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Wilmington Housing Authority gets new CEO with big plans

READ MORE: Wilmington housing authority looking to make improvements
The Wilmington Housing Authority has a new CEO. Mike Krause said one of his goals is to make public housing safer for residents. Krause is four days into his new role as CEO of the Wilmington Housing Authority. He is in charge of looking after 800 people in about eight public housing locations. “I want to hear from the residents, I want to hear what they're concerns are, so I am informed as I need to be too.” Margaret Jackson and Pauline Sutton live in the Houston Moore housing development. They say crime is a major issue in their neighborhood. Jackson said, “It's scary to sit outside because you're constantly watching your back, looking over your shoulder, your trying to be safe sitting on your front porch.” On Labor Day, a woman was shot at Creekwood South apartments inside her truck. “I think any criminal activity, especially a crime as serious as homicide, is unacceptable,” said Jackson. Monday Krause met with Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous. He plans to partner with police to increase patrols around the housing authority neighborhoods. He also wants more lighting in poorly lit areas, and security cameras to be fixed. Pauline and Margaret are not convinced the crimes will stop. ”It's nothing you can really say we can do because crime has been around before we were born, so it's not that - oh we can stop this or stop that, it's just something that's going to happen, that's called life,” said Pauline Sutton. Krause says he is confident the renewed partnership with police will make public housing safer.

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does ceo stand for crack enforcement officer?

Big Plans

This should be interesting to watch as an urbane CEO attempts to fix an unfixable problem. These crimminals are smart enough to monitor police patrol routines and within a short time will know when they can practice their profession and when to go down low until the patrol passes. These same crimminals cowe the local residents with a sense of fear to prevent them from stepping forward to identify the crimminals, some of whom may be neighbors or relatives. Security Cameras -- get real; you'll be fixing or replacing them daily. One thought might be to get cameras with higher resolution and mount them high enough to prevent crimminals from hitting them with stones or hollow points. Try to weed out the crimminal element who might be inhabiting public housing or spending time as "house guests" and you run the risk of Northern elements coming in with charges of racial profiling. How about this -- bring in a Charles Bronson type; have the Police turn their backs; and give him a week or so to clean up the neighborhood. Worked in the movies On a serious note, if the new CEO plans to personally patrol the projects after dark, he should get measured for Kevelar and be certain his final affairs are in order. If he can get the local residents to step forward and identify the crimminals and then testify against them, he may have a chance of bringing law and order to the neighborhood. Of course, he could send down to Texas for a Ranger or 2. Chuck Norris might be available. On another serious note. Did his predecessor ever go into the projects after dark or did he just sit behind his desk running an operating deficit?

Wake up Mr. Krause

"Krause says he's confident the renewed partnership with police will make public housing safer." Where's this guy been hiding...Disney World? Welcome to Wilmington, Mr. Krause...violent crime capital of Eastern NC. Hang up the suit, put on some jeans, and go walk around "Crackwood" after dark WITHOUT your police presence.


Mr. Krause has been here a while....but he didn't work in anything like this :)

That's a big plan?

I was hoping his plan was to charge average market rent for an equivalent apartment.


THAT wouldn't be fair, now would it? Having to pay a fair rent...SHEEesh...what kind of person are you?! We owe it to these people...should be free, right?