is best that she is out of business. I know that I would not want that woman anywhere near my children! I still can't believe that she has a child, let alone was running a daycare, my what is the world coming to???

Michell is the best parent i

Michell is the best parent i ever known.. Michelle put her everhything into that dayday. FuthermoreMs. Willis did not work directly one on one with the Kid she was the owner. From what i've witnessed she would never put any child into harms way, not evn her son. Sorry for her divorce but some people are not meant to be together, just thank god she has the custody of her son

joint custody

joint custody

Employees of KidCam

I just want to say that I personally loved the staff at this daycare, (that is EXCLUDING the desk lady and the director). The teachers were amazing, I loved you guys. I have found a new daycare and am very sad not to be seeing you guys anymore. My little girl loved you all.


If you don't get your money call the wage and labor board. (919) 733-7166 Check out the Department of Labor's Website at § 95-25.7 and § 95-25.22. Good luck and I hope you get your wages! What she has done to you in the past is unacceptable and maybe illegal.

What a great and wonderful

What a great and wonderful staff.... most of the staff has decided to let by gones be by gone..... Money comes and goes and these wonderful women has been blessed from all of this

You can't be serious

I seriously doubt any of the former employees are going to let this go. There isn't a chance in hell I would let a works worth a pay go and I don't see these ladies doing the same. By gones be by gones? PLEASE. Money does come and go....but when it doesn't come it sure isn't going anywhere. They need to be paid before their money can go anywhere. I also wonder what happened to the rest of the money from the parents that paid in advance? Is she planning on reimbursing them...or is that a by gone be by gone issue as well?

Yea right. This must be her

Yea right. This must be her mom or other family member making this statement trying to get everybody to back off her daughter. For that matter, it's probably Michelle. Fat chance...she owes me for the time I worked, therefor I'm gonna get my $$$

kidcam closing

I used to work at kidcam a little over a year ago. i just wanted to say that kidcam used to be a great place. I can definitly understand everyone's anger at Michelle. It broke my heart when i left last year. I loved each and every child and it was dificult to leave. I just want everyone to know that there was a time when kidcam was the perfect place for children, but in the last 1 1/2 years things went down hill. I wish all employees and parents well. If anyone who remembers me reads this, feel free to contact me at I'm Ms. Ria and I used to work in the 2yr old room.

Good Riddance!

We used Kidcam for our first son. We took him out after we watched him being neglected all day long. They basically put him in a swing and stuck him in front of a TV for 8 hours a day. It did not seem to matter that I expressly asked them not to place my 3 month old in front of a TV or leave him in a swing for that matter. They would just turn his swing away from the camera so I couldn't see his face. Needless to say we moved our child as soon as possible to a much better daycare. One that did not have a TV or a Swing in sight and where they actually pay attention and hold your children! All I can say is good riddance!

new daycare

Hi, If you don't mind me asking, where did you find good care. We are still looking for a replacement for our 3mo old.

Childcare Network New center

Childcare Network New center drive

Reimbursement and other concerns

I am a parent of a Kid Cam kid. I must say that although certain things annoyed me (like not being told that my son's teacher had left in an appropriate manner) I always felt like he was well taken care of and he loved to go to "school" everyday. I was concerned that I did not see the owner around school as much as I'd like to have or had as much communication from her but she did personally take care of my son and take him to the hospital when he fell at the center. I am saddened that the situation was handled as it was and we were given no warning of the closing. I do want my money back for the part of February's care I already paid for. My husand and I are willing to get together with other parents. We are putting our son in SPEC in Leland and they have been more than helpful in making a place for him and waiving some of our fees. Even with that, it is still an expensive and time consuming burden to find a new day care.

SPEC is a fantastic Child

SPEC is a fantastic Child Care facility. I recommend it to all of those that have been burned by this. This would never happen at SPEC.

SPEC=No education

SPEC may be a "wonderful child care facility" but they have no curriculum and the children are allowed to run rampid all day. There is no structure to their classrooms and they are usually very high volumn classes. I personally would not consider a childcare facility that did not have some sort of curriculum based day for the children. I don't want my child going into preschool and kindergarden behind.

Well I would love to get

Well I would love to get together also! Here is my email

Ride is Over!

I know how this owner operate's she live's high on the hog, as it look's with other people's money? She probabley got her state funded check for kid care last week, like the company ussally doe's at the middle of the month. It's not supprising to see these comment's about the owner.


PLEASE ALL EMPLOYEES READ THIS!!! We are gathering tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6pm (normal pay time) at Kid Cam. There will be a news crew there. Hopefully some attention can force action of some sort, or we can start talk of a group law suit. If any parents would like to be involved, I am sure you would be welcome as well. I am (was) an employee of Kid Cam, and I was just as surprised as parents when I got a call Sunday evening and was told not to come to work Monday morning. We were paid weekly with a three week delay. Many of the checks from two weeks ago bounced, including mine, and last week we were paid in cash. All employees are still owed at least three weeks of pay, plus compensation for the bounced checks of two weeks ago for many of us (and the fee for checks bouncing). Many parents paid for the whole month of February and have yet to be reimbursed. Thank you SPEC for taking in so many kids and employees! Familiar faces of children, parents, and staff are helping us through the difficult transition.

I see that you guys are

I see that you guys are meeting today, I have school at 6 how long do you think you will be there??? I am a parent who wants my money back and would love to meet up! I just don't know if I can make it...

Kid Cam Closed

This daycare has had alot of problems over the past year or so and I am not surprised by the abrupt closing. The owner/administration was very difficult to work with. I actually took my daughter out of the program in Novemember due to a lack of organization and structure. My child wasn't learning anything at this center. All I ever heard from parents was trouble. I am very pleased this place shut down. We need more professional early childhood educators for our children.

Not surprising

This is not a surprise, she lives with the guy that crashed his boat into the bridge at figure eight island. NOT Stable