Wilmington man is learning to walk after accident leaves him paralyzed
A few months ago, life dramatically changed for one Wilmington man. A car accident left him paralyzed from the neck down. Since that accident he's grown mentally and physically, and is now doing what doctors told him was impossible. David Rowell is a father of 7. Five months ago, he was in a car accident that left him paralyzed. "I could only maybe wiggle my toe very slightly,” said David. He suffered injuries to his neck and spine, and had to have a rod put in his hip. "So many things went through my head. I'm not going to walk again, my kids, my family," added David. His doctor's were also doubtful he would walk again. But through hours of intense occupational and physical therapy four days a week for months, he has improved. David said, "Faith. Faith kicks in. My faith in God that kicked in. I'm a true believer and that kicked in. Today I can hold my son that I couldn't hold when the accident happened.” To make this progress his wife quit her job to help him recover, leaving no income to provide for their big family. ”I plan to start working when I’m at least 90 percent and can use my hands and I'd like to be an electrician," David said. But until that time, he relies on prayers. "Friends kicked in. I mean, they sent in a letter saying ‘Hey, you know you’re good, you're in God's hands. Keep your faith." Through the struggle, and hard work, he's learned a life lesson. "Be thankful for what you do have and enjoy and love them because life it too short." David Rowell hopes to have a website up soon to encourage and support others who are in his situation. You can contact David through his email address.

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This was one of the most touching stories I have seen in a long time. I hope everyone can learn from this man and the attitude he has displayed during this time... AWESOME, THANKS FOR SHARING, YOU ARE VERY INSPIRING!!
thank you so much for your kind words and prayers. i'ts people like you that help keep my mind focused and me inspired to continue making progress daily. my personal email address is daverowell39@aol.com please keep in touch JESUS LIVES, HE LOVES AND HE SAVES AMEN
It's great to hear that you are doing better!! I have been waiting for an update on you and your family! My prayers are with you and I admire your strength and will! I hope you insprise others to never give up!
thank you for your comments and prayers please continue to watch for more success stories and watch God work Jesus love, he lives, he saves Amen
Thank god that you are still here. You were left here to make a difference. When man said you couldn't god said you could. You have beat the odds because of god, All praises be to him. Now, let god!!!!