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Wilmington Police involved in an accident Wednesday night

There was a rather unusual accident that took place Wednesday night. It involved a Wilmington police car, responding to an accident. The officer was on his way to a crash on Shipyard Boulevard, with blue lights on, when he became part of a three car crash at the intersection of 16th and Robin Hood. Emergency crews took one man to the hospital. No names have been released nor have any charges been filed.

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Aren't we supposed to

Pull to the right when you see the lights of emergency vehicles? I know we are all in such a big hurry to get home and heck, we don't have time to pull over for fire, police, ambulance, or and other emergency vehicle. I bet if they start sending out $200 fines for not pulling over, it might just make a difference. And heck, I'll take the job of billing these idiots for free. Wont cost the city a dime except to put the cameras in. And that money goes to the injured emergency officials funds for when someone runs into an emergency vehicle when they are responding to a call. Think about that Bill.

WPD..can't help if you wreck before you get there...

I appreciate the fact they were responding to a wreck, but you just caused another wreck and didn't get to the scene of the wreck you were responding to. First rule of Law Enforcement, don't wreck trying to get to a wreck! Nobody gets any help!!!!!

Twas a matter of time. Had

Twas a matter of time. Had an officer run a red light at 16th and Market a few months ago and almost cleaned my clock. Saw that officer a minute later turning into where they gas their cruisers on 16th Street. Hope he got his gas OK!!!

Let me fill you in...

Let me give you a couple of facts before you make this judgment call. The officer was responding to a motorcycle accident where a young woman was seriously injured, and he had his siren and lights going well before he got to the intersection. Drivers are supposed to yield! I know if I or any member of my family was laying in the middle of the road on Shipyard Boulevard with serious injuries, I would want help as soon as I could get it. Anyway, I'm sure the officer's dashboard camera will be able to clear up who was at fault...

Thats funny because the

Thats funny because the Police department or any city department has not used that spot for gas for more than a year. Just maybe they were on a call?