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Wilmington Planning Commission discusses riverfront development

WILMINGTON -- Wilmington's Planning Commission meets Wednesday night to discuss rezoning 10 acres of land on the south side of downtown, near the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge. If the project moves forward, the riverfront space now zoned for industrial use would be used for mixed use. The property could house new restaurants, shops, condominiums, and more. The company that has applied to take on the project has proposed to expand the riverwalk. The development would bring as estimated 16,000 additional vehicle trips a day to the area. Joseph Schoo, who works across the street from the proposed site, said he see an increase in local traffic as a problem. He said, "I wish the city would take it and turn it into a riverfront park. I mean they don't have any of them around here really and it's all commercialized, just all commercialized, all new businesses." The current proposal includes planting a minimum of 150 trees on the property as well as preserving and relocating two oak trees already on the site.

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two words

Those are two words that don't fit together... Wilmington Planning. Yea, they have done a fine job so far. Think Mayfaire, Military Cut-off, S College Rd.

riverfront development

You folk's are something! Drive around your town and look at all the vacant building's for businesses of all types. YOU WANT TO BUILD MORE?

That the extent of their planning

Turn the North-end over to their developer buddies who will make millions. It ten years, it will look exactly like Downtown does right now. They need to FIX what's broken, not spread the mess out even further.

Stay in the Hills-- Billy!

Stay in the Hills-- Billy!

Downtown Wilmington

The talk of all the vacant spaces in your downtown area, may cause me to question my previously doubting the sense of your city building plan's for downtown. Sound's like the Quonset hut design fits in the environment quite well. It might still fit your cities personality to add a "Motel 6" and a Waffle House" next to it.

Hill- - Billy

"Stay in the Hills" We tried that but you found us there too. You cut down the trees to build your big houses on the hill- - sides with home owner associations and gates to keep the Hill- - Billy away. We moved to the coast and are called Red- - Necks. You found us here too, filled in wet lands and built more big houses on the sand dunes with more restricted access... When the mud slides and hurricanes wash away your mansion, who ya gonna call? Yank- - ees?