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Wilmington school bus crashes

READ MORE: Wilmington school bus crashes
WILMINGTON -- For the second time in less than a week, a local school bus driver has been cited for causing an accident. Wednesday morning's incident happened in downtown Wilmington. On Thursday, a Pender County driver was issued a safe movement violation and Wednesday morning, a New Hanover County driver received the same citation. Just before 8 a.m. Wednesday a school bus headed to D.C. Virgo, Williston and New Hanover High collided with a stopped car while turning left off of Wooster Street on to Eighth Street. The bus driver, Latanya Grady, was ticketed, and according to a New Hanover County schools spokesperson has been pulled from the road until the matter goes to court. The school system also says Grady had a clean driving record. Wilmington Police investigating the accident say it may have had less to do with the driver, and more to do with the roads. Larry Zettelmaier with the WPD Traffic Unit said, "All accidents are pretty much avoidable, but this is one where you just got a narrow street and the driver is trying to get through get her children picked up and collided with the vehicle. The wreck was her fault though and she was charged appropriately." The school system says they are now considering reconfiguring the bus routes. No major injuries were reported as a result of this accident. The DMV says their most recent crash statistics show that out of more than 1,000 school bus crashes in the state, two percent were in New Hanover County, and less than one percent were in Pender and Brunswick Counties.

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Imagine that

Imagine that, our roads, the cause of an accident??? Not possible with all the highway use tax that flows through this state.

Drug Testing! Need I say MORE???

Drug Testing! Need I say MORE??? Everyone that has anything to do with a school or job in a public school should be tested for the use of illegal substances. Here is proof that it might just "cost less to test", rather than pay for the mistakes and potential damage. One child hurt and a lawsuit would offset the cost of testing city-wide for years! Parents, time to speak up! I know I am.

Please do your homework

All bus drivers and anyone else who obtains a commercial driver license has to be drug tested before they are hired, and randomly tested during their employment and after any accident for which they are "at fault". Shame on you for assuming the worst and attaching such an accusation to this person without all the facts. And to "parent" the information on bus driver qualifications is available on the DOT website. Stupidity is not a job requirement but tolerance of same should be.

School Bus Safety

Why is it illegal for a backseat passenger to not have a seat belt on, but legal for busses to transport them thousands and thousands daily with no safety at all with the amount of accidents in traffic? Please let me know!!! ...A concerned parent Which my son was on bus 253 on 3-26-08's accident!

Not surprised

I am not the least bit surprised that a school bus is involved in another accident. They zip through traffic and neighborhoods like they were stolen! HELLO! Kids on board! Two ton big yellow weapon! What are the qualifications of the drivers (besides being rejected by NASCAR)? Are there background checks for traffic violations? Are there checks for stupidity? What exactly are the parameters for the job of School Bus Driver? Anybody know?

bus wrecks

You are quick to pass judgement on school bus drivers and their qualifications. I have to question you ..... how many time have you hurried to get by a bus that had yellow lights flashing and preparing to make a stop , so that you would not be held up while this driver loaded or unloaded students. Or how many times have you seen a bus approaching you and you pulled out in front of that bus thinking you had enough time to make this move because that 2 ton yellow weapon, as you referred to it,was slow moving .... or how many times have you made lane changes in front of a bus without allowing that bus a safe distance to stop if the light ahead of you were to turn red before you cleared it..... so until you have done the job of a school bus driver you should not sit back and refer to thier qualifications as that of a rejected nascar driver....or asking about checks for stupidity, as far as I can tell that check is one you should look into .... only a stupid person would make such a statement without the knowledge it requires to answer your own simple minded questions.Bus Drivers in general do a very fine job they transport our children to and from school 10 months out of the year with great care and pride so again before you undermind their responsibilities and qualifications ask yourself how much do you really know about the job position and the people you are questioning.