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Wilmington doctor surrenders his medical license

A Wilmington doctor has surrendered his medical license. 56-year old Robert Perry has practiced medicine for 15 years and most recently ran the Pee Dee Clinic on Market Street in the Ogden area. On the state medical board's website, Perry's surrender is listed under "Immediate Disciplinary Notices”. WWAY spoke with him on the phone Wednesday night and he said he has had medical problems and has no desire to practice anymore. Perry said his license surrender has nothing to do with a disciplinary action. Perry's patients should call his office to get referred somewhere else.

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We Love You Dr. Perry and You are in our Prayers

Dr. Perry has been treating me and my twins for almost two years. He is the most caring and compassionate doctor that this town has ever had. One of my twins has a VP Shunt and Cerebral Palsey and out of all the doctors that he has seen in his short 5 years, Dr. Perry is the only doctor he looks forward to seeing. When I told him that Dr. Perry was sick and would be out for awhile he actually cried and wanted to go visit him. I feel personally insulted at comments made by those of you who did not know him and are basing your comments on the media. Jacob and Jackson send their love to you Dr. Perry. Please hang in there and we will be waiting for your return. If there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to call. You have certainly been there for us and we would love to return the favor. You are in our prayers.

Maybe we can help!

To everyone concerned about Dr. Perry's situation. Please send your emails and letters to the: North Carolina Medical Board R. David Henderson, J.D., Executive Director P.O. Box 20007 Raleigh, NC 27619 (919) 326-1100 / Fax:(919) 326-1130 It occurred to me today that we, Dr. Perry's longtime patients or parents of children who are patients can make possibly make a difference. There are so many of us who have loved the care and quality of care he has given through the PeeDee Clinic, during hurricanes, in the middle of the night, in the early morning and during regular office hours -- that we should let our voices be heard not just on this board but by the North Carolina Medical Board. We have the potential to make a difference if we let the Medical Board know how much we all deeply care about him and his practice. We have known him (many of us) for years. I think I read (maybe) three posts from people who left the practice because they were discouraged by having to wait while Dr. Perry helped other patients. Other than those posts, the overwhelming mindset is that Dr. Perry is not just a good Doctor but the best Doctor that most of us have ever encountered. We have watched him help our (sometimes incredibly) sick children get better, sometimes starting with getting a little smile from their tiny mouths. It is so rare to find a Dr. who is so thorough and so caring. When we were in his rooms, we got his undivided attention. I could go on and on and I will, to the North Carolina Medical Board. I hope you will join me. He and his practice will be sorely missed if his license is not returned and this matter cleared up. The Medical Board doesn't know him, but we do. We can make a difference by letting them know how we feel about him and his practice! It is a shame to see this happen to him. So -- for those of you who are so inclined, please join me in sending (lots) of letters to the board about how you feel about Dr. Perry, professionally and, if you know him personally and know how much integrity he has both personally and professionally, that too. Again -- to write or email North Carolina Medical Board R. David Henderson, J.D., Executive Director P.O. Box 20007 Raleigh, NC 27619 (919) 326-1100 / Fax:(919) 326-1130

disgusted by Dr. Perry

This is not a TV show---this is real, and your "wonderful-great" doctor is everything that you wouldn't trust your daughter with on the streets. Just because he has something hanging on the wall, doesn't mean he is someone you should trust. His personal life and his professional life became intermixed, and that is why he is in such a mess. I feel sorry for you people that are so blind and trusted your daughters to this man! Did you check for cameras when you/they were on the examining table? Did he offer you water, or something to drink? Did he say you and/or your daughter could be a model? I will be looking forward to reading your comments when the rest of the truth comes out about your 'wonderful' man.

Why would you say things

Why would you say things like this and how would you know these things? Did you work for him and find cameras? Did he offer you something to drink? Did he say you could model?

