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Wilmington schools locked down during search for man with gun


A brief scare at a couple of New Hanover County schools today.

A school district spokesperson says the Sheriff's Office got a call around 3 p.m. about a man on a bike near 13th and Ann Streets waving a gun. As a precaution deputies shut down New Hanover High and Williston Middle School as they investigated. They did not find anyone matching the description and ended the lockdown after about twenty minutes.

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What A Joke

The police in this town are a complete JOKE. 20 minutes searching? wow, i'm impressed. Maybe if we can get the officers out of the parking lots and out into the streets, some work can get done.

The article never said the

The article never said the police quit searching after 20 minutes, it only said they ended the lockdown at the school at that point. The news only gets part of the story. With your attention to detail, we would really be in trouble if you were in charge of protecting us!

20 minutes!!

Wow, they searched for an entire 20 minutes!! Glad to see they invest so much time when searching for gun-wielding creeps near our schools ...

The school board wants to

The school board wants to know why I don't want my kids going to either one of these schools. Duh. I live right around the corner from Roland Grise and Hoggard. plus, what difference does it make where they go as long as I can get them there and home?

RE: I get really tired

Yes, I get really tired of what a bad reputation New Hanover High School gets in comparison to Hoggard. You school was recently locked down as well. Hoggard has gangs, drugs and all the same issues that New Hanover has. The only difference is that you are located in a different area of town.

Also is your point that you don't want your precious angels attending New Hanover due to it's location and this situation or because you live around the corner? Please make certain that you are more clear in your argument next time. Thank you.