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Wilmington Fire Department looks at a new pier

The Wilmington Fire Department could soon begin work on a new pier in the Intracoastal Waterway, but it just needs to find a home. The $60,000, 200-foot pier would mean a new home for the department’s fire boat. It will be located near the Wrightsville Beach Public Works Department. Fire officials said the pier would cut response times to fires on and along the Intracoastal Waterway. City officials said the pier would not cost taxpayers any additional money because it's coming from the fire department's capital budget. Chief Jordan said it is a win for everyone involved. “Because we will have a boat in that area since we have areas along the waterway that belong to the city. It will be a win for Wrightsville Beach because they don't have any fireboat water capabilities at the present time,” he said. Fire operators for the boat would be based at the Landfall Fire Station. The Wrightsville Beach Town Council still has to approve the project. They will vote on the proposal next week.

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If Wrightsville Beach needs a fireboat they should tax their citizens and buy one.

Not Needed

A few articles up from this is discussing city cut backs because of low funds. And here we are busting $60,000 (which will end up being about double after all the "problems" with building) on something that is entirely not needed?! House a boat at the Fire Department on Wrightsville beach (I'm sure they'll work with us close Wilmington neighbors) and reserve a spot at the Wildlife Ramp for emergency vehicle parking (ok now I'm making the boaters mad I know.. The parking is limited there) for when random and totally infrequent time of FIRE emergencies comes up. I realize that there are emergencies all the time on the water. But as stated by a previous comment we have plenty of water patrol right now able to deal with these cases. I just think that by the time that all this money is wasted on something like this we could have saved about 3 jobs for the county.

Can't save county jobs

because this is a city project. The city has been planning for the poor economy since the property tax fiasco last year, and they carried a slimmed-down budget through to this fiscal year. Maybe I'm just imagining things & the shoe just hasn't dropped yet for our city government, but it seems like they were more prepared for our current economic situation. And this isn't for a new boat - it's just a place to keep one of their two existing boats so that it can better protect city property on the waterway. The firefighters that will operate that boat will come from the city's fire station on Military Cutoff.

Question, rather than a comment, for now...

Is this for a new fire boat? Or is it for the existing fire boat that is supposed to protect the downtown waterfront and the State Port?

I do believe

I do believe that it is for the existing boat. The goal is to reduce response time. There's much more civilian boat traffic on the east side of our county than there is on the west. As it stands now, if there is traffic on the west side of the county that requires a fire boat, WFD is in good shape. But if there's traffic on the east side of the county, that same WFD boat has to travel all the way down the river and then back up the east side of the county. If Carolina Beach or county fire units in the southern end of the county are not busy, they can offer mutual aid until WFD can get to the east side, but during the high-traffic summer months, those mutual aid units general have quite a bit of their own traffic to deal with. Because there is more traffic on the east side of the county, I think this plan has some merit. I do hope that when the economy becomes less volatile, WFD will look into getting another boat for the west side of the county, but until such time, better use of resources seems sound to me.


Lets take the bonuses from AIG uppity ups and build new stuff for everyone !!! joking. N/M

Will this be an additional harrasment entity?

Already we have the Coast Guard, Sheriffs Department, Wilmington Police, NC Wildlife and the NC Fisheries patrolling and stopping every boater they can get their hands on that passes through from the ICWW/Banks Channel area north to Figure Eight. It's nothing less than pure harrassment at times. Now, will the "Firefighters" actually fight fires (which I rarely hear of) or will they be burning up the taxpayers fuel and boat maintenance money performing, the so-called "safety checks" too? I really believe that all of these entities have a place here on the water, but the obvious harrassment is way out of hand and makes boaters want to avoid the area completely!

