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Wilmington police solve multiple murder mysteries

The Wilmington Police Department has solved two murder cases that have been under investigation for years. James Daughtie has been charged with the murder of Vicky Robbins Brendle after additional witnesses came forward. Brendle was shot in her car during a robbery in the 1100 block of South Front Street in September 2002. Daughtie is currently in prison in Colorado on unrelated charges. The second solved case is the January 2003 murder of 75-year-old Buren "Booty" Borneman. Police say DNA tests confirm Sarah Bailey stabbed Borneman in the head with a screwdriver in his home during a robbery. Bailey died of a drug overdose last year.

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We miss you Vickie

♥ I am so happy to know that justice will be served for her, it's about time that she is granted that and her family. It's been along time comming and he is a sorry person to do that to a friend, mother, sister, and daughter. Her memories will live on and we will never forget her the friend that made us all smile with not regret of life and it's boundries it had for us. He is a sorry person to do that to her and I hope they give him the death pently b/c he has know reason to be here......♥ We miss you Vickie

exactly guest 1234 , what

exactly guest 1234 , what took so long 6 years and the woman died of a drug over dose before she was finally charged with the murder ,justice was not served ,so this lowlife just merrily stabbed her way along for 6 years killing old men to get her money for drugs , these are horrible murders and lowlife humans that commit them, the victims familys have to suffer pain and grief because of them and the victims could have lived and enjoyed there lives ,what a low life creep they need to dig a hole in the prison yard and put him in it with a bullet

If you knew.....

then that she was a suspect, how in the world did it take you 6 years to get DNA results back?? If you thought she was a suspect why is it you wait until AFTER she has killed herself to do anything about this case?? While I respect the law enforcement in this town, I think you 'closed' this case just to get it off your desk and 'improve' your statistics!