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Wilmington residents face potential of three tax hikes


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Folks who live in Wilmington may face a triple tax whammy. As voters approved a quarter-cent sales tax increase in New Hanover County and the County Commission likely to approve a penny property tax increase, last night Wilmington City Council discussed raising its property tax to help close a budget gap.

Council members say a 3.75-cent increase would help offset the nearly $6 million deficit. Some residents think it's only fair if council members and county commissioners take a cut too.

"I don't mind, but a person like me that's on a fixed income has to pay the same price as the people that have a lot of money working for the county and the city," Esther Brown said. "I think they should take a pay cut."

The proposed city tax increase would cost the owner of a $185,000 home about $70 more a year.

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In less than 48 hours, they decide to raise property taxes!!!

In less than 48 hours after the sales tax barely passes, our beloved NHC commissioners decide on Thursday that we will still have a budget shortfall because of a change in the state law a year ago that they somehow didn't work into their calculations. Some managers!!! Poor stewards of our money. Disgraceful.

People of New Hanover County were suckered in

People of New Hanover County were suckered into the sales tax increase by YOUR officials that YOU elected telling you, "Hey, let's make the tourist and the people in other counties who shop here get us out of this crap we have gotten ourselves into", you bought it, hook, line and sinker. Now, aside from the fact that you cannot count on sales to do anything for you, especially considering the economy, didn't you really know that your CITY and COUNTY property taxes would still be increased. And, no, as of this minute they are not increased but you know it's coming. Hang on to Airlie and all the politicans that YOU elected, you deserve what you get.

Too Funny

Too funny but so true!

Thank you WWAY

Thank you WWAY for bringing it to everyone's attention that the City of Wilm is also having budget issues & will be increasing taxes. And doing this by taking away services. I think with the sales tax increase issue, people forgot to think about the City's decisions. This is just another example of why the sales tax increase is good for this area. Non-property owners & tourists should also help pay for the services that everyone benefits from.

Yeah but...

...the city doesn't get one red cent of the money from the sales tax increase - only the county. Even though the majority of all sales tax collected is within city limits.

I'd hate to see what the county's recommended property tax increase would have been if the sales tax referendum didn't pass, though.

People can't really be surprised by this. Go to the county's website and look at the historical tax rates. The city's tax rate has only gone up 1/4 cent over the last ten years. And if you consider how much other things have increased in the last ten years (like gas, maybe) then this really really shouldn't come as a big shocker. No one wants it, but we all want our trash, yard waste & recycling picked up and our streets paved.

Hopefully when happy days are here again we can get a break...

What is Mayor Saffo's annual

What is Mayor Saffo's annual salary? Is IT being cut?????

Mayor Saffo

He makes $14,000 a year, as a part time figurehead for our great city. Not nearly enough considering how much hatred is spewed at him from people who don't have enough guts to go out there and run for public office themselves. I hardly think his salary is what is causing the budget shortfall. I'd like to thank everyone of the 52% of the 18% who voted for the minute tax increase. Hopefully now, I won't have to take as many furlough days this upcoming year. To those of you who voted no on this issue, I hope you never find yourself in the position we county employees have gone through the past year. While I'm greatful to still have a job, I'm even more greatful that there are enough unselfish people out there who don't mind pitching in a few of their dollars here and there to help us through these tough times.

Hey! City employee "yoDennis"!

How about in the next year of your glorious employment that you just thanked the idiotic sucker voters for, why don't you try this:
Why don't you watch for areas of waste within the City government, research the waste that exists in the city funded programs, be aware of the wasted tax money going to mindless museums and convention centers and other pet projects. Just open your eyes, look, see, listen and absorb. Then you can command that your leaders do what they are SUPPOSED to do in managing budgets, just like YOU have to do. Do not depend on or thank your taxpayers for keeping your job. That is not one piece of our concern. The taxpayers have a duty to stop the government form spending more than they have and to prevent waste and corruption.

So you want to keep your job next year too? Do you believe this to be the end of your job security threat? WAKE UP!!! Bust your city leaders and hold THEM accountable!!! Their waste and irresponsibility of OUR money is what controls whether you have a job or not!!! You're pulling your cheese from the wrong darned pot!!!

just having fun

Actually, I don't live here, work here, or give a darn about your piddly problems of not wanting to fork out an extra $5 a month to keep your city government running. I just like making comments on the other side, just for the entertainment value of reading comments like yours. You people are hilarious. There is tons of oil being dumped into the gulf, bomb threats in NY, stock market crashing, and many other more important things in the world going on. But you people are so self centered and money hungry, you are not even compassionate enough to buy one less pack of cigarettes or 6 pack of beer a month, in order to keep the city functioning. And you wonder why the rest of the world dislikes you. Too funny.


My heart bleeds for a guy who makes 14,000 then steals 19,000 to feed his cronies and their families on a trip. Get real...He's got a bunch of money from his real estate dealings. There are homeless and hungry people here in wilmington. Let him feed them first or build a shelter for them with all his real estate. He should have never been allowed to sit in office again.

We don't all have to run for

We don't all have to run for office to have an opinion about the ones who hold it. Besides, the Saffo political machine has mowed down anyone who has had the opportunity to run against him. To bad, so sad. Saffo needs to go.

Oh, and you're welcome.


heres the deal..IF YOU ARE NOT INFORMING YOURSELF IN DETAIL BEFORE VOTING...DO US ALL A FAVOR...DON'T VOTE!!! THIS was always the case...the NHC spin machine just made it SOUND different...DOLTS!




Well it is coming now,so all the people that voted tax in: NOW WHAT?
These concil members knew what was coming and the next day,it starts.
The rest of us have to plan around a budget to survive.
The council members have not been truthful along with making 6 MILLION DOLLER SHORTFALL.
Stop being a bully and minipulater to get every vote you can.
Now I am going to take my ball and go home.

There You Have It

They said there would be no property tax increase if the sales tax increase was approved.

So you voters in New Hanover County narrowly approved it.

Now look what they say.

One word -- Suckers

They couldn't even wait one day to rub your noses in it.

Sadly, I have to pay the property tax increase. I do have the option not to shop in New Hanover County & to encourage my friends and business associates not to shop there.

Consider that an option exercised.

sales tax

I live in the county and I have also been to the meetings and I have to say that at no time did the commisioners say that there wouldn't be a tax increase,but they advised that there might be. If you want to have a standard of living you must pay for it.Now I do agree to get a budget and stick to it and not spend money if you don't have it.Your other option is you don't like new hanover then move,but I do love it here and if I have to pay about 40.00 more per year to have leo,fire and other services then so be it.

Tax increases

Got us again didnt they,right hand cant see the left hand until its to late now we have to pay for it some city council we have HA.