Not another one

Well, I see we have yet another fine and upstanding citizen who complains about being harassed by law enforcement officials. You people crack me up. I work with local law enforcement. I've done my job for a number of years now. I'm quite familiar with ALL traffic received by county, city, and beach agencies. Because of this, I can assure you that they do NOT stop "every boater they can get their hands on." I think what you REALLY need to be thinking about is why YOU are getting stopped as much as you say you are. Despite what you think of local law enforcement, it is a fact that they cannot stop someone without probable cause. To do so would open themselves and their agencies to litigation. What is it that you're doing that draws the constant attention you claim to receive from law enforcement officials? Ever hear the phrase about the squeaky wheel getting the grease? Law enforcement has no need to be in contact with you unless you're doing something that is illegal, criminal, could harm yourself, or could harm others. Grow up. I for one will take you up on your threat to avoid the area completely.

not needed

At a time of budget cuts and no money to keep the workers we have, and, we want to build a Fire Boat House… please just drag the hose around back… the old fashioned way. It works and we can keep a couple of extra teachers employed for the year, or the antidrug/gang programs going… lets all look at the big picture and do this the for the good of all our tax paying citizens.


How would not doing this keep teachers employed? The city doesn't employ teachers in New Hanover County -- the County does. This can only be a good thing. It's not costing the taxpayers any extra and it's providing additional protection for areas that need it.

get what they need

I think they should get what they need city or wrightsville beach or any fire, ems, police. People get on here and fuss about the money. but, when you need it you want it there. we can fine money for sand, and dog parks,

build they will come

Well let Wrightsville beach spend the money for this dock, but, not a build for the fire fighters to work and sleep.

Before I comment fully....

What exactly is your point? Please clarify, and please do so before I comment fully on what I suspect you are getting at. Are you saying you want Wrightsville Beach to pay for this instead of the Wilmington Fire Department? If so, you DO realize that more than just Wrightsville Beach residents own property that rests against the intracoastal waterway, correct? (Let me just point out that EVERYTHING WEST of Wrightsville Beach, including Landfall, Mayfaire, etc., lies within the CITY OF WILMINGTON limits.) And let me ask you to further want the money spent ONLY for a dock (something already noted CLEARLY in the article where it discusses the PIER to be built) and NOT for another fire station to house firefighters that are on duty for 24 HOURS AT A TIME, correct? God knows we would not want those on duty, especially in such demanding jobs as PUTTING OUT FIRES AND RESCUING PEOPLE, to get any rest while they work 24 HOURS AT A TIME.

Don't get your panties all in a wad!

I think you are not reading her comments correctly. She is not realizing that it is the Wilmington FD which is paying for this. It seems that she is upset the Wrightsville Beach FD is going with out. Wrightsville Beach should address this problem re: their fire department and should correct this situation!

Yes, I know that, Sunny1....

Yes, I know that. It's why I asked that writer to clarify before I said anything further. Unwad your own panties. :-D

Wow---get your facts straight!

First off......The reason this boat is going to Wrightsville Beach is because Wilmington has an obligation to provide fire protection to BOTH sides of the city. This includes all of the Wrightsville Beach area {due to annexation}. Second....This is an existing fireboat that the city owns...not a new boat. This is the older boat that was replaced by the boat that was recently purchased. Third.....if all you homeowners in this area enjoy keeping your property taxes will have NO issue with a boat going there. The Insurance Safety Office rates fire departments mainly upon the ability to provide fire protection in a timely manner {along with other factors} and grades them from 1 being the best to 10 being the worst. The City has a 2 rating and the MUST keep the criteria met to keep this rating and keep your insurance rates low.....which means adding fire protection to this area. Last....the City is incurring the expense {with grants} and has agreed to GIVE this newly constructed dock to Wrightsville beach free of charge after 15 years. This is not to issue citations, saftey checks, patrolls or whatever else crap you people come up with. It will not be manned. It will be there as a responding unit in case of a fire or rescue in which case you should be thankfull you have as many people coming to save you or your property as possible.

Get YOUR facts straight.

YOU are the one who needs to get it straight. The town of Wrightsville Beach and the city of Wilmington are TWO SEPARATE entities. Wrightsville Beach has its own fire department. The city of Wilmington is obligated to provide fire protection to Wrightsville Beach - but ONLY if Wrightsville Beach's fire department requests mutual aid. While that may be ONE reason the city wants a boat on the east side of the mainland, it is NOT the main reason. The main reason is what I posted earlier: To reduce response time. And just to clarify: You noted this was an existing boat. I had already said that. You also noted that homeowners should be thankful - I also noted that. I also noted that the city of Wilmington will be paying for this. So I'm curious...which of these three do you believe I did not get straight?