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Wilmington in nation's top ten of most-smoking-cities

It's smoky here in Wilmington and throughout our area. We have the dubious distinction of being rated the seventh "most smoking city, in the country" according the centers for disease control. The number one spot went to Huntington, West Virginia. The survey includes New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender counties. Of resident's surveyed, 27 percent admitted to smoking. State health officials hope this distinction will encourage lawmakers to implement more smoking bans and increase the tax on cigarettes. Durham, NC made the most smoke free list, coming in at number five. Slightly more than one in ten smoke in what was once the world's tobacco headquarters. The most smoke free city, that honor goes to Provo, Utah where only six people in a hundred smoke.

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Go someplace else

What kind of ridiculous argument is that, just go somewhere else. There is not one place you can go in this city that a non-smoker is not affected by a smoker!!!! Either the business has a smoking section inside, or people are allowed to smoke outside, right by the door, or the park that my kids play in is littered with cigarette butts or the beach I take my family to has smokers AND is littered with cigarette please, all knowing wonderful smokers who use the argument go somewhere else, give me the list of places I can go in Wilmington, NC that I and my family are not affected by smokers in some capacity. Give me the list I will be there. No smoking establishments still set up areas either outside or have the cigarette butt containers set up outside inviting people to smoke in an area that I have to walk through, so once again, give me the list, and I will go. I am sick of it and hope NC and the Feds make law after law making it a better society and forcing you people to smoke only in your stinky houses and stinky cars!!!!! God Bless the US Government!!!


You sound like someone who relies on the government to solve all your problems. Do you live in pulic housing or draw some kind of government assistance?


None of the above....No reliance on the government for anything, but it is obvious that people can't handle making this intelligent decision on their own, to quit smoking, so, like I said, God bless the US Government and hope they outlaw smoking!!!


Not hard to find at all. That is if you have the sense NOT to stand downwind. Ever thought your perfume may offend others?



Little Brother

please start smoking. We can do with less people like you. Apparently you did not really read my comment. I stopped there once and only once. If you run a place that does business for the PUBLIC you should abide by the laws and wishes of the public. If you want to smoke, do so in the privacy of your home, away from those of us who hate it or may be allergic to it. You must be a Yankee or a bleeding heart liberal.

We have bigger problems

OK, so we all know smoking is no longer politically correct. Most restaurants in Wilmington are non-smoking, as is the Hospital, and county, city, state, and federal buildings. Retail stores are also non-smoking...except maybe the cigarette store. So perhaps we should devote our energies to the horrible economy, housing crisis, and starving children. Way to go Provo! I guess the LDS's are too busy raising money to strip civil rights from people to lite up.

Let 'em smoke

We have gotten so wrapped around the axle about postponing the eventual end we are all going to meet that we are now obsessed about things like smoking, trans-fats, alcohol, sugars and a hundred other things that hurry us along to that final sunset. What few seem to realize is that we are insuring that Social Security and Medicare will go bankrupt that much sooner because everyone is hanging around into their eighties. We'd be a lot better off if we accepted two truths that we USED to accept, but now deny: 1. Your health and healthcare is your responsibility and business, not the government's. 2. If you want to smoke, drink, and live on a diet of pizza and chocolate, it's your right abd the governemnt shouldn't care. This nation is headed toward financial collapse because we now thing the government is here to be your mommy and give you an allowance. You smoke, you get lung cancer, you pay for the treatment or you die. It should have nothing to do with the government.

My health

My health is my responsibility, but when a smoker impedes my ability to maintain good health, then what other option is there? I am not going to pull the cancer stick out of his mouth, I can't hit him or shoot him (though, that would be nice), so I need rules and laws to assist in this matter. I know, the ol' argument, "go somewhere else..." Well, look at this place...Is there anywhere you can go that does not have a smoking section, or, you have walk through a cloud of cancer before going into the place? No...Just look at each street corner and every curb in Wilmington. It is the most disgusting habit and people that smoke have absolutely no courtesy towards anyone, other smokers or the city in which they live because if they did, the city would not look like it does.

Unless you are exposed.... second hand smoke regularly and for long periods of time, you are in no danger. Let the idiots kill themselves, and fight to get the over-protective, nanny government out of everyone's life.

