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Wilmington man dies after crashing car into Kings Grant house

READ MORE: Wilmington man dies after crashing car into Kings Grant house
A Wilmington man has died after crashing his car into a house in the Kings Grant neighborhood. Neighbors said there are simply too many accidents on their roads. William Jeffrey Polley was driving a minivan down Lord Tennyson Drive Monday night when he failed to make a turn and crashed into Tim Worrell's brick home. "I came around the house and he was conscious and he was talking and he was rubbing his face, you know checking himself out and they actually walked him to the emergency vehicle where he stood for five or ten minutes and then they put him in a stretcher and took him away,” Worrell said. However, he died at the hospital shortly after arriving. Polley was driving ten miles an hour over the speed limit. Highway patrol is waiting for a toxicology report to see if alcohol was a factor. Family members think otherwise. "He was just diagnosed with diabetes, but he didn't have the money for medicine and he didn't have insurance and they wouldn't give him Medicare, so he was going untreated,” said Polley’s sister Lisa Fox. They think his illness caused him to black out at the wheel and crash. Neighbors say this stretch of road has seen its share of accidents and in February, an eleven-year-old boy was hit by a vehicle while walking down the street. The driver wasn't speeding, but neighbors said, most people do exceed the 35-mile-per-hour limit. Worrell said these incidents show the need for lights and speed bumps on Lord Tennyson Drive. "People are getting hit, houses are getting hit, it's not a good situation." Polley's family said he used to live in Kings Grant, and had driven down that road a thousand times. Troopers said they should know if diabetes or alcohol were factors, in the coming weeks.

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Guest221- What do you have

Guest221- What do you have to be remorseful for. What did you do?


I use to live on Lord Tennyson near Morris Court. People use that road as a cut through and do not care about any speed limits. I lived there for 30 years and use to ride my bike along Lord Tennyson, but would not now. The law was called a number of times and all they would do is pass through. I saw a guy get killed one night. He was going 65. Sorry, I have no remorse.

And just what do you think

And just what do you think the Police could do about speeders in neighborhoods? Do you really think they have the authority to stop this sort of traffic violations? What makes people think the Police can set up speed traps to curtail this sort of thing? The Police don't think they could :-( Jeeze!