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Wilmington Marine dies in Afghanistan

READ MORE: Wilmington marine dies in Afghanistan

"He died being a hero. He died doing what he loved," says Brandy Carver. Her husband, Lance Corporal Ross Carver was out on a special mission in Marjah, Afghanistan Thursday when he was shot in a fire fight.

Brandy found out when she came home from the beach. "As I was walking in, pretty much my heart sank to the floor. At first I thought maybe he had just gotten hurt because I only saw one person and as I'm rounding the corner you saw the chaplain and you saw another gentleman waiting there. And he asked me my name. He asked me if my husband was Lance Corporal Ross Carver and I had said 'yes' to the questions and then he was like 'I'm sorry to inform you, but your husband has been killed' and I dropped to the floor."

Ross and Brandy were Laney High School sweethearts. A year after they graduated, they got married. In June, Ross left for Afghanistan, just a few months after their son William was born.

"He was always there to help somebody out. He would always go out of his way, whether it be for another marine, or for a family member or just for somebody on the side of the road."

Brandy is still receiving Ross' letters in the mail. "People don't understand what these men and women do for our country. They do it for people to do what they want."

She couldn't have more pride in the man Brandy calls her prince charming, her hero. "I'm proud of him. I don't regret the day he joined the military. I backed him up 24/7 and I still do."

Brandy works as a family readiness assistant, helping other military wives who lose their husbands in war. Now she's having to go through it herself. Brandy says she's gotten more than 700 calls from people in Wilmington who knew her husband.

Lance Corporal Ross Carver's body will be returned to Wilmington Wednesday. His funeral is Friday.

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big brow

Ross Carver was a good brother to me and i will never forget him. he wil go out of his way to do anything for any one.he will alwas be love by his family and his friends. if you now his then you should love him because he love you. when he did i felt a pice of me get pulled out of me. i guessed that we were so close that it took a lot out of me. you know how you have to twins and one of the twins died and the other twins never ack right. that what it did to me. Ross Carver i love you and alwas miss you.
Love your brother Dalton Carver


I've known Ross literally since the day he came home from the hospital, his older brother and I were best friends, robert, Doug, Angie and Ross's wife I'm so sorry

Will someone please tell me

Will someone please tell me what year Ross graduated from Laney, and what Brandy's maiden name is? I taught at Laney and although I didn't teach him, I recognized his face. God bless him and rest his soul, and comfort those he's left behind.

RIP Ross Craver We Love You

Ross Carver you are a hero.YOU WILL BE GRATELY MISSED AND NEVER FORGOTTEN. we love you man and may you RIP. My heart goes out to Brandy and baby William and the family of Ross Carver. you all are in my thoughts and paryers.

Thank you

I can only imagine what you are going through. I thank you for your sacrifice, and I thank your husband for his.

I feel your loss

I knew Ross as a child in Kittredge Colorado.
He was friends with my children Jason & Jessica.
Although I hadn't seen Ross since he moved away, I have kept up with his life through his mom. She's so very proud of the man he became.
Thank you for supporting him in his chosen service to this country and our freedom. Ross will be missed.

Semper Fidelis brother. You

Semper Fidelis brother. You will be missed greatly. "Marines don't die, they just go to heaven and regroup!"

Lance Corporal Ross Carter

I am very sorry for the loss of your husband and your son's father, Lance Corporal Ross Carter. My son was one of the fortunates to return recently from his second tour in Helmand province / Marjah.
The war in Afghanistan is terrible conflict that is all about freedom for women and children in Afghanistan as well as keeping us safer here. Marines are very special people, with a passion for service, for country, and for doing for their fellow citizens the right things. Your husband was one of those few people. My heart goes out to you and my prayers as well.

Ross, you were a great

Ross, you were a great friend and always looking to help someone. So many people looked up to you and we still do. I can't belive your gone. My heart goes out to Brandy and little William. Brandy is strong and is a tue marine wife. She will make sure your son knows who you are. My heart goes out to your family. It wasn't supposed to end like this but you died doing what you love....Semper Fi...I love you Ross you were a geat friend.

God Bless and thank you!

I just want to offer my sincere sympathy during this great time of loss. I know some people don't agree with the U.S. being at war but freedom isn't free. It costs greatly. Not monetary cost but lost lives are the most significant cost at stake. I appreciate what your husband done in the military and the sacrifices you and your family have made and will continue to make as you deal with this tremendous grief. While the pain is natural, God will help heal your broken hearts. I hope that everyday people can think about those serving to keep America free. Not just on holidays or when something tragic hits home.

Thank you and God Bless. May your husband rest in peace and may your family be at peace as well.

Missing my son

Ross you will be missed. I feel like I lost a son. The hole in my heart will be a constant reminder of you baby boy. I could not have been prouder of you. I will keep your family in my prayers. Heaven must have needed another HERO, I LOVE YOU AND WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH

condolences to Ross....

I thank Ross Carver for his bravery and sacrifice for the greatest country on Earth. He has fallen to keep the values America holds dearly. I also will pray for his family as they mourn the death of a loved one. May God bless them all.

I know freedom isn't free

I know freedom isn't free but how many young men and women are we going to lose like this? I support our troops with all that I have and wish and pray for there safe return but this is just unreal. 21 yrs old. A baby! Hasn't even began to live his life and yet now it is over. I am so hoping we resolve this conflict in Afganistan so we can bring home our women and men and let them live a happy and full life in the country that they helped to protect!


Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the wife and family of Marine Carver. May this brave soldier be given all the love and respect he is due and may God keep his family in His hands.

I'm going to miss you Ross.

I'm going to miss you Ross. You were a great friend and I will make sure to keep Tim in line for you. Keep watch over us until we see you again. Love you.

Ross Carver

I am the NC coordinator for the Home of the Brave quilt project and we would like to present a memorial quilt to the wife and parents of Ross Carver. I know this is too soon to do this, and prefer to wait a few weeks, but would like to get their addresses so we will have that information at the proper time. If you could furnish me with the addresses I would appreciate it very much. We have presented 180 quilts to fallen hero families in this project over the last five years and want to include this family. You can get more information about the project at Thank you for any help you can be to us. Carol Smith


Thank you for his service to all of us. My prayers are with the family in this difficult time .