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Wilmington holds meeting to discuss Third Street enhancements

READ MORE: Wilmington holds meeting to discuss Third Street enhancements
Wilmington city planners want to know what you think about plans to improve a main road in downtown. The intent is to enhance the look and benefits to commuters and pedestrians. City officials say Third Street is one of Wilmington's main arteries. Soon parts of the street will be getting some sprucing up. In 2006, voter's approved a $14 million bond for roadway improvements throughout the city. Five million of that money will go toward Third Street improvements. Wilmington city spokesperson Malissa Talbert said, "It was the largest improvement apart of our transportation bond because Third Street is a major corridor. It's a gateway into our city and we want to reflect that with pedestrian safety improvements and some aesthetic improvements." Proposed improvements will start from Martin Luther King Parkway to Market Street. They will consist of installing new sidewalks, enhancing landscaping and upgrading street lighting which will benefit pedestrian safety. For many of the people who stick to the sidewalk, spending transportation funding to increase public safety will be money well spent. Resident MaryAnn Toler said, "My biggest concern I guess is the traffic, especially right around here. Cars don't stop or they turn right and a couple of times I've gotten clipped." That portion of Third Street is part of a state-designated scenic byway that runs through downtown Wilmington. If you have questions or concerns about the project, you still have time to make it over to city hall for the meeting. It ends at 7:00 p.m.

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"Wilmington holds meeting to

"Wilmington holds meeting to discuss Third Street enhancements" Maybe it should read: "Wilmington holds meeting to discuss All Street enhancements". Maybe then they would get some smiling faces for a change instead of a city progressively going down hill with its residents yelling and screaming with no one listening...which Wilmington's managers in charge are good for...not listening. That goes for the state managers too! It just doesn't have to be about a DOT funded projects...any project(s). Maybe the state should mail out coupons to the residents of Wilmington for free front end alignments, and 50% discounts on new tires for damaged tires due to driving here daily. And as for the roads in Raleigh being better then here, the Capital of the state must look good, and the rest go to..."Pot Holes".

N Third Requires Upgrades

North Third Street is the new entrance to our city via I-40 and MLK Parkway. You do not feed new major roadways onto old and neglected city streets. Well maybe you do in Wilmington. Are we saving tax money for more expensive studies of local government, or are we just saving up tax dollars to pay for the upcoming red ink of the Downtown Convention Center. I thought a primary use of tax dollars was roadways and infrastructure. Hey, Mayfaire finally got a proper road, so why not the renovated and innovative Northside Downtown.

3rd Street, etc.

Why is 3rd Street the focus of repair/renovation? How about taking a long look at ALL the roads in Wilmington? For sure, they are (95% of them) a disgrace! I'm curious to know why--with so much tax money being poured into the city and county of Wilmington--residents can't expect to travel on decent roads. If we compare Wilmington roads with those in Raleigh, we are well below how they should be. What does it take to improve the roads, for heaven's sake?

Third Street

Third Street is actually a state road, and the STATE (NCDOT) is responsible for maintaining the roadway! The city has an agreement with the state to maintain the rights-of-way for state roads (including mowing, etc.) but NOT to maintain the actual roadway. Also, this was a transportation bond project which was overwhelmingly passed by City residents in 2006 WITHOUT a tax increase. It was passed at the same time as the Parks & Greenspace bond.



Just what we need more wasted Money Downtown

Isn’t this just what we as tax payers need. More wasted money for Downtown. We have pot holes in the roads all over the city, where the city doesn’t take the time to repair the roads correctly. This money should be to improve the roads around town and to improve traffic flow. Using the money to enhance the looks is a waste.. But I guess the developer in town think they can increase the price of their Downtown properties (or PPD), by getting the City to do this and we all know the City will do what the developers want..

How about 3rd St. Paving???

I travel 3rd St. everyday, sometimes by car and sometimes by motorcycle. I learned early on to not even attempt to drink coffee from a travel mug going down 3rd St or you'll wearing it by the time you get to Martin Luther King Blvd. Chuck-hole, patch, chuck-hole, patch, patch, patch. The street paving is in horrible condition and no matter how "pretty" they make the surroundings, one will have to spend all their efforts to keep ther car on the road through the "whoop-de-doos" of roadway patchwork and chuck-holes. Now, I realize there is no money to do paving from the city of Wilmington and they would have to either cut school funding, elderly help programs, school lunches or child development programs to pay for it (no sarchasm here...). Meanwhile, the beautiful PPD building and the new Convention Center occupants can watch the mud-bog obstacle course of little ants going back and forth to work on 3rd St. If the city planners want visual improvement, start with a safe and effective roadway so that the "Scenic byway" is truly scenic and not an obstacle course.

Third Street roadway

FYI - Third Street is not a city street but a DOT road. The state is who you should be blaming in this case. And schools are under the jurisdiction of the county, not the city. The city has an agreement with the DOT to maintain easements of state roads, not the roadways themselves.


Whatever and is still the same no matter what pocket it comes from (taxpayers). Only trying to make a point that whenever funds are low they always pull at the heartstrings of children and the elderly neccessities. It doesn't matter that millions get spent on rediculous and wasteful projects.

Street Lights?

Just out of curiosity, I've always wondered why this town has no street lights. In fact, during a storm, you can barely see the road due to darkness and lack of lighting or reflectors on our main streets. The city didn't even bother to put lights or street reflectors on the upgrade to Eastwood or to the Mayfaire expansion! What's the deal? No wonder we win the statewide award for the most dangerous county for driving on an annual basis!