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Wilmington mosque not controversial like New York's

READ MORE: Wilmington mosque not controversial like New York's

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Controversy continues to swirl around the so-called Ground Zero mosque in New York City. Meanwhile Wilmington is welcoming it's own Islamic center. In about a year a lot on Princess Place Drive will be the new home of the Tauheed Islamic Center. It's something Muslims in the Port City say is very much needed.

Unlike the Mosque in New York, the new 3,500 square foot mosque in Wilmington, complete with an activity area and a kitchen, doesn't seem to be a problem for people in the Port City.

"Here in town? In wilmington? Why not? Why not?," asked Miguel de Soto of Wilmington. "It's not as sensitive of an issue."

But building a mosque blocks from Ground Zero in New York has sparked some heated debate.

"Anybody who doesn't want the mosque to be built is just completely going against what America stands for," Samantha Hackney. "In the end, this country was built on the foundation that we can practice whatever religion we want."

But others are sensitive to the issue.
"I don't think it should be built so close, because of the belief and the understanding that fundamental Islam is responsible for 9/11 attacks," de Soto said.

The leader of the Wilmington congregation says Muslims in New York City probably did not pick the best location for their mosque.

"Perhaps there could have been a better choice with the sensitivity that we do have," Imam Abdul Rahman Shareef said. "There's going to always be that, but the landscape of America is changing."

Hackney, who is part Muslim, says this kind of outrage should not be tolerated.

"To be able to take that Constitutional right away from a group of people because of a couple people is unfounded. That's un-American," she said. "And if you want to say anything else about it, go back to the Constitution and look it up."

Shareef just hopes the protestors in the Big Apple don't come to the Port City.

"As we build here, locally, we're all locally home-grown, graduate from Williston," he said. "Many of us served in the military. So we just hope this is a good decision, and we are maybe looking forward to perhaps making a better decision in New York."

Right now, Wilmington Muslims worship in a much smaller mosque on Castle Street. It will likely close when the new mosque opens next year.

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New Mosque in Wilmington, NC

Firstly, one should know Islam in able to criticise it. I know it well and they are a "Theocracy". *(Please, look up that word: 1: government of a state by immediate divine guidance or by officials who are regarded as divinely guided. 2: a state governed by a theocracy.) This is "not" protected by the Constitution of the United States of America in the least. For this is, in truth, a governing body which means to spread within all Nation's own Governments, like a cancer eating from within, until the host Nation is dead and only Islam is left. The Koran, once truly known by The People should be banned, not spread across the Nation as if it were a book of peaceful teachings. Many Nations have fallen and became Islamic o're these many centuries. Learn your history upon which these facts are based, as evidence to their intent. These are brutal theocratic invaders of the worst kind imaginable who live on lies and deception. Once accepted they quickly populate and convert. Slaughtering and enslaving all the rest. This is proven. They were the ones who first captured and enslaved the very people who later became American slaves. Very few whites could afford ownership of slaves and there were actually very few slaves in number. The Arabic word "ABED-ahbehd" has two meanings; black and slave to further show this. Muslims always build mosques upon sites they consider conquered. The word Rabat means a "recruitment fortress", which is really what the Mosque at Ground Zero is all about, for the Muslims never believe in having Christian type community centers. It's simply a ploy to achieve their agenda and further their true intended goals. There's much, much more to Islam than meets the eye of the infidel, for they know not of what they speak of. Sharia Law I have seen with my own eyes and it is not pretty, nor just, especially towards women. Remember this, for it is creeping into a neighborhood near you, as we speak. Islam is spread by violence and threats and the first thing they do is to obtain ways to create hate crime laws to be established wherever they settle in the world. For they know you will not like them once you truly get a taste of who they really are and by establishing these hate crime laws they are setting you up to be arrested for your justified dislike for their tyrannical, theocratic policies, which no doubt, goes against your own just laws and that of the intent of the U. S. Constitution! There's too much more to say about this.. Use common sense and you will be fine. Vote out all people who you deem unworthy to serve to straighten out many of your National woes. God Bless America and all of the Nations not yet part of the Islamic invasion.

New Mosque in Wilmington, NC

I have been studying islam for more than 10 years. Every word submitted by Political Guest is true, accurate and correct. It is a big mistake that non muslim residents will later regret. Everyone must learn for themselves the true nature of Islam and why it is a danger to you, your children, grandchildren and future generations. Islam is an utterly ruthless totalitarian political system disguised as a religion. Islam will literally stop at nothing to achieve its objective of world domination, with all non-Muslims exterminated or enslaved. Muslims who deny this are lying (Muslims are encouraged to tell lies to further the expansion of Islam). Terrorism is an intrinsic and inseparable part of Islam.

The difference between predatory cults such as Islam and real religions, is that a true religion attempts to bring out the best in people, whereas a predatory cult does the opposite. Muslims inhabit a different moral universe from the rest of us, where good is evil and evil is good, if it serves the purposes of Islam. While other religions teach goodwill to mankind, Islam teaches hostility to all non-members of the cult. In Islam, charity applies only to fellow Muslims, and in fact many Islamic charities are money-launderers for jihad.

There is no Golden Rule in Islam. There is no place for conscience in Islam. Peel away the thin veneer of religiosity, and all you find is vicious, primitive, predatory tribalism.


