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Wilmington security firm owner indicted on pornography charges

There was a high profile indictment in New Hanover County Monday. Joe Guarascio, the owner of a private security firm, has been indicted on several child pornography charges. Guarascio was indicted on three counts of first-degree sexual exploitation of a minor and a second degree count as well. In the indictment, Guarascio is accused of producing pornography depicting a 17-year-old and receiving pornographic images of a 13-year-old. He was already charged with two counts of statutory rape. In all, he faces nine felonies. Guarascio and his Interpol Special Police Services have had legal troubles before, including convictions of impersonating a law enforcement officer and forgery. He is being held in the Brunswick County jail under an $800,000 secured bond.

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Former NY Cop

I've known this guy for years. He's a sociopath. Did everyone know he was a cop in NY before moving to Wilmington with his wife (they have been divorced several years now). For the 'Good old boys in the South' comment, that's not true. He wasn't liked by law enforcement here because he came in acting like a pompus city boy, trying to take over and run things and thinking he was smarter than everyone else. There's something seriously wrong with Joe. I've never liked him and he's always made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Thank goodness he has no kids! He's probably missing his 1800 Tequilla sitting in that cell!

joe guarascio

I know that 17 year old and I also know that she will never live a normal life after the influence that animal has had over her. He took an innocent young girl and inticed her into his sinster world and led her to beleive that there was nothing wrong with what he did with and to her. IT will follow her forever and all of the therapy in the world will never erase the damage he has done to her. She looks like a 12 year old child and that is why he was attracted to her at Club Vita. Parents keep your children away from these places. My heart goes out to her parents, they are decent God-fearing people. This is Killing them.

I do rememeber him being

I do rememeber him being accused of Impersonating a law inforcement officer. Not sure if he was convicted on all those charges or not the first go round, but he is on probabtion for something to that effect now. So what is the "frabricated evidence"?

Question about NC law

Why is a convicted felon who is currently on probation allowed to own and operate a security firm? (I assume they're not bonded, which makes me wonder who in their right mind would hire this firm.) Is it because of the appeals process, or are our laws so lax that we just don't care?

About Joe

Alot of people in this town don't know Joe but they hear stories or accuse him of stuff they don't even know is true. i have known Joe for a while and I have seen him with young girls. Young like 19 or 20. I guess you have to be Hugh Hefner to get away with that. I think all these accusations are probably not true. I told Joe a long time ago to move away from this town because this town didn't want him here. I now wish he would have listened to me. All these charges on him are not true until proven in court, so I think the man deserves to prove his innocence. He has been accused before of doing wrong and it got thrown out because of fabricated evidence.Hmmm??? I hope if he's guilty he serves his time but i hope he's not being locked up because they want him locked up. Because that can be done to anyone.I know he's no angel but some of these charges does not sound like the Joe I know. Good Luck Joe.

I totally agree. he's been

I totally agree. he's been set up too many times by the county, sbi, and even ale. most of the offenses were one's that no other police officer would have even been investigated for. i know police who have done much worse than he, and got a slap on the hand, if that. most law enforcement in the area is out to get him, and that is the end of story. he went about things the wrong way with his business and his life, especially in the "good ol boy south", but he should only be charged and or convicted if he really did something wrong. after all the fabricated evidence i've seen, it's hard for me to go along with these accusations. maybe he went too far this time, maybe i never knew him. people can be very decieving, but i still can't imagine joe going for a 13 yr old. he admitted to me and everyone else that he liked dating young girls, like 18-25, but they are legal. well, i hope these accusations are'nt true. joe, if ur aquitted on this one i would run from the south.

About Joe

You have to be kidding right?...You know Joe? So you agree with someone sexually abusing young girls......Sorry..did I not read your post correctly?......Yes, innocent until proven guilty, but just know....You admit you saw him with "young" girls.....How young?.........smh....Thinking you proved his guilt.......

I believe this man used to

I believe this man used to be my neighbor and has a wife and DAUGHTERS whom I feel very bad for. You never know what goes on behind closed doors and it may explain the sudden move out of the neighborhood. He should just go away and never be set free. My prayers to his family because they certainly didn't ask for this. Pray for them!



Everyone Needs Prayer

You're suppose to pray for everyone, theres nobody on this earth that doesnt deserve prayer because if thats the case we all would be exempted from it. We're all still here because of God's GRACE and MERCY, and thats what keep you here even though we all live a sinful life, maybe not to the extent of what this man has done to these young girls, but we all have fallen short at some point and time of our lives.So please never feel like theres someone who doesnt deserve to be prayed for. I dont know whether you believe in God or not, or what your religious views are but as myself being a christian i do know that Jesus died on the cross for that exact purpose, God knew we would live a sinful life so God sacrficed his son( by being crucified on the cross) Jesus to pay for all the sins we would committ in exchange for us repenting of our sins sincerely and turning from them. So even this man who has done something awful can also make it in to heaven if he repent of his sins and accept Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. We ourselves cant be forgiven for all of our wrongs unless we forgive others.

Amen brother, he who has not

Amen brother, he who has not sinned cast the first stone,He's in my prayers thank you Jesus!

Amen Brother, He who cast

Amen Brother, He who cast the first stone who has not sinned. He's in my prayers!

Um hello -I didn't say pray

Um hello -I didn't say pray for him I said pray for his family. I thought this man was someone else because he bears a striking resemblance to my old neighbor - I still think it's him because he either owned or worked for this company. I in no way, shape or form condone his actions - he deserves to pay! And God helps me just fine thank you very much!


He was divorced. Not sure he had any kids though.

Hoke co

Even though you really are not a cop but an armed security guard, you seem to keep trying to get sent to Hoke County jail. Enjoy your stay.

He is a horrible person who

He is a horrible person who has used his influence many times in innappropriate situations. Seems like he hasn't been out of trouble since that girl he harrassed. Wonder if this is going to make national news?

He is scum

I met him when my friend was a bouncer downtown. We went to breakfast with him after they had closed the clubs. My friend and I left the restaurant without eating when he showed up with a girl I thought was barely legal.


this guy trys to arrest everyone downtown all the time and now this! what a jerk, i hope he goes away forever!


Sounds like a real scumbag. He PRODUCED porn of a 17 year old? This guy is a danger to society. Not to mention a perv.

What an idiot! All this guy

What an idiot! All this guy is a wanna be cop! All I can say is,maybe one day he'll grow up & be a man, & quit being a little boy. I bet he'll be flashing his wanna be badge somewhere else.

This should be a wake up

This should be a wake up call to everyone that pedophiles come in all shapes and sizes and from all facets of society. That nice, sharp-dressed guy that lives next door to you can be the biggest perv without you even realizing it. The scary part is that these individuals can not be cured and will eventually be out someday to do it all over again.


I thought from the first time i met joe he was a creep, me and my friends used to go to club vida "teen night" which joe told me he owned. He would always have a girl on his arm, or be making rude comment towards the girls such as by calling them "scobby snacks", scobby i was later informed was his nick name there at the club. It creeped me out even more when he tried to add me several times on myspace from his own personal account, and one created for club vidas teens. Needles to say my friends and i stoped going.