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Wilmington hosts 64th annual NAACP State Convention

Wilmington is host to the state NAACP convention this year. Thursday night, the organization's leaders held a community worship service at Union Baptist Church. This is the 64th annual state convention for the NAACP. This year, the theme is "Fighting For Our Children, Not Ourselves." A message local leaders say Wilmington needs to hear. The NAACP is growing and the organization says its achieved its highest membership growth in the south. The community worship at the Union Baptist Church was attended by more than a hundred people. Local leaders say it's an honor for Wilmington to host this year's convention. A convention that will address some statewide concerns that city leaders say are problems right here. "Problems as far as education is concerned problems as far as re-segregation of schools in some areas, and I think Wilmington is kind of a focal point for some of those problems," City Council member, Earl Sheridan said. In addition to education and economic issues, the convention's agenda also includes discussing affordable housing, and international affairs. It's also designed to teach leadership skills, and how one person can make a difference. "I grew up one street over in a housing development called Creekwood and what I explained was I grew up in the projects, but the projects didn't grow up in me," Poet Trina Thoughtz said, "What we are here to do is to take the streets back," The organization hopes to continue its fight for racial justice; a cause the NAACP has been fighting for 98 years. The convention continues through the weekend. Local members of the organization say they look forward to showing other members what Wilmington has to offer.

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need to fix

The NAACP needs to fix how the blacks treat other black and quit worrying about evil whitey. How many black kids have shot other black kids in past weeks?


Not sure about that guesty but a black kid killed a white kid 2 weeks ago. Hummmm. My son unluckily has a house downtown. He has lived there a year. He was harassed as he was working on it, had druggies try to sell him drugs a LOT, been propositioned by a hooker at 2am after she woke him trying to break in the neighbors house, had 2 NEW cars in the body shop cause they like to use his cars as a jumping board to get over the fence while running from the police. He has not bothered anyone, but he is not welcome there because he is white. He is moving and leaving the house to the scumbags.

NAACP Comments

To be sure people have commented on the NAACP meeting article. I know I did, about 14 hours ago...censorship?


There is no re-segregation in the school system. Maybe if everyone had to actually carry their children to the school of their choice and spend their hard earned money on gas, etc....they would look at it a little differently. I think the problem is that someone is always trying to blame someone else for something that racial blames are thrown out on the table like candy. Get over it and save tax payers a little bit of money by keeping the bussing to a minimum.

To reply to your awful statements

As a person who has grown up in the area, attended both private and public school in Wilmington, and now is employed through the NHC school system, I must disagree with you. When you consider No Child Left Behind, which basically subcategorizes races, ethnicities, learning abilities, and other demographics, Urban Cleansing initiatives going on throughout the city which are moving out the lower-middle to poorer working class blacks and moving in the new generation of whites (example: Downtown), AND the bussing arrangements being revised constantly, it is not happenstance or a carelessness of words when one speaks of the resegregation of schools. Just think about how many blacks live where you live. If there are many, are they families, and if so, then you should find out just how they maintain their lives, the adults and children. I guarantee you they are doing twice as much to hold on to the equivalent of what you have, and as for the districting and resegregation of schools comment, the whole purpose of the school board's constant change is because of this issue. So you should really do more research, and be more openminded and conscientious of the world around you. Racism still exists EVERYWHERE, and it's just a shame that there are still people like you who choose to brush it under the rug, who feel like there are more important things in the world, and who are in DENIAL that it is an issue of TODAY.

You need to get out of that mentality

You are not a Victim. Plain and simple. You said, "I guarantee you they are doing twice as much to hold on to the equivalent of what you have", "Racism still exists EVERYWHERE", but the scariest statement, talking about you "who now is employed through the NHC school system", Mam you are not a victim. Sad part is that you have been told all your life that you are. The first two statements are staight out of the Victim Mentality Playbook (DNC). Bussing has never been a good idea. Why you would take a child out of his neighborhood to make him go to school just because he is a certain color of skin is the saddest method of Racisim there is. I grew up here as well, grew up 3 blocks from Alderman Elem. and was forced bussed to Snipes. Why? because I was White. But the comment you made about " Just think about how many blacks live where you live." What does that have to do with any of this. Nothing. People in this country can live anywhere they want. Those day's are over. The only thing that has not changed is this victim mentality of yours. I grew up, went to school , moved on with my life ,got a job this pretty much sounds like yours as you described above. So why the hard feelings Ms. Hankins. Because somebody keeps telling you there is a problem. Open your eyes and take a good look at this world. Look beyong your hate filled, vengeful and victimized eyes. You will never advance with that attitude.

There are some things...

I disagree with about the NAACP but I agree with them totally on this issue in Wilmington...