Uh, did anyone here mention that it's NOT a mosque in NYC, but a community center? >_< You guys just parrot whatever the hell the news tells you to care about. Why don't you spend more time with your children and affect REAL change?

There won't be a mosque at ground zero.....

....because, who's going to build it? EVERYTHING in NYC is union built...EVERYTHING! Add to it, a lot of those labor unions lost brothers and family, firefighters and police on 9/11. They will not build that mosque and will not allow it to be built....very simple.

So why even worry about it?

Hey Hailey

Next time you do a story try doing some research into race verses religion. The way you think makes me part, Irish Catholic, Episcopalian, Jewish and Atheist.

Part Muslim?

Muslim is not a race, it is an ideology, so he can not be "part" muslim.

Oh. No.

Part Muslim. Royally ignorant.

Which part? The flaming kill the infidels part or the No, no. Thank you for fire and the wheel, but we're just going to live in tents and suck sand. No, really, but thank you.

Hackney might be part muslim...

...but she's all moron. It's not about the right to build or the right to worship. A Japanese cultural center is a good idea - but not at Pearl Harbor. An American cultural center in Japan is a good idea - but not in Hiroshima. Get it?

You also have to look at the local location

Princess Place Drive? Why would anyone care what goes on over at Princess Place Drive?

I would advise the imam to wear Kevlar....

It is not a matter of a

It is not a matter of a muslim out reach center being present but the location.

"part Muslim" What kind of statement is that?

I saw this story on the news last night and this A.M. and thought that this one thing should be addressed. Samantha Hackney stated that she was "part Muslim" in this story and that just sounds dumb! You see "Muslim" is not a race that one can be associated with. It is a religion! That would be like someone saying that they are part Christian, part Jewish or even part Hindu or Buddist. You can not be part anything when it comes to a faith, you are either all or none. When is the last time you have met a Muslim/Christian or anyone else along those lines? I am willing to bet never. I just think that before such an ignorant statement is aired or put into a story that someone should think about what is actually being said. That being said, be responsible in reporting and keep the ignorance to a minimum. People all over the world already think badly of Americans don't give them anymore reasons!


Maybe it's kinda like being Christian when it's convenient, you know?

no MOSQUE will ever go up at the site in NY

You people are unreal. There is no comparison at all. PLANES CRASHED into really tall buildings and immediately killed a few thousand people. IT IS A GRAVE SITE. Why the heck would anyone want a mosque there. FIRST OFF...even if it went through no one is going to build it not brick layers,masons nor carpenters nor electricians. They are union workers and they do not want the job. Soooo it will never happen. To many problems. Please leave the area in peace. For you who live in Wilmington and did not experience the horror leave your opinions out of this. You have no idea. SEPTEMBER 11TH WAS A HORROR, IT WAS HELL.PLEASE leave the area in peace!!

Wilmington Mosque

Wilmington has its head in the sand. There is no disagreement with any religion having a place of worship, but Wilmington should question where the money is coming from to support this mosque. Is it a worship center or a training center for Islam and Sharia law in the U.S. These mosques are popping up everywhere across the nation.

Wilmington mosque

Amen to that Robert....they do want to conquer and take control. It is the journey of there beliefs. You will see Wilmington.

It is unbelievable. These

It is unbelievable. These people are crazy. They are worried about people misunderstanding what some one says race, when in fact they are all a bunch of overt extremist. These people cannot see strait without lying. They want you to believe in islam, but if you dare show some intrest want to insult you right of the bat. No dating, no smoking, no drinking, you have to be a robot, by the way, even if you call your self muslim, these people in this mosque take it upon them self to say whether or not some one is, in other words, putting them self is ALLAHs position. They backbit about you, spread rummers and lies, they want to indocrintate people like they are in a cult, your only as valuable as you are profitable, they put your ass to work, if your not helping them financially your working like their slave, and charity, the only charity is for the richest assholes who think they deserve it, and they believe in throwing people away. Not to mention, fucking up peoples lives. Oh, they act like a bunch of high school students, that is how bad they gossip about people. They dont believe in covering up brothers scares they only believe in eating the flesh of his brother when he turns his back to him. Well unless you have money. Oh the hipicrisy, this is the hipocristy the ALqueda belive in and yes they do believe in VIOLENT JIHAD- they are violent with each other. Look how they treat each other. Dont believe me, try and go to the mosque. Take an escort with you. It wont take long before they insult you, I promise. That is what the religion is about. Oh I forgot the bragging part of the religion and the showing off part. These people make sure they don't miss a day with out that. They isolate new members to brain wash them, force them to pray, force them to fact, no it shouldn't come from the heart, its because they said too. Oh and patients is for the week, to be a real member of this mosque, you should be hasty and harsh with others. Its a requirement. Dont believe me just try and join them. Girls are not allowed to talk to boys, not even look at them, let alone, act like civilized human beings. And when they say ALLAHUAkbar it means I am goin g to kill you, at least in my mind- with my evil eye and hate you damn Kaffirs. That is the doctrine of the Mosque and islamic community of Wilmington NC.

Part Muslim?????

Isn't that like being a little bit pregnant? You're either a Muslim or you're not. You can't be PART Muslim.

no problem

The people in NYC have no problem about a new mosque being built in the city. The problem is where LOCATION LOCATION
less than 2 blocks from the WTC is a slap in the face..

There is no problem on building mosque in the US it's just the "ground zero" location.