To 'disgusted by Dr. Perry'

And you would be....? Please! Camera? Did he offer water? What are you talking about? I would definitely trust my daughter with him - did trust her with him and would trust her with him again. I believe it is his practice for the mother to be present when their child is being examined unless our experience was an anomaly. I am just curious who you are (in a general way). Are you an ex patient or his ex wife? I can't imagine why you are so bitter because I've never known anyone of his patients who feels the way that you feel. But I assume if you were a patient of Dr. Perry's and he offended you in some way, you went to another Dr. -- which is absolutely your right. Many of us would like to have the choice of keeping him as our Doctor.

i understand

I understand why 'guest wake up people' is saying what she/he is saying---personal experience! If more people would speak up against this doctor, then the truth would come out! Let's hear from more of you that just don't like this man's practice of selling 'modeling' to his patients. You know who you are..............come forward. (this is not fantasy= this is reality) oh , and by the way illegally prescribing medicine is punishable, and Dr. Perry did that. Let's see what you all have to say after the grand jury is finished with him.

Maybe YOU are the one to

Maybe YOU are the one to wait until the whole truth comes out.How can you make all those stupid comments not even knowing the man. I have been a patient of Dr. Perry for several years now and he is the best doctor I have ever had and I trusted him completely. And - your comments about cameras when on the examining table really shows your stupidity. Maybe you should live in another coun try without all the liability laws we have here and grow up. I wish Dr. Perry only the best and hope he will be back very soon.

get real

Maybe don't know that I don't know this man--maybe I know him intiminately. I will not move out of the country, and I am grown up! Laws are in place to protect the innocent, and that is what they are doing; protecting people from an unethical, law breaking doctor.

Dr. Perry good man

Obviously you have some issues with some delusions that you or a child of yours was being spied on or drugged by a man that sees thousands of patients every year. The phone rings and he answers it. Prescribing cough medicine over the phone is a crime?? Dr. Perry is a good man. Stop listening to the little green men under your bed and/or the radio in your fingernail car which by the way tinfoil will help guard you against.

Dr. Perry

My husband was working in Wilmington. We had a 2 year old toddler. No one -- not ONE pediatrician in Wilmington was 'taking new patients' -- even though we were only going to be there temporarily, I couldn't get our daughter in to see any Pediatrician in the WIlmington area. On top of that, the receptionists, office managers etc. were simply rude when I inquired if they could refer me to another Pediatrician. Then I found the PeeDee clinic. What an incredible stroke of luck for us. I ended up being so thankful that the other Pediatricians in the area were all too busy as I don't think I have ever met a more caring, thorough Doctor. My daughter has Autism Spectrum Disorder, and he was able to keep her focused while he examined her. It has been many years since we met Dr. Perry and have been his patients and I have nothing but positive things to say about him. Whatever kind of car he drives has nothing to do with how he cared for his patients. He is kind, attentive -- LOVES the kids and they love him. He was always there for his patients and during times when everyone was getting whatever bug was going around, he was open -- he was there -- and sometimes you had to wait -- but HE WAS THERE! He didn't leave the clinic until everyone who needed to be seen, was seen. He was also there early the next day. He was always open during hurricanes -- and chose not to evacuate in case his services were needed -- and they always were. He is a wonderful Doctor and I am sorry that someone has decided to ruin his life. It doesn't surprise me that he doesn't want to practice after this. His whole life was about helping people -- and now this. Our thoughts are with you, Dr. Perry -- and whether you choose to practice again after all of this is cleared up -- we will be so happy to have you back because you are truly one of the rare ones who really cared.

My thoughts and prayers are

My thoughts and prayers are with you Dr Perry. I worked for Dr Perry for about 7/8 years. I learned some much during those years. He is one of the few doctors out there that really put the children first. At one point we were giving out toothbrushes and toothpaste to all of them. He helped alot of people stop smoking. He was one of the only doctors in the few lying counties that performed abuse exam. He helped alot of kids threw some very abusive times. I was there when he stayed open during the hurricanes. For the person that said he over booked, well his clinic is an walkin as well as appointments. Bottom line, he has helped alot of people. I was there. My family are all his patients and will continue. Whats that old saying, judge and be judged.

