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Wilmington hosts tea party of their own

Protesters against high taxes and deficit spending by the government used Tax Day to get their message out in events across the country. One protest was right here in Wilmington. “The way we are devaluing our currency, printing it out like mad for bogus spending bills that aren't going to do a thing but put more people out of work in the long run, all we are doing is causing China to step and say it's time to cash in,” said Joseph Hamilton. The intersection of Oleander and College was lined with protestors on each corner. The rally brought out more than a hundred people.

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Am I the only one

Am I the only one dissapointed by this fasle advertising??? I went to a tea party expecting to taste some of the area's fine sweet tea's, and I get a political debate. What's the deal here??

No, you aren't...

...the only one, many are just as clueless and still wondering where a good portion of their money is and will be going.

What money?

What money? There was no money doesn't take money to get people out of their homes to stand on a street corner holding a cardboard sign...only desperate frustration. There was a picnic for all protesters after the protest that was sponsered by the Cape Fear Tea Party Patriots and the Wilmington Liberty group, where individuals from those groups pitched in and brought enough food and drink for everyone out of their own pocket...they refused to even put a donation cup out to cover food costs. CVS offered cold bottled water to everyone during the event, which was greatly appreciated. All in the name of liberty.

TEA Parties

Thanks to WWAY for covering this event. Just because the mainstream media refuses to cover this massive grass roots campaign for freedom, doesn't mean we're going to go away. :) The TEA Parties are just warming up.

I respect and appreciate your efforts.....

...but quite honestly, believe that they may be futile as long as the Four S's (Simpletons, suckers, sleazebags and Socialists) constitute the voting majority. Remember, the Boston Tea Party did little beyond steel the resolve of those who were already committed to casting off the yoke of British tyranny. It's widespread impact wasn't very big. A year after, the colonies were still about seventy percent Tory or status quo supporters. It didn't stir ol' King George to action, good or bad. It took Lexington and Concord for the British to wake up and realize that they had a rebellion on their hands. Perhaps events will allow some future Emerson to pen, "Here once the embattled taxpayers stood...."

Wasteful spending??

What is wrong with these people? Because of Obama, I got my home loan modified to now be able to stay in my house, AND will be able to afford my monthly student loan payments, AND got my taxes cut... How is this wasteful spending? It's not my fault my Master's degree got me a crappy salary because the jobs I could have had LEFT DURING THE BUSH YEARS... HA. You republicans will find a way to spin everything, but when everyday people work hard to get their education, roll up their sleeves at their 8-5 job... and can still only barely make it by, how do you think helping those who work for a living is wasteful? I HATE WELFARE and giving money to those who don't work.. YES, I AGREE THAT IS WASTEFUL... but it is not wasteful to provide assistance to those who've worked hard to attend college, now have a decent job, and would like to raise a family. Amazing how the 2 people I knew who attended this TEA party inherited their parents' wealth and have no idea what it's like to actually work for what they have... HA! Well, now that Palin wants to get the nomination next go around, it looks like Obama will have 8 years and you people will continue to protests.


And you can get some more free stuff.

It's not your fault?

You chose a career field that pays a lousy salary, but that's not your fault? Did George Bush hold a gun to your head when you picked your major? .....but....congratulations on being able to legally reneg on loan agreements YOU also signed and then decided that you couldn't pay. I guess NOTHING is your fault, right? (P.S. I'm not a Republican.)

wake up

It's not about Republicans and Democrats. It's about government getting bigger and reaching into everyone's pocket. But I do understand why liberals want to complain about anything and everything. Oh, and that is so typical of liberals to have the "what about me" mentality when voting for candidates. As long as you are getting yours, nothing else matters. It's that kind of thinking that is killing our country.

Good job Wilmington Tea Partiers!

Did you ever wonder where the money for things like the subversion of the world's immigration laws may come from? Also, recently I’m seeing an ad campaign, using money we don’t have, to sell us on a new health plan. It seems to me as long as we allow people to print up fiat money there will be no place in the world where freedom can flourish. If the Globalist oppose your efforts, paid for with real hard earned money, all they have to do is fire up the presses and shovel the money to any group that will oppose you. Not only that but it seems they do it in such a way that the money to achieve THEIR goals is borrowed from them. Then we pay interest to a group outside of our country, like the Federal Reserve, on the creation and borrowing of OUR OWN money. IN ESSENCE THEY BEAT US WITH OUR OWN STICK!