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Wilmington Housing Authority running into problems

READ MORE: Wilmington Housing Authority running into problems
The Wilmington Housing Authority is asking for a few volunteers to prevent some financial troubles down the line. They are asking people to move, but some of the options are not very appealing to some people. Section 8 helps offset the cost of rent for 1,600 people in our area. But higher than expected demand for the support has the housing authority asking some recipients to move to public housing instead. The Wilmington Housing Authority receives funding from housing and urban development based on the number of people that used their services in previous years. While the voucher program, also known as Section 8, usually operates under that capacity, WHA's Michael Krause said that's no longer the case. A letter sent to current Section 8 residents says the WHA is spending its housing assistance payment money at a rate much greater than it's been funded. To be sure some people continue to get the help they need, Krause said some families have already volunteered to give up their Section 8 vouchers. “We've had at least 10 folks, 10 families who were interested in considering moving into Wilmington Housing Authorities public housing developments.” Subreia Hunt has received vouchers for about a year, and while she is willing to move to public housing, there are places she won't move. “I would not move to Creekwood. No I would not go there.” And of the 86 vacancies the housing authority has available, many are in Creekwood. Still, those homes are far from ready for people to move in. With 4,000 people on a closed waiting list, and others volunteering to move into public housing, landlords are worried about what'll happen to them. Krause says he doesn't want people to panic. The housing authority intended to use volunteers as a back up plan if it does not receive an expected increase in funding to meet the increased demand. The next funding period begins in January.

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stop bashing each other and lend a hand

To whom this concern, It is really not the people that live out in these neighborhoods. I had a change in my circumstance also with children and moved there. Educating each other is how we can help our own. It's the conversations and lifestyles we deal in everyday life. My problem was simply not communicating with the right people. If you wanna get out you can. Instead of bashing each other go out to dinner, talk, ask questions. Give some of these people good jobs and positive feedback. Try to help, give them a hand. Give a ride to the store. Buy their kid a pair of decient shoes. Invite them into your world. Some of our people never left Wilm. Join local foundation groups. Come together as a team.

I lend a hand every April 15th

Trust me, it's a BIG hand.


I will tell you first hand, Creekwood has less than we think of honest hardworkimg people. This includes the lady who was in charge of Creekwood and who has since been promoted. It is 100% true that most of the people who do not live out there causes the problems. They are allowed to because ya'll let them. Everytime the police get out with someone YOU defend them. I know for a fact that the residents out there are proud of the Rep they have. That is until the media shows up. It is true the residents out there screw time and again and blames everyone but themselves. I am sick and tired of funding rent, food, and whatever else for people who have children that should not. You can tell these people early in life. They are the ones who quit school, don't turn in class work, blame teachers for their grade, bully other kids for self esteem motivation, and belive school can't teach them anything. Creekwood you have earned the REP you desired. Are you not proud of your pathetic selves. You teach your children the poverty mentality because you won't break the cycle.

All you judges

I think to myself how many of you have ever had to be in public housing or section 8 housing and your baby wakes up because the roaches crawling all over her and making her itch so bad. I lived in public housing for 12 years until I went back to school and get a job as a pre-school teacher assistant and now I live in the house I got from my grandmother who died but I still barely make ends meet. Meanwhile you live in your mansion and dare talk down to people who struggle every day just to feed there kids. What give you the right to be so superir to these people? One way or the other before or after you die you will stand in judgement either in front of your god or in front of your fellow man for a new day is almost here on Tuesday.


Sorry Hon, proud women do not let roaches crawl on their helpless babies. I would have made darn sure my home was clean and sprayed. I would have sat up with my baby in my arms all night to prevent roaches from touching him/her. Roaches are preventable. Disgusting.

Let's see

you lived in public housing for over 12 years. Your public housing stay ended when your Grandmother passed away and left you a debt free house. You went back to school to become a pre-school teaching assistant; it appears you missed the spelling classes. When you mention standing before God for judgement, remember that includes you. How many children did you have while in Public Housing? Where are the Daddies? Are the Daddies supporting the children? If Public Housing was so severe, why did you not get out sooner?

