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Wilmington golfers react to Tiger's apology

READ MORE: Wilmington golfers react to Tiger's apology

Seemingly every TV network carried Tiger Woods's mea culpa today. It was the hot topic of conversation at golf courses around the country, including at Wilmington's Echo Farms.

This whole sordid tale cost tiger a lot of fans. based on the reaction of folks at Echo Farms, his apology didn't seem to help.

Before teeing off on the course, golfers gathered around the the TV in the clubhouse to watch Tiger's apology. They listened intently, but they weren't buying it.

"I find it hard to believe that a man can say his family is No. 1, while his wife's home taking care of the children, he's out fooling around from east coast to west coast," Charles Cahill said.

"Personally, if it happened to me, I couldn't forgive him," Lisa Bridges said. "But as a golfer, yeah I'll watch him again. But I won't respect him as much as I used to, I used to respect him quite a bit."

Trying to win back his fans, is going to be the biggest challenge Tiger's ever faced. Some of the golfers we talked with said the worst part of the whole scandal was Tiger letting down all the kids who looked up to him. Woods apologized for that, too.

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I see a big difference

I see a big difference between what Tiger Woods did and what Michael Vick did. Tiger just did what comes naturally to a young man, all with consenting partners. What Vick did was a disgusting thing to dogs who had not pleased him. He could have had them put down humanely, but chose to drown, electrocute and otherwise torture them to death. What Vick did was completely unforgivable and he should never be allowed to play football again.


The press needs to leave this OLD story alone, Who cares. He did it,it can't be undone. Let him and his family work through this without cameras in their faces.

I feel as if tiger does not

I feel as if tiger does not owe the world an apology. He didnt cheat on you. Everyone is looking down on him and they probably doing the same thing. They just didnt get caught yet. If i were him i would have got on tv to tell the world to kiss my a**.


As a golfer myself I watched Tiger's press conference. Did he make a mistake? Yes. Did he let down his family? Yes. Is this our business? No. The only people he needs to satisfy and gain trust again is his family. This scandel did not affect myself or you. Lets move on. And as with Michael Vick, this too shall pass...


What everyone fails to realize is this is very similar to the Natalie Maines/Dixie Chicks issue... She/they have the right to say whatever they want, but I have the right to buy or not buy their album. Sponsers have the right to book/not book them to play a venue based on perceived public image - possible poor ticket sales, etc.

Tiger has to answer to his wife, children, himself, his sponsers, and his God. His sponsers have to answer to the public and their shareholders. We can choose to buy their product, watch his matches, or buy the gossip rags.

Tiger can choose to take his multi millions and quit golf, escape the public eye, and live quite comfortably. It's my opinion that he cannot walk away from golf or the public eye, and therefore deserves whatever misery that comes with that job.

I am sick of ridiculously overpaid sports thugs/heels waving guns, abusing women, doing drugs, fighting dogs, drunk driving, etc, and going back to work. That doesn't work in the real world.


We forget that we are all human and we all make mistakes. Let the first perfect person out there throw the first stone. I have heard it said by the news media "Tiger is idealized by children”. This is a problem; to have false idles before our Lord and Savior? And what are the parents telling these children to counter the negative that TV reports are feeding them? This is the perfect time to explain to our children that if God can forgive Tiger, who are we not to forgive him? Tiger only owes his family an apology. He owes me nothing, because he has done nothing to me. I wish he had told the world this is a problem between him and his wife. But I understand why he made a public appology.
And to the rest of the world, you need to go back to watching Desperate Housewives. And for all the people watching this apology in their country clubs, with all their non forgiving talk; maybe they should go home and read their Bible's. Because in mine, only God can judge. If we all had God’s kind of love, the love that no matter what we did we could be forgiven if we are truly sorry, this would be a better world.
I hope Tiger knows that there are everyday people that still thinks of him as a good person, that can make mistakes; and a great golfer. Good luck Tiger. I hope God will bless you.

What has his chasing women

What has his chasing women got to do with his golf-playing, anyhow? Who cares? Leave the man alone and let him play (golf).