Dr. Perry is a great doctor and will be missed

I could not figure out what was wrong with my son a couple of years ago. All doctors in this town could figure out what was wrong with hom. Well I called Dr. Perry and he met me at his office and diagnosed my son and had him well within 2 days. Not to mention he saved my life. I was weighing a dangerous 340 pounds and he convinced me that I would be at risk of dying or having a heart attack by the time I hit 40 year old. I was going to have to explain to my 3 children why I was sick. Well, He talked me into getting a gastric bypass 2 years ago and it saved my life I am now healthy and weighing 175. Thanks to Dr. Perry, I will live longer and healthier. Furthermore I think that this state is going to be missing one of the finest doctors they have and will regret the decisions they are making. His personal life is his business and he is human and made an error in judgment. And if he did do something crooked, (which I highly doubt). He is just one that got caught. Dr. Perry was highly against "junkies" and would not prescribe narcotics to people. He even stated that in signs that he does not treat chronic pain. Those with the negative comments would know that if they actually went into his office. He is one of the only doctors that would actually take caring time with my children and me. Even if you had to wait a while, it is because he CARED.

DR Perry ROCKS!!!!

You will not find a better dr in Wilmington in my book. My husband, myself and my 4 kids went to him. And I cannot think of 1 time he did anything unprofessional! He is a great dr, great person, loves each and everyone of his patients! He always, always kept my children well. He took time w/ his patients- which meant a longer wait to see him, but it was by far worth the time!!! He didnt treat his patients like cattle- moving them in and out like most "clinics" here in wilmington! What dr gives you his cell number? He would answer no matter what day or night! He would come in to the office to see you on weekends if needed! I wholeheartedly trust him! My children loved him- so going to the dr was always an easy thing! He is human like us all having personal issue- bad or good! Who is to say that the man even knew about what the girlfriend did- Its all alleged! Always 2 sides to every story! Come on people, just b/c he CHOSE not to participate at the hospital doesnt mean he is a bad dr- I wouldnt want to be a part of that circus either. He has always been honest about him not wanting to be- and he has collegues that could see you that are a part of it- so who cares! I will continue to respect the man- even if he did make a mistake- He is one AWESOME DOCTOR! If he comes back and practices- me and my family will be there waiting on him! We are pulling for you Dr Perry!

"Perry" Real Life House

You guys make this man sound like Doctor House. Brillant with attitude. COOL!!!!

Dr. Perry is our own Dr. House

Dr. Perry and the image of Dr.House in the weekly drama are very similar. I even told him one time, Wilmington has it's own HOUSE. They are alike in they are so smart, and they never stop until they discover what your problem is. They are alike in that they are rebles of sort, they are not part of the good old boys system, they stand on there own , and by what they think is right. They may seem to have a hard exterior, but inside they have a heart of gold. The patient comes first, and you either love em or hate em, mostly other doctors hate em, cause all their patients run by the busloads to behold the wonder of a real doctor. You know, one that actually has more than 60 seconds to spend on you. Kids love him, mothers adore him, and dads respect him. His personal life is what it is, noboby's business. So, he got up with some crazy chick who ripped him off, that has nothing to do with the way he practices medicine. So, yes house is in Wilmington, only he is our own well loved, well respected, brillant beyond words DR. PERRY. God help us if he doesn't come back, there will never be another one to replace him. God's speed Doc.

