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Wilmington narrows search for new fire chief

READ MORE: Wilmington narrows search for new fire chief
Wilmington's city council is one step closer to naming a new fire chief after a day of intense interviews. The nationwide search has now been whittled down to four finalists. The first interviewed was Larry Collins, a fire chief from Dayton, Ohio. Next up was Cecil Martinette, an assistant county administrator from Virginia. Robert Ridgeway, a fire chief from Florida, was interviewed next. The only local contender to interview was interim Wilmington Fire Chief Frank Blackley. Wilmington City Council member Kristi Tomey said, "You know I think it's a tough decision. You have a lot of talent here, and picking the right fit for us is going to be tough. I have to tell you, but thank goodness out of the four candidates, I don't think we can make a bad choice. They're all outstanding." The process of finding a new chief began in January, after longtime chief Sam Hill announced his retirement. A final decision is expected in the next few weeks.

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hiring for fire chief

Cheat im" Submitted by Another concerned citizen (not verified) on 24 June 2008 - 3:07pm. I have to agree with the "cheat im"person I to went to one of the meetings.It was of my opinion that was a meeting for the public to voice their concerns.All I saw was the same ones Association members you see on tv everytime from the association that wants to gripe and complain about everything.I thought they already had their meeting to discuss their recommendations for a new chief.But no they have to be at the public one also to make sure they get their two cents in so maybe some of the public see who is making these statements. Maybe they will hire from with in and Chief Blackley will carry this department to the next level.Whatever they do there will still be the same association members griping and complaining about something.

New Fire Chief

Wilmington needs a change!!I think that the City should take a deeper look into the Fire Department.Chief Blackley should be the first place to start.Then Fire Prevention.Let move away from the good oboy system and play fair for the CITY OF WILMINGTON & THE FIRE FIGHTERS. CLEAN SLATE!!!!!

Chief Blackley

Please do not consider Chief Blackley we a change in the Department.

Lord Help Us

Lord help us if they hire internally! The Internal FD politics have been going on for way to long! HIRE SOMEONE FROM OUT OF TOWN WITHOUT THE INNER-DEPT POLITICAL TIES!

What happened to...

Jason Thompson's comment of "Wow, did you hear that? You mean fire fighters can do something else while sitting around waiting for a fire"...or words to that effect as a response to one of the candidate's comments about having fire fighters install/check smoke alarms. I hope the fire fighters remember that come election day in November.


If Jason Thompson had a clue, he would know that the Wilmington Fire Department already installs smoke detectors. Since he has no clue, he often opens his mouth and inserts his foot. sdsurfer I hope you know that Wilmington's firefighters do more than what Jason falsely accusses them of. Not only must Wilmington remeber that in November, New Hanover County must take his actions into consideration as he is running for a county position! It sickens me that he is a former Marine, but hey even we have our 10%!

Jason Thompson

WFD already installs smoke detectors. Jason Thompson you just lost my vote and I hope that the citizens of NHC remember this come Nov. I'd like to see you put all that gear on in the heat of summer and go in a burning building. Jason you couldn't do that job.