There should be a time limit

There should be a time limit for public housing. Let them stay for no more than 2 years. By then if they have not started to work, thay don't plan to. Kick them out and send them on their way. Public housing and welfare should be a means to help folks get on their feet, not a way of life. As for asking some of them to move, TELL them.


how many white section 8 residents were sent this letter to move into the projects??? I wonder if WHA expects them to move into the projects??? I wonder how many white section 8 residents will elect to move into the projects??? It's a fact, there are more whites on section 8 then other races. Just something I was wondering.... Nothing wrong with wondering....

question of color

this is not a question of color the point is no one should want to live in creekwood or any other project it is economics. if their is housing avalible at a lower cost to the tax payer it must be utilized first and i'd like to know if the "more whites" statisic is documented and where. or is this an opinion

How about tents?

GP tents pitched in Hugh McCrae Park sound okay to me. Of course, Winter is coming so each tent should have a liner and tent stove. One GP tent could easily house a family of four with lots of room to spread out. A few port-a-potties and a mobile shower unit would make life complete. We might even explore setting up a mobile field galley and cutting out food vouchers. If it's good enough for housing our servicemen out in the field, it should be good enough for people who can't manage their own lives and have to depend upon other people's money.

Section 8 afforded my family to move forward....

I had the priviledge of being a section 8 recipient living in the outskirts of Monkey Junction a few years back. I was a single mother of 3 and I seized the opportunity to graduate from Cape Fear in 2001 and then from UNCW in 2003 from Cameron Business School (same year I got married & came off of the program) while holding down two jobs. I was afforded the opportunity to do so successfully because I was able to raise my family in a safe environment. We are a very hardworking family and we take pride in paying our own mortgage, student loans, health insurance, etc. Yes, I admit, there are a few who abuse the system and could do more to better themselves. With that said, the government can't be trusted either. It's a broken system that needs to be fixed immediately. Please don't think that ALL people on Section 8 are lazy. We all want the best for our families, regardless of what class we happen to fall in. It is hard being a single parent in a city that does not provide enough high paying jobs so that one can afford to rent or own a home. The housing prices are ridiculous!! Look, I have several degrees and we had to make a decision to relocate to Raleigh for a higher paying job. I miss my birth town, but we just couldn't afford to live there anymore. A word of advise, please do not judge people who find themselves having to choose to live in a safer environment for their families verses living in a crime ridden community. Granted, things need to change in those communities for those who ARE there already. ALL children deserve to live without fear. Have a bless day! Sis Cass

Section 8

Why Creekwood? The community itself may be hardworking but the crime and nonsense they allow to go on there is outrageous. If Section 8 wants to reduce its cost they need to make the non-working people move in public housing or they need to put time limits on the funding. After 5 years you should be owning your own home. There are ways to reduce their spending. Also maybe if they cleaned up the public housing, did the repairs, and stood by their trespassing laws then people would be more acceptive of moving there. To many people its a step back, are they trying to help or hurt us?

How to fix it

How to fix it.... Shut the WHA down, level all of the public housing and move those who were in public housing to another county. Add the 400 million saved per year back to the city/county and hire more public servants (cops & firefighters) and spread the wealth with everyone else... There... problem fixed and crim down in WIlmington by 80%.

Please check the records

Please check the records more homicides and robberies are committed by people not even in public housing. Crime down not even just more of other types of crime will be brought to light. like money laundering, tax evasion, killing wives, and sexual predators. It doesn't matter what part of town your from, Crime is there whether you turn your head the other way or not



To Why???