Dr. Perry-wonderful man and MD

Dr.Perry is one of the finest doctors i have come across in many years. He has taken excellent care of my entire household, as well as visiting relatives from out of town and even treated a dear friend of mine that had no insurance,not to mention she was battling a heroin addiction, hepatits C and was so sick with an extremely high fever and the flu and he didn't judge her or refuse her treatment, as did several immediate care facilities, nor did she wait an eternity to be seen by him as she would have an any local ED. Every time i went to his office he always asked about my children, family and this special girl...My sister is a very prominent trauma eye surgeon in the state of California and she found him to be a very thorough, careful and attentive man as well as an excellent, talented physician-i used to take my children to an actual "pediatric" office when they were younger, only to wait 4-5 hours at each visit, see the doctor or pa for 2 mins and leave with a diagnosis of a "probable"viral infection and if they weren't better in 5 days, please return.-only to be told then that were in need of medication and then to hear the nurses and doctors in the hall hurrying each other up because the drs were paid by the patient(even in a group practice) and they didn't have time to spare. Dr. Perry spent quality time with me and or my children each and every time we were in his office and many times call our home in the evenings to check on which one of us that he had seen earlier that day...He always made sure we had his cell phone number before we left the office and said he was there for us whenever we needed many times have we had to deal with an unknown doctor taking call for our primary doctor in any other practice that doesn't have a clue who we were or how we needed to be treated....How many other doctors in this town have published as many articles in prestigous medical journals and has been before Congress and the FDA to fight for concerns overs medicines that caused such concern that they are no longer on the market due to the dangers they posed....Anyone that didn't know Dr. Perry or have the privilege of being his patient has sure been unfortunate and i personally wish him a restful, speedy recovery and a quick resolution to the pending legal issues....

Dr. Perry is a wonderful doctor

I took my two girls to Dr. Perry after having one horrible experience at Cape Fear Pediatrics after another. These doctors did have hospital privledges and this did not help them provide anything but substandard care for my children. Dr. Perry was a saving grace after the hell that my family had experienced with these other phycisians. He is a wonderful doctor, who cared about my children and got them well each and every time he seen them. There was no running back and forth and misdiagnoseing them with the worst disease or illness he could pull out of the air. He was spot on each time and my children were healthier and happier because of him and his ability as a doctor. As far as my family is concerned he was a miracle to us. He is in our prayers and our loyalty remains with him. We love you Dr.Perry!

You only knew one side of

You only knew one side of this man...there is another side that you truly did not want to know. For every pt that says he helped them there is at least 2 others who have had more than negative experiences. He has a side that might be caring one minute and the next he is a narcissistic egomaniac womanizer. More is forthcoming on this case that will show you that this action was warranted and long overdue.

Dr. Perry

I have known Bob Perry for over 13 years. He was there on a Saturday when my daughter dislocated her elbow, helped my husband quit smoking, then held my hand when my husband died of cancer. He sat for hours with my daughters when they needed him and when I was turned away from another practice when my baby was sick and it was well-baby times..."why not try Medac" I was told by that doctor's office. Bob is patient, caring, and if you waited for an hour to see him, it was because you sat with him for an hour if you needed him. We wish him the best and hope we can find him to tell him how much we love him.

Wonderful doctor.

Wonderful doctor. Absolutely wonderful doctor. I wish the best to him.

Dr. Perry victim of attack

So this Doctor has a girlfriend or something stealing drug pads and writing herself prescriptions for narcotics and is she arrested? Anyone know? And this self admitted drug addict and thief accuses the doctor of giving her father cough syrup over the phone and that ruins a man's career? That's a $10,000 lawyer fee and the problem goes away. No big deal. Turning down a practice it seems has more to do about the man's health than his doing a person a favor. Tell me there arent doctors out there doing 50 times worse. I went to a doctor for a sinus headache and he gave me a CAT Scan. Good thing I had insurance huh? The CAT Scan was $1,200. For a headache. What sort of kick back do doctors get on referals? Take a nap doctor Perry, these ADD moms can live to find someone to medicate their son on their own.

RE-Hospital Rights

I agree that it is a Doctors choice.

ya know, its amazing...when

ya know, its amazing...when i was growing up, i didnt know anyone who needed ADHD medication...i think its an excuse that parents use so they dont have to properly discipline their child. If i didnt get something done, it was my fault and i got punished for it. Today, i thank my parents who took the time and responsibility to discipline me and teach me the importance of getting things done when expected... and yes, for those parents that give that medication to their children, i do have children myself...4, in fact, and all are doing just fine without being medicated

What's amazing to me is the

What's amazing to me is the rampant ignorance of those who develop their opinions from main stream media and news sound bites. We have a son who was clinically diagnosed with ADHD at 7 years old. Initially, I was not sure I bought into the whole "ADHD thing". We tried natural options, behavior modification, etc. The fact is that our son performs better in school when he is on medication. We do not excuse his every action or "shortcomings" because he has ADHD. He is held responsible for his actions as ANY child should be. How many people look back on their youth and wonder if they might too have had ADHD however were treated as "bad" kids that "with some discipline turned out just "fine"? How many people are also now left dealing with the scars from such labels. For me personally, after adopting our child and learning about and dealing with his ADHD I reflected on my youth and realized that I recognized many of the symptoms in myself at that age. Yes, I feel I've overcome the issues and am successful. (We all want to think that right?) Ultimately as parents we do what we feel is in the best interest of our child. We all hope that they grow up to be responsible, loving adults ready to deal with the world. Not providing medication to your child because you don't "believe" it's a true illness is like not taking your cholesterol medicine and dropping dead from a heart attack. It's equally irresponsible.


I remember what it was called before... not paying attention and bad behavior. Cause; lack of parenting and discipline at an early age. Spare the rod and spoil the child. Lots of spoiled children and "adults" these days. You're only mad reading this because you already know it's true. Now stop doing (ADD/ADHD) drugs and discipline your children.

Nice to know

Nice to know there are still IGNORANT people in the world!!! I have two clinically diagnosed children with ADD/ADHD and one child who is NOT either. One has ADD and the other ADHD. We waited a YEAR for each before placing them on medication. I thank the Lord everyday for the wisdom of my pediatrician when we were going through the initial process. I discipline my children. I am a very strict parent in comparison to some I see around town. There is removal of privileges, restriction and sometimes spanking. Yes, I said SPANKING! It is a rare occasion but sometimes it is necessary. ADD/ADHD is a disorder not an excuse. They are not allowed to make excuses for bad behavior! When you walk a mile or two in my shoes, then you can judge me!

good for you

I am glad that your kids are just fine. I thank God that I am taking more time and more responsibility for my children who both have ADHD. I am NOT a slack off parent. I (and other parents that have children with ADHD) spend even more time to disipline and teach our children right from wrong and what is expected of them. Their brains don't function the same way that normal kids do and therefore it takes more parenting skills to raise these children to be everything they are truly capable of being.

Well that's lovely that you

Well that's lovely that you have 4 "perfect" children. I, nor anyone in my family to date has add/adhd but I can attest that this is a serious disorder. I have a friend who has 3 children afflicted and God bless her that she has not been sent to the asylum herself. One of her children is in such bad shape she had to send him away for the proper help he needs to live a functional life. He will never have the opportunities that we have. And my friend will never be the same because she is living every mothers worst nightmare. She would never send her child away willingly trust that. I love how everyone has an opinion but they don't have a phd to go with it.

Dr. Perry

I would just like to say that I have never known a better Dr.or person. Dr. Perry really cared about people. How many doctor's in our area give out their cell phone numbers. and answers it all hours of the night. I know that Dr. Perry had a heart attack a few months back and was told by his doctors to take 5 - 6 weeks off. Well, that didn't happen. It was only 1 week and he was back in the office. I just pray that he recovers from his illness. Now, as for the Immediate Disiplinary Notice everything is under that heading. go to the link given by this story and you will see for yourself. They list recent practice surrenders, under that heading. Now for the fun part finding another GREAT family doctor. This is something I never worried about for the past 14 years.

Dr. Perry

I was first referred to Dr. Perry by my brother, his kids loved him dearly and since I was expecting my first child that recommendation meant a lot to me. Dr. Perry has taken care of my two children, me, my husband, my mother, and other friends I have referred to him. He has been there for me on weekends in the middle of the night and for some pretty stupid things. I knew that he had been sick and that there was a chance that he would be going on an extended medical leave soon for his heart problems. My whole family is very concerned about him and his health and I pray that everything will come out good for him. To have had him as a doctor for this long I can hardly imagine finding someone else that I will feel so trusting ofand that I know truly cares.