Except the...

Except the horrible smell and the fact that it gets in your clothes and stays there and stinks like a dead, rotting sewer rat!!!


If you think cigarette smoke smells like a rotting animal you need to go see a Dr ASAP. Your sense of smell is totally askew. You would be great working in a sewer plant it would probably smell like a rose garden to you.

Have you tried...

..occasionally WASHING your clothes? Smokers are annoying and no one should have to endure second-hand smoke. Far more annoying, however, are people who overreact to smoking and act like it is equivalent of public masturbation simply because they can SMELL a cigarette. Welcome to real life and a world we all have to share. I don't like the smell on Twenty-third Street, but there's a sewage treatment plant there. I don't like the smell on US 421, but there's a large chemical plant there that evidently manufactures cat urine. I don't like the smell of cigarettes, which is why I don't frequent places that allow smoking... ...but if I pass someone smoking a cigarette at the entrance to work, I deal with it. I don't own the world. Neither do you. There are no guarantees that you won't have to occasionally smell something you don't like. Meanwhile, don't miss the key point. We NEED people to smoke, eat high fat foods, drink a lot, and take up BASE jumping. There are a lot of benefits to people checking out early.

Of course

Obviously, yes, but not real convenient on the way to my office when I have to walk through a plume of cancer and smell it all day. There is not reasoning with someone who either smokes or does not care if people smoke. I could care less about the Social Security system or any other benefit, that will not be there anyway, if the government would step up and outlaw this ridiculous habit!!!!

Perhaps you should move to North Korea or Singapore

This country was founded upon freedom and individual liberty. People have a RIGHT to smoke, and if it irritates your olfactory senses, well, BOO-HOO. One would think that you would fear a government that would try to outlaw smoking more than some bozo killing himself with a Marlboro.


and while the government is outlawing things lets also get them to look at overeating, alcohol and anything else we just happen to disagree with.

Pit Stop

I went to the Pit Stop on Carolina Beach Road this afternoon for gas and a hot dog. They have excellent hot dogs but the smoke is so thick in there that I am sure I got lung cancer in the ten minutes I was there (it took that long to pay for the gas and to wait for the dogs). I am sure business would be much better if they cut the smoking or put in a drive thru.


Just laughs.....You complain about people smoking inside, and complain about them smoking outside. You, are a person that cannot be pleased or satisfied, no matter what..Just had to respond....Some of you really need a life.....I will be surprised if my post gets here........I try to respond to some news here, who do you have to know, to have your opinion posted?...Just curious...

Yes you are right

You are right, I complain about people smoking inside AND outside. I am easily pleased, when I find a situation where I am not confronted by the dirty, disgusting, vile, bottom-dwelling behavior that is smoking!!!

I don't like it, so you shouldn't like it?

"I am sure business would be much better if they cut the smoking or put in a drive thru?" You mentioned that after saying that you just gave them your business! How about letting the free market dictate how well a business performs? If you don't like smoke, don't go there (which you still did.) If they're business really suffered from smoke they would be a business no more. But letting the government dictate what people can and cannot do just because it's no healthy is silly. People who support the nanny-state make me want to smoke just to defy their authority. I might take up smoking on principle. We all have things we don't like. If so, we should personally avoid those things, not impose our tastes on everyone else. How childish to think that what you prefer should be forced on everyone.

Here you go again

I am a non-smoker. Am I the only one that will stick up for smokers- It is a right just like driving your car-- your car puts off TOXIC FUMES soon as you startit- FUMES THAT ARE HARMFUL TO OUR AIR THAT WE BREATHE... Now because you don't smoke- You complain like little whiney children --- oh that stinks ..wah wah wah- Would you be willing to STOP DRIVING because it is harmful to me.... Probably not...GET OVER it....


Really....since when was driving a car and smoking a cigarette a right? I have never seen that provision in the U.S. Constitution. Both are a privilege...and when misused, are subject to revocation. When you litter my town and my beaches, and yes they are mine just like they are yours, and when blow that mess close to me and my children, then it is being misused and SHOULD be revoked!!!