Give it up? I didn't think it was suppose to be a perminate aid? I worked two jobs when I was a single mom of 3. Never once did I depend on anyone to suppliment my income. Welfare has ruined this country. Nobody has pride anymore.

i'll tell you why

do not lay the blame elsewhere some feel that section 8 is a life style it is not no one is asking you to give up anything i am saying move to afordable housing again what i am saying is quit wasting the tax payers money section 8 is not an entitlement

go after the abusers

if they want to save money they should look at those that get Section 8 and weed out those that are abusing the system. i'm sure they would find a few that are renting homes at the full amount they qualify for vs what a normal rent for that house should be.

section 8

why is this even a news story creekwood is a good hard working community isn't it? goverment housing means that you will live where it is the most economical and cost effective to the tax payers not the recipiants you get to have choices when you provide for youself WHA fill creekwood to capacity save every tax dollar possible

make it habitable

That is not an unreasonable expectation. Make other housing projects habitable. But, move Section 8 voucher recipients to the projects before doling out an increasing number of Section 8 vouchers. If it is clean, accessible to public transportation and public schools, what's the problem? If recipients are allowed to dictate where they will live or not live, there is a major flaw in the program.

How about if they are too

How about if they are too picky about where they will or will not live, then GET A JOB and you'll be amazed where you can live!

So are you insinuating that

So are you insinuating that all section 8 participants are jobless and don't provide for themselves? There are several section 8 voucher holders who have JOBS. I am a single mother of three kids, my circumstances have me in a position where I need assistance and creekwood is the last place in Wilmington I would want to raise my three young children


So tell me why did you have 3 children? 3 Children seems to be a lot of mouths to feed. My wife and I are both full time workers and we always talk about kids and someday when we can afford them we will have them. People need to stop abusing the system and think that if they can have children everything will be alright, the gov'n will take care of me.. I can see 1 child but 3!! and you wonder why you had to be on section 8, work 2 jobs, because people like you can't keep your legs closed. If you can't keep your legs closed the get your tubes tied and stop HAVING BABIES!!!

u are clueless

Are you freaking kidding me? I used to live in a nice $950 a month town home with my three children. As I stated MY circumstances have changed( none of your business by the way) and I am now in need of governmental assistance. Who the hell are you to question why I have three children? I JUST got on section 8 this year ( you know AFTER I had those three kids). And for your information I am in college TRYING to better myself and my situation for my KIDS sake( and I was already in college before I needed assistance).

Where's the Pappy ????

Where's the Pappy ????

no insinuations

first of all several out of thousands is unaccepible , i never said that section 8 voucher holders don't provide for themselves. i understand that people have needs i understant that circumstances arise what i do not understand is why is our tax money being wasted when housing is avalible the WHA WPD NHSD need to eradicate the vermin in that godforsaken place so that people that NEED can be helped my point is in times of economic turmoil we as tax payers need and want the purse strings tighten why the WHA has short fall in money is not a concern anymore what is a concern is what we can do about it from this point forward

Reponse to irritated

Ma'am, please do not take offense. What these other folks are saying (and it is true,) is that abuse of this system is rampant and the taxpayers are getting pretty sick of giving away their hard-earned money when the recipient is not even making an effort. There are, as always, exceptions to every rule and I'm sure you are that exception. But the frustrating thing is, you used to be the rule, not the exception.

out of curiosity

Have you ever looked into what percentage of your tax money actually goes to those programs? It is such a small amount. Why are Americans so up in arms about that and not the money being wasted on an unnecessary war?

You are absolutley right. I

You are absolutley right. I hope all the taxpayers realize this and understand it will get worse with the Hitler tactics that Hussein Obama is about to impose on our once great country if he steals the election...that's right...steals the election, because he cannot win by valid votes of true blooded Americans that have done their own research. The lazy ones that only listen to what the media want you to hear are the ones that are brainwashed into his riducous ideas. If you thin you are tired of paying taxes for these situations now, just wait and see what "spread the wealth" really does to you. You want change?? That's all you will have left...pocket change.

RE: Creekwood

Creekwood is a horrible neighborhood that no one should have to raise children in. However, when you're being assisted by the government (and I have no problem with people who work and still need assistance - especially in today's economy,) you need to go where the local government tells you to go. If local government would get the trash out of Creekwood, it would be habitable.