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Wilmington Police looking for shoplifting suspects

The Wilmington Police Department is asking for your help finding two women who shoplifted from the Kohl’s department store off Racine Drive. Police said the women in the picture walked out of the store with a cart full of merchandise without paying. One of the women had a child with her. If you have any information, police urge you to call the Wilmington Police Department at 910-343-3600.                                      

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shop lifters

First of all the girls who shop lifted probably did it because bush got the world so messed up with out any jobs or money to help these people till they had to do what they can to take care of there family,dont get it wrong i dont steal but i guess if bush can focus on things that are not important then helping place citizens in jobs or killing our troops they wouldnt have to take from some one eles think god for obama!!!!!!!!!!!

it's not my fault

you are so insane! no matter how messed up the world is they are trash theives i guess in the new world of obama it's ok to steel as long as it from the evil rich why is it the goverments job to find a job for you?

Pleeeeeeeeeease, that's a

Pleeeeeeeeeease, that's a sorry excuse. They would have shoplifted either way. It has nothing to do with Bush, it has to do with their lazy behinds not working and living off our tax dollars. It's the holiday season, everyone is hiring seasonal. GO GET A JOB!


you guys need to quit picking on these young ladies. i'm sure they are obama supporters.....just their way of spreading the wealth. wake up people....before its to late. vote mccain president or we're all in trouble!!!




I doubt that she was carrying a weapon the way she was dressed. And why didn't any call the police while they were in there taking things. I can't believe that no one did anything to stop these women. Wilmington really needs to step up their game because if it was that easy to walk out of the door with all that stuff, then it can happen again somewhere else. You can look at these women and tell exactly where they might live, and someone had to know them as well.

The reason nobody stopped

The reason nobody stopped her is because a life is more important than a cart full of merchandise. You don't know what she was capable of, or to what extent she would have gone to. She may have been carrying a weapon The assistant manager at the grocery store was a fool, she risked her life over some groceries. Stopping criminals is what we pay the police to do, not a salesperson.

Just lay down for criminals, right?

Where did you ever get the crazy idea that we shouldn't lift a finger to defend our property because "we have police?" Oh, I wouldn't be surprised if Kohl's, like many stores, has a non-confrontation policy out of fear of lawsuits. But Kohl's can't have it both ways. They can't expect law enforcement to pick up the slack because of their cowardice. There was a time in this country when thousands of off-duty or retired police and corrections officers held part-time jobs as security guards in major retail outlets. There was a time when a shoplifter KNEW there was a really good chance they'd be tackled and arrested on their way out the store. But we have turned into a spineless nation, a nation of little sissies who are too sacred of being injured or too scared of being sued to protect what is rightfully ours. "Ooooh! She might have a weapon!" What a great excuse to not do the right thing - she might NOT have a weapon. Kohl's can just write it off as a tax loss and the criminals can know that they get away with it all the time. And you wonder why society is unable to deal with criminals? Because we've turned into a bunch of spineless worms who can simply "write it off.". If you are too scared to protect your property, don't depend on the police doing much about it. Long before I retired, we were already too busy with more important things to worry about than shoplifters. BTW, that "fool" of a manager had more courage and capability in her little finger than you have in your whole body. The guy got away, but as he pulled away from her all the groceries he had stolen tumbled out onto the ground. He didn't stop to pick them up because three or four men were running to help the manager and the guy jumped into a car and the woman driving took off. The good guys won, the criminal lost. There was a time in this country when we would settle for nothing less.


No jail time for them. Though they should get that. It won't happen.They most likely have a distrubed background,and that would be the reason for no jail time. Blame it on the past. And a weak system. Thank you your honor,case dismissed.

Love the pink bra...

...under the white top. Classy lady....reallllll classy. BTW, where was store security and why weren't they stopped? If a 110 pound female assistant manager can stop a grown male shoplifter at Food Lion, as I saw not too long ago, why is Kohl's just letting them waltz out the door unchallenged? The police can't be everywhere at all times. Retailers need to protect themselves.

When did Kohls start

When did Kohls start carrying the Les Freakin' Tacky line?

I think

I think they were probably amazed